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Established in the year 1900, Jeena & Company is a market leader globally renowned for its best end-to-end logistics services. It offers unparalleled services across the air and sea freight, exports, and imports, last-mile deliveries, specialized warehousing, key value-driven services like customs clearance and forwarding as well as documentation. Ranging from time and temperature-sensitive supply chain management for pharma and life sciences to customized storage solutions, it delivers the best services to both Indian and international clients. 

Its extensive services cater to a multitude of industries like retail, pharma, automobile, furniture, engineering, chemicals, wellness, furniture, electronics, machinery, and many more. Based on three pillars (infrastructure, innovation, and impeccability), the company strives to change the conventional freight forwarding and supply chain services scenarios in India.  


Each and every project of the company is notable in the competitive market because it believes in rational planning and idealistic execution. Its team understands the importance of providing hassle-free project logistics services to its clients in India and overseas. 

Its team comprises of passionate and dedicated people who have years of break-bulk experience that helps in simplifying the execution of every project.


Jeena & Company claims what it practices. Some values are inherent in the team’s day-to-day functionalities and operations. These values are:

1. Client Empowerment: The company nurtures its in-house resources to transform them into the industry leaders of tomorrow.

2. Honesty and Truth: It religiously follows the attributes of being honest and open. Honesty and truth are followed in the entire organizational communication and behavior.

3. Adaptability: It is an integral part of its core values. It consistently embraces necessary changes that add value to the overall business.

A go-getter attitude drives the company as an organization. It sets its own standards and benchmarks, beats itself at its own records, and always aims for a better tomorrow. 


1. Freight forwarding

It includes reliable and quality services along with complete customization to best suit the client’s requirements. Jeena offers tailor-made supply chain solutions that ensure both faster transmit times as well as efficiency. Its end-to-end customized solutions are designed keeping in mind the project requirements. Its extensive range of air logistics international services, bespoke approach, unprecedented industry expertise, and coherent customer service facilitate affordable and timely delivery of cargo to the desired destination.

2. Supply Chain

It includes third-party logistics solutions at highly competitive rates. The company has organized a network of intermediaries that manages the goods when they move from a producer to a consumer. 

3. Door to Door Delivery

With an objective to strive to maintain a lower cost while managing the complete end-to-end logistics, it provides perfect door-to-door delivery solutions. It has also tied up with service partners across the globe to ensure an improved customer experience.

4. Customs Brokerage 

It includes offering effective customs clearance services for the import and export of goods. The company’s technology-focused solutions provide real-time information and visibility into timing and location. 


As the company strives to remain innovative and absorbed in the latest developments, Jeena’s world of digital solutions has been introduced. It is an initiative under which the company embraces, develops, and adopts new and emerging technologies and explores how it transforms, leads, and adapts to those who allow the company to offer its customers the best services in new digital solutions.


The mission of Jeena & Company is to sustain a fair and healthy work environment. It not only believes in ensuring a fair environment for the employees but also strives towards sustaining the environment. The first priority of the company is employees contentment. 

The vision is to provide quality global logistics solutions through excellence in innovation, productivity, and service. It also aims to offer value to its customers and employees and make a positive contribution to society and the environment.


Jeena & Company has received many awards so far. Some of them are:

  • India Cargo Awards for Excellence in Supply Chain Management & Logistics in 2019
  • The Prestigious Brand of the Year Award in the Supply Chain & Logistics Organized by Herald Global & ERTC Media, the Goalfest Conclave in 2020
  • The Award for Excellence at the IMC Digital Technology Awards for the best digital implementations for end-users – the utilities sector in 2020

With a legacy of over 11 decades and state of the art technology platform, Jeena & Company is providing customer-centric solutions for the most quickest and seamless end-to-end processes across a wide market. 



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