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I-Mage: From Pixels to Brilliance

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“By constantly exploring new avenues and pushing the boundaries of technology, we strive to redefine the possibilities of visual storytelling.”

Vipan Raj Singh & Daniele Longo
(Co-Founders,  I-Mage)

Should businesses of all types and forms elevate their marketing efforts by enhancing the product image through photo editing, retouching and manipulation? 

We all know that the rapid advancement of technology is bringing about a revolutionary transformation. In today’s era, being digitally connected has become the norm. From clothes shopping and hiring cabs to even purchasing a house, everything can be done virtually, right at our fingertips. Nowadays, people don’t have the time to physically go to a place and buy a product after examining the look and feel of it. Instead, they simply browse the internet, quickly read the product description, and then shift their focus to the product image. If the image looks authentic, visually pleasing, captures their interest, and satisfies their curiosity, they make the purchase. That’s the power of an image, offering the best solution for modern shopping convenience.

Enhancing and manipulating the image to increase its attractiveness to the target audience greatly impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions. To help businesses elevate their brands’ image,  I-Mage Editing Solutions helmed by Vipan Raj Singh and Daniele Longo is leaving no stone unturned. By constantly exploring new avenues and pushing the boundaries of technology, the firm strives to redefine the possibilities of visual storytelling, creating immersive experiences and revolutionising the way businesses engage and captivate their audience.

The Inception Tale and Founding Team 

Vipan Raj Singh’s journey into the photography world dates back to the days when he was in New Zealand. When he decided to turn his love for photography into a profession, the result was the inception of I-Mage Editing Solutions. Like a seedling fighting its way through rocky terrain, Vipan encountered many obstacles along the way but his strong commitment to providing high-quality visual content solutions propelled him to go forward. 

It was during one serendipitous encounter that Vipan’s journey took a turn. He crossed paths with Daniele Longo, a seasoned professional well-versed in leadership, media, and team coaching. As Vipan and Daniele joined hands,  their combined talents became the catalyst for I-Mage’s extraordinary progress.

Both leaders are unwaveringly committed to delivering practical solutions and tangible outcomes to clients, with an emphasis on human-centred design.

On one hand, Vipan brings his creative abilities and photography expertise into the company. His dedication to delivering exceptional services and attention to detail help attract new clients and expand the company’s client base. On the other hand, Daniele’s extensive experience in leadership, media, and team coaching brings practical solutions and industry insights to fuel the company’s growth.

A comprehensive range of services

Work by I-mage

Team I-Mage goes above and beyond to understand the requirements of each project, delivering results that consistently exceed expectations. Among a wide range of solutions, the company offers the following services:

  • Photo retouching
  • Colour correction
  • Image manipulation
  • AI Services and more. 

“Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail makes our services worth the investment. We listen to client’s needs and ensure every request is met with the highest quality standards and personalised attention,” says Vipan. 

Image correction by I-mage Editing Solutions

“We foster a culture of continuous improvement and encourage everyone, including our team and industry peers to strive for excellence. By concentrating on our growth and inspiring others to do the same, I-Mage Editing Solutions stands out in the industry,” adds Daniele. 

The Key To Client Satisfaction

In a fast-paced business environment, it takes more than just theoretical understanding to excel. Daniele’s and Vipan’s experience goes beyond mere book knowledge as they have lived and worked in European, US, Asian, Australian, and New Zealand markets. This hands-on experience allows them to go beyond surface-level understanding and comprehend client expectations and industry standards. 

When they share their experience with the team members, it makes a remarkable impact on them as a whole. This enables the team to deliver results that not only meet but exceed their standards. 

“We have been clear about one thing from the beginning- Visual content solutions cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. Each client has unique needs, and by tailoring our solutions to their exact requirements, we create an experience that resonates with them, thus establishing a healthy connection,” shares the leaders with a sigh of satisfaction. 

Challenges Are The Real Opportunities

Nobody can ever strive for excellence if they fear challenges. I-Mage believes that every challenge is an opportunity. Those who embrace them experience unexplored territories. Team I-Mage focuses on continuous learning, staying updated with industry trends and technological advancements, and fostering a culture of innovation. 

By embracing change, adapting to market demands, and investing in the professional development, the team plans to face any challenges that may arise in building and growing the business to infinite heights. 

While highlighting that the market landscape is constantly evolving, Vipan says, “We always try to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our solutions remain cutting-edge and relevant in an ever-changing world.”

Team: The True Asset

Team I-mage

I-Mage is equipped with a team of talented individuals, each committed to giving their utmost in everything they do. Ongoing training and development programs ensure that they have the requisite skillset to excel in their work. 

Vipan and Daniele do regular meetings with their team members to communicate a clear vision of the company, provide constructive feedback, offer support and appreciate their work to motivate them. Above all, they wholeheartedly appreciate the contributions of each individual, recognising that appreciation goes a long way in motivating their team. As every team member is highly dedicated towards their job, it creates a positive and collaborative work environment in the company. 

“For us, our team is our real asset. Therefore, we invest in their growth, nurture their talents, and create an atmosphere where they can flourish holistically. Together, we build a culture that fosters excellence, encourages collaboration, and propels us towards new heights of achievement,” mentions Daniele. 

On A Path To Revolutionise The Visual Content Industry

I-Mage Editing Solutions envisions providing practical and innovative solutions for businesses’ visual editing requirements. For this decade, the firm looks forward to becoming a trusted partner for enhancing brand images through visually impactful content, driving growth, delivering exceptional quality, and inspiring creativity within the industry. 

By harnessing the full potential of AI, the firm aspires to revolutionise the visual content industry. In Vipan’s words, “We aim to empower our clients to connect with their customers in more organic and meaningful ways through innovative AI-driven solutions.” The goal is to redefine the possibilities of visual storytelling, creating immersive experiences and revolutionising the way businesses engage and captivate their audience by constantly exploring new avenues and pushing the boundaries of technology.

Since the establishment of the firm, the founders have invested heavily in polishing the skillset of their team members. They are currently investing in 40 talented editors, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives and pursue their passion for visual content creation. I-Mage is a haven for these gifted editors, providing them with a supportive work environment that encourages personal and professional growth. Both take pride in building a company where team members are valued and respected.

At I-Mage Editing Solutions, the primary focus is on building lasting relationships with clients and maintaining a reputation for excellence in the industry. While tangible awards and milestones are valuable, Vipan and Daniele believe that the success lies in the satisfaction and growth of the team members and the trust and loyalty of the clients.

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