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Reading newspapers is said to be one of the most important habits which one should cultivate. It not only just aware you of what is going on around the world but it also makes you more intellectual and opinionated. It is very important to choose the right kind of content, it should not be biased and not incite any derogatory remarks. Nowadays there are so many options available in the newspapers, which makes it difficult to pick one. So, here we have mentioned the Top 10 Newspapers in the World 2023.

Here is a list of top newspapers around the world that have a wider readership and excel in news quality.

The Guardian (UK)

The Guardian (UK) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
The Guardian (UK) | Credit:

The Guardian was founded by John Edward Taylor on May 5, 1821. Previously known as The Manchester Guardian, it is now the world’s most popular and prominent newspaper. With a daily readership of more than 35 million readers, The Guardian has brought a revolution in the news industry. It is awarded the ‘National Newspaper of The Year’ 4 times in the UK for being the most trusted newspaper. Sections like Sports, Opinions and Editorials are the various columns available in the newspaper.

The Wall Street Journal (USA)

The Wall Street Journal (USA) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
The Wall Street Journal (USA) | Credit:

The Wall Street Journal is the most renowned American newspaper. Founded on July 8, 1889, by Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser, The Wall Street Journal is now among the world’s most-read newspapers. The Wall Street Journal is mainly read by working professionals, investors and businessmen. The newspaper is published in the English language both in print and digital mediums. It has an average circulation of 3.5 million including a digital reach of around 2.7 million. 

The Times of India (India)

The Times of India (India) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
The Times of India (India) | Credit:

The Times of India is one of the oldest and most popular newspapers in India. This Indian origin newspaper has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra (India). It is published in the English language and has made its way among the other popular international newspapers. Founded in 1838, it is owned by The Times Group. It is recognized as “The Leading Paper in Asia” by BBC. Considering its intellectual status, the current audience of this newspaper is working individuals, students and businessmen.

The Hindu (India)

The Hindu (India) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
The Hindu (India) | Credit:

Started in 1878, The Hindu is English-language, an Indian daily newspaper owned by The Hindu Group. It is the second most circulated newspaper in India, after The Times of India.  The Hindu is known for providing authentic information analysed by professionals and government websites like PIB and PRS. Its reportage and editorial pieces are read carefully and taken seriously all over India. Its parent company, Hindu Group Publications, also publishes a business newspaper, Hindu Business Line and popular magazines like Frontline and Sportstar.  

The New York Times (USA)

The New York Times (USA) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
The New York Times (USA) | Credit:

The New York Times is an English daily newspaper founded by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones on September 18, 1851. The estimated daily reach of 4.3 million readers includes both print and digital mediums. It is awarded the ‘Pulitzer Prize’ over 100 times. Making its way among the most popular newspapers, The New York Times covers news from the various spheres like sports, entertainment and politics. It has its headquarters in New York and is currently led by Meredith Kopit Levien.

The Washington Post (USA)

The Washington Post (USA) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
The Washington Post (USA) | Credit:

Founded in 1877, The Washington Post is an American newspaper. With the aim of connecting, informing and enlightening the people, it has earned immense popularity in this field. Viewed as the most popular newspaper in the US, it is known for its quality known worldwide. With a daily circulation of 474,767 and over 1 million digital editions, it is one of the topmost newspapers in the world. It is one of the prominent newspaper among the Top 10 Newspapers in the World 2023.

The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

The Asahi Shimbun (Japan) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
The Asahi Shimbun (Japan) | Credit:

The first edition of The Asahi Shimbun was published on January 25, 1879. The audience of this newspaper is mainly the upper and middle-class people. Its monthly visits are around 58,816,103 out of which 83% are Japanese readers and the remaining 17% are readers around the globe. It is considered to be the only Japanese newspaper that covers foreign news in great proportion. 

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) | Credit:

This daily newspaper was founded on April 18, 1831, by Alfred Ward Stephens, William McGarvie and Frederick Stokes. It is well-known for its investigative journalism and has won many awards for the same. The headquarter of The Sydney Morning Herald is in North Sydney, New South Wales. It covers every domain of news in business, fashion, entertainment and many more. Its editorial column is considered to be the most intelligent and widely read section.

China Daily (China)

China Daily (China) | TOP 10 NEWSPAPERS IN THE WORLD 2022
China Daily (China) | Credit:

With the 8,00,000 print circulation, China Daily makes itself the only English newspaper in China with that much success. China Daily is available in the states of China, the United States and Europe. Published in both the print and digital medium, its readership is mainly diplomats, higher-ranked executives, academicians, and researchers. Since 1981, China Daily has gained a significant amount of viewership and popularity, which is difficult for other competitors to match. 

Daily Mail (UK)

Daily Mail (UK) | Credit:

Among other eminent British newspapers, Daily Mail stands tall as an eight-time winner of British National newspaper of the year. The estimation of the daily reader of this newspaper is over 3.95 million. The majority of its audience is British Women. They are most famously known for their Campaigning and Editorial journalism. Despite losing its circulation market in the 1970s, it has made a massive comeback.

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