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“Over the time, Jini Consultancy has gained the expertise in matching the thought process of the first generation to the next generation in family enterprises.”

Parimal Shah (CEO, Jini Consultancy)

With a vision to create harmony into the lives of humans through the power of positivity and encourage change, growth, and ideas, Parimal Shah led the foundation of today’s highly acclaimed Brand & Management Consulting company, Jini Consultancy. Incorporated in 2011 and based in Surat (Gujarat), Jini Consultancy is a prodigious name in Business Consultancy Services like Finance, IPO Set Up, Brand Building, Business Consulting, and HR & Corporate Training & Events. 

Since its establishment, it lives by its clear vision to make people prosper in every aspect; financially, socially, intellectually, and emotionally. The company firmly believes in enhancing the human brain, enlivening human relations, and training management in a world-class manner. It is approached by several National and Multinational companies for their Pan India office training and management solutions. 


Parimal Shah Jini Consultancy

The Founder and CEO of the company, Parimal Shah comes with extensive experience in delivering good content which all can relate to their field easily. And that’s a very rare quality. The expertise to solve queries and suggest the best solutions was recognized very well in Parimal Shah when his family and friends used to approach him and take advice for their businesses. Many call him a renowned industrialist as he suggests solutions that can be practically implemented. He has a deep understanding of the market situation. He conducts training sessions for labourers, workers and even industrialists as well for their betterment. He has trained several people in leadership skills like entrepreneurs, CEOs, Managers, and Executives. 

As the Founder and CEO of Jini Consultancy, Shah provides strategic, financial, and operational leadership and also creates, improves, implements, and enforces policies and procedures of the organization to improve the operational and financial effectiveness of the company.


Parimal Shah has had a humble beginning in his career. He completed his Textile Engineering in 2000 and joined his family business, Chetna Group of Textile in the same year. In 2001, he brushed up his skills and learnt a lot as he was given the opportunity to approach clients to get more business for the company. Almost after a decade, he got another opportunity to utilize his vast knowledge and experience in the Manufacturing, Management, and Marketing industry in 2010 when he led JCI, an international organization in Surat. 

He believed in providing proper visibility to all his sponsors during his Presidential term throughout the year, which gave him an idea of how to help the brands with better branding solutions. And on one fine day in 2011, he sowed the seeds of Jini Consultancy.  


“Where there is a will, there are so many ways,” says Parimal while talking about the services provided by Jini Consultancy. 

Jini Consultancy has designed many Training Programs for the company like Let’s Make Our Company Winner, Let’s Be Crazy For Our Company, Crisis Management, Smart Salesmanship Orientation, Orientation Training For New Joinee and many more. It has also organized many Training workshops for Entrepreneurs like Business Bounce Back, Learn & Leadership, Your Image is Your Brand, to name a few. To develop the youth’s interest towards nation-building, the company organizes a Personality Development Program by the name of Autograph Personality.

“We provide 360-degree solutions for Family Enterprises and Medium level corporates to escalate their business to the next level through all the services like Owner’s Mentoring, Brand & Business Development Strategies, Planning & Execution, System & Management Development and Training for the team,” explains Mr Shah.

Other services of the company include:

  • Branding: Concept Development, Brand Strategies, Advertisement Development, Brand Equity, Perfect Publicity, and Brand Encashment 
  • Finance: Project Finance, Business Loan, Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and SME IPO 
  • Business Consultancy: Business Screening, Management Solutions, Sales Techniques & Marketing Strategies, New Venture Development, Finance Solution, Branding Solutions, Personality Development, and Continuous Motivation 
  • Corporate Events: Conference, Seminars, Training Workshops, and Promotional Events such as Award Ceremony, Product Launching, and Crowd Storming

Jini Consultancy has an excellent team of CA in its collaboration and hence it helps in fundraising through various loan options. Furthermore, Parimal’s strong network of HNI helps Jini Consultancy assist various companies in raising funds for SME IPO.


“The key to growing a business is investing time in curating the best business strategies. That’s what we do in Jini Consultancy as well,” says Parimal. 

Jini Consultancy positions itself unique in the competitive landscape due to the below-mentioned reasons: 

  • Parimal makes business strategies with strong objectives and a result-oriented approach which helps the companies to develop brand-building at a reasonable cost with effectiveness. 
  • Since day 1, Jini Consultancy is stuck with its vision and makes unstoppable efforts to maintain the core values of the company. 
  • The company scrutinizes its strategies thoroughly before guiding clients so that clients don’t suffer a loss. 
  • Mr Shah sits with his employees regularly and exchanges thoughts and discusses how to grow the company, how to perform better, what milestones to set, and how the company will grow followed by other productive discussions. 
  • The company has a very transparent payment policy which makes Jini Consultancy a very respective name not only in the town but in the entire nation.  


Every client the company works with holds pivotal importance for Parimal Shah. Some reputed clients of the company are Union Bank of India, Jivraj Industries Ltd., Garnet Papers Ltd., Sparta Cements Ltd., Baaamboos Shirts, Ishree Developers Pvt. Ltd., Prism Coaching, Raag Sutra, Pushpa J. Shah, to name a few. 

“We believe in giving the right advice to our clients that is implementable, reasonable and sustainable so that clients can get immediate and permanent results,” reiterates Parimal. 


Employees retention is one of the most intense challenges faced by different organizations, be it small, midsized or large businesses. To solve this challenge, Jini Consultancy has come up with a unique strategy under which every employee in the organization is given a goal to achieve within one year with a promise that the employee would be rewarded with extra appraisal after achieving new milestones set by the company. This will not only ensure a good appraisal in salary but also promotion in the designation as well, thereby motivating the employees to do better and perform consistently. 

Under this strategy, employees are also given their road map along with the Job Description and the vision for the next 10 years. “I am too proud to say that this practice works amazingly and gives us astonishing results,” says Parimal.


Teamwork is the salient philosophy of Parimal Shah. He encourages the employees at his company to set new goals and build effective strategies to implement them, thereby leading to the growth of the company. 

Parimal firmly believes that “When the company grows, each and every person in the organization grows. This is not just restricted to the growth of employees. The Executives, Directors, CEOs or any decision-making authority also get high growth opportunities.” 


According to Parimal, “Consistency to achieve your dream is the only quality to get success or to sustain success.” He believes in Nurturing his business like a child and firmly believes that all entrepreneurs should set a one-lifetime mission. He says “Work for the mission, the mission will not let you sleep until it’s achieved.”.


Mission: To assist the people by exploring opportunities, directions and paths and to enliven them for their inner strength.

Vision: To make people prosper in all the ways i.e. financially, socially, emotionally and intellectually. 


Jini Consultancy has added many feathers to its cap by winning many prestigious awards. Some of them are:

  • Parimal Shah has been awarded the “Kamalpatra Award” for Business Excellence in 2011 by Junior Chamber International Surat.
  • He serves as a Director in Udhna Udhyognagar Sahkari Sangh Ltd., Surat since 2014.
  • He has been awarded for nurturing program on resolving divorce issues by the Rotary Club of Surat in 2015.
  • Parimal Shah is an empanelled trainer by KCG (Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat), Govt. of Gujarat, Education Department since 2017.
  • He was also awarded the ‘Outstanding Presentation Award’ in 2018 by BNI India, Elite Chapter.
  • He has been felicitated by The Southern Gujarat Chambers of Commerce & Industry for his knowledgeable Program on Recruitment & Screening in 2020.
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