How to transform office workspace



Productivity is at the heart and soul of a business. You must have heard that if the workplace is productive, the company prospers. Nothing affects the productivity of the employees like their office environment. 

In simple words, performance and productivity are directly related to the office environment and its design. In fact, the offices that are being made in the 21st century have the power to inspire employees to new levels of insight, creativity, and innovation. 

We have large corporations like Google, Facebook and Apple to consider as best examples. When an employee isn’t bound to a cubicle and allowed to transfer spaces, stand, roam, and interact with other colleagues, it makes them happier and more comfortable. 

how to tranform office Workspace

Here are some tips which can help you optimize your workspace:

  • A Big ‘No’ To Cluttered Office

A cluttered workspace is a dirty workspace in the minds of many. You can declutter your office environment by:

i) Going wireless if possible

ii) Investing in storage solutions

iii) Hiring a commercial cleaner during office hours

iv) Minimizing items on the desk

v) Providing each employee with a personal storage space 

  • Using Collaboration Spaces can be a good decision

Make use of collaboration spaces for team meetings, they can make an excellent buffer between quiet areas and the rest of the office. You can position the collaboration section at a place where any activity in that section does not interrupt the work in the quiet area. You can also design an open space with a large table and several seatings to bring everyone together. 

  • Take Breathers

The best way to stay focused during a long day is to acknowledge that it’s time to take a short & quick breather. Washroom breaks, drinking water, taking quick updates from colleagues, or making important phone calls can build opportunities for movement. 

  • Build Quiet Areas to focus 

Quiet Spaces give enough time to reflect and analyse situations. So, another vital component would be the presence of quiet areas for the employees to focus and concentrate. Quiet areas should be made far away from collaboration and socialization areas to prevent any activity in the latter from becoming a distraction for the people thinking in the quiet area. 

  • Do not restrict your employees to just one spot

Here is a truth bomb! Just a change from seated to standing is an excellent way to keep the creative juices flowing and the energy levels of employees high. Provide your employees with a variety of workspace and seating options as it can truly do wonders for the organization. Think of incorporating multi-person tables, adjustable heights desks, comfortable chairs, and a variety of other options to make a lovable office environment.

  • Half an Hour for Anything

It goes without saying, Everyone has a passion and that’s what makes life interesting. It can be a hobby, like painting, reading comics, singing and many more. Whatever the passion is, try giving your employees half an hour every day to work on anything they love to do. It’s a great way to relax, explore common interests, and get the creative juices flowing. 

  • Keeping the office environment clean is also vital

Common equipment like tables, chairs, printers, fax machines, etc holds more bacteria than any other surface. Therefore, adding regular cleaning to the schedule at least once a week holds pivotal importance. Doing so will not only prevent the spread of any kind of illness but also spread positive vibes all around. Keyboards, drawer handles, switchboards, commonly used switches should be cleaned more regularly. 

  • Pick Plants 

Humans have long intuited that loving nature is relaxing for both, the mind and the body. Various studies suggest that adding some greenery by bringing in some plants can spread positive vibes. Here are some benefits of keeping plants in offices:

i) Helps in reducing stress

ii) Makes workspace more attractive for job applicants

iii) Helps to reduce noise levels

iv) Boosts creativity

v) Reduces sickness and absence rates

  • Colours bring the true essence of any space

Everyone would agree that colours communicate a sense of atmosphere that affect your employees in a variety of ways. Do not dominate the office with dark colours as it can make employees feel tired. Using neutral grays and tans can also make the environment uninspired and sluggish for no apparent reason.  To keep the employees happy, energized, and engaged, fill your office with areas of bright colour. Studies have shown that varied bright hues give the team a boost and improve creativity, productivity and overall happiness.

So, if you want your employees to yield better results both for themselves and the organization, consider transforming your boring workspace into a flexible one.


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