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Pratibha Rathi: A Seasoned Recruiter

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“At Maneva Consulting, hiring for niche IT skills is our area of specialisation.”

Pratibha Rathi
(Director, Maneva Consulting)

There are no second thoughts about the fact that an organisation runs successfully because of its manpower. Relishing this idea and the potential of Human Resources, Pratibha Rathi plunged into the business world with Maneva Consulting in 2016. Since childhood, she has had an entrepreneurial bug inside her. “It also came from my parents; my father, at the age of 75, works no less than a young man and my mother seeks perfection in whatever she does, and with her passion to be an entrepreneur,” mentions Pratibha. Taking inspiration from her parents and with the great support of her family, she transitioned her professional journey from a successful corporate career to becoming an entrepreneur.

She loves to constantly improve herself by learning & exploring new things. Other than being a powerful entrepreneur and guiding force of her company, she is also a great puzzle solver. She has solved a jigsaw puzzle of 13,200 pieces. She says, “Keeping the solution-oriented approach, I’ve always loved solving jigsaw puzzles.” She is also planning to participate in the upcoming World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship.

With an extensive corporate experience of over 15 years, Pratibha, a qualified Computer and HRM Professional with graduation in Law & Science is running Maneva Consulting. Showcasing her entrepreneurial skills and true leadership, she keeps moving forward by overcoming every obstacle that comes her way. Pratibha often recalls the days when she was burning the midnight oil to prove her excellence and maintain the trust of clients. With time, she has proved that she deserves every bit of what she has today. “In my entire entrepreneurial journey, it is my team and family that has always supported me in every best way possible,” smiles Pratibha.

She believes, “When we work together, we grow together”. Through collaboration, the team learns from each other and develops skills together. Pratibha always encourages an environment of open dialogue and feedback within the team, to bring different perspectives and opinions to the table.


Being a one-stop HR solution, Maneva Consulting uses a unique on-site and off-site delivery model to offer training and staffing solutions that are tailored for specific industries and help its clients achieve fast deployments and world-class quality. Every consultant of the company is highly qualified and has industry experience of more than 10 years. The expert team of the firm works closely with the clients to learn about their specific needs and come up with custom solutions to meet those needs.

The technical recruiters of Maneva Consulting have in-depth knowledge of IT expertise to provide clients with the best staffing solutions. With a strong network of talented people all over the world, the company quickly finds the best IT Specialists that suit the requirements of the clients.

“With a solid understanding of the client’s requirements, we submit top-notch resumes to match them with the job specification,” says the Founder. Aligning with the main objective of the company and with ‘100% client satisfaction’, the team ensures the highest level of quality in its services.


Maneva Consulting has a reputation for working with the utmost professionalism and providing the best in class HR services. Currently, the company is providing its services to multiple IT and a few non-IT Companies. The reputed clientele of the company includes IT giants like Wipro and Oracle.

Pratibha asserts, “We achieve client satisfaction and a strength to deliver to the best of our capacity by taking their feedback into great consideration and acting on it with the best possible solutions.”


Pratibha believes as an entrepreneur, it’s important to take risks and never give up. She says, “Follow your heart, dream big, and never give up on your dreams. If you have confidence in yourself, take that first step, nothing can stop you from succeeding”.

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