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At Social Kinnect, we push the limits with an underdog attitude.” –  Chandni Shah (Founder & COO, Kinnect)

Kinnect is one of India’s largest digital marketing agencies that is a confluence of creative and media. Founded by Chandni Shah and Rohan Mehta in 2011, the company is headquartered in Mumbai. Kinnect believes in connecting old-school branding principles with new-age solutions that simultaneously employ creativity and data-driven insights. They create solutions that produce real-time, relevant, and reportable results for their brands. An agency of 350+ Kinnectors, they are creative and media-driven. Kinnect believes in building digital capabilities to match diverse business needs and creates a visible and lasting impact. 


Kinnect partners with companies to build their brand equity by leveraging the digital landscape to create conversations, improve word-of-mouth, provide ROI-driven results and build lasting relationships. The company offers many services like:

  • Creative Strategy and Social Media: Kinnect promises to make a brand more visible and the customers more reachable. The company masters in the art of cultivating a brand presence through social media marketing with end-to-end marketing on social platforms, from strategy to tracking results, and provides ROI-driven results and builds lasting relationships.

  • Video Production: Kinnect produces content-rich videos that drive real business results for their clients. Through video production service, the company promises a seamless audio-visual storytelling experience.

  • Influencer Marketing: The company ensures organic brand-influencer integration, and long-term associations to solidify and amplify the brand’s message. Their outreach services also provide detailed reporting to analyze the results of the marketing campaigns.

  • Web and Search Engine Optimization: Through this service Kinnect ensures:
  • The client’s brand appears at the top of search results on Google. 
  • Indexed web pages are easily accessed by search engines.
  • Any kind of customer can find the client’s page with ease, from any device, and at any time.

  • Online Reputation Management: By building a brand’s online reputation, the company not only mitigates the effects of negative opinions but also creates proactive marketing strategies for online consumption in order to broaden a brand’s domain holdings and ramp up online visibility.

  • Media: Kinnect’s media team holistically plans with a full range of buying capabilities across all digital channels. The company ensures uncomplicated representation of the required media plan for their clients, precise execution for the best ROI, and a media plan made with the client’s marketing objectives in mind.



Kinnect works with clients who embrace the power of digital media, respect great creativity, and diligent client servicing efforts. It has worked with many companies like intel, Tata Capital, Reliance Digital, Sketchers, AsianPaints, Tide, SugarFree, Ceat, Decathlon, Indiabulls, Spencer’s, Eureka Forbes, and other top brands.



When Covid-19 confined people to their homes, Kinnect’s creativity was unaffected. They made sure to adhere to the lockdown policies without compromising on creativity that remained un-lockdownable. From ideating and strategizing over the phone, sharing self-shot videos as references, to even directing shoots over video calls, the company managed to remotely execute some of their biggest marketing projects and campaigns. 



Approaching the lockdown as a learning opportunity, the company capitalized on the adversities of 2020 and witnessed growth, client addition, and many award-winning campaigns. Some of their notable campaigns during the lockdown were:

    • Hum Har Naahi Mangenge: Executed for HDFC Bank, Kinnect launched this campaign in which a song of strength, togetherness, and hope, was composed by A.R. Rahman to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Conceptualized and executed by the company, the song paid tribute to the never-say-die spirit of the nation.

    • Mat Kar Forward: #Mat Kar Forward was designed by the company for TikTok urging India to be responsible and double-check every single video, message, and forward a person gets, before passing it on to any other person.

  • Live from Home: With an aim to spread optimism and positivity during the 21 days of Lockdown in India, Kinnect conceptualized this campaign for Asian Paints.


“The pandemic plunging the world into uncertainty and the constant news around it, does make people feel relentless. All of this is taking its toll on people. Hence, with Asian Paints’ #LiveFromHome, we wanted to extend solace and offer a broader landscape to connect with people to uplift mental well-being and spread optimism. We believe remaining calm and constructive at times of uncertainty can help us navigate through difficulties, and have tried to instill the same through the campaign.”, Chandni Shah, the COO, and founder mentioned while talking about the ‘Live From Home’ campaign.



Kinnect was founded by Rohan Mehta and Chandni Shah. Rohan Mehta had a passion for building a culture of continuous learning and overall development, therefore he built a team of 30+ Kinnectors. Leaving behind a successful career in the IT industry, Rohan has grown Kinnect into one of India’s largest independent digital agencies.

Chandni Shah, co-founder, and COO of the company was just 22 years old when she became a solutions-driven marketer. She is a multifaceted professional who dons various hats from Client Servicing, Strategy, Creative to Human Resources. She is one of the youngest and most successful woman achievers in the digital marketing space.



It has also designed a special program called #kinnectEDGE to create an ecosystem that provides its employees with a great balance of exposure, learning, and overall growth and development. This program has bagged a bronze for Best Talent Development of the Year in 2020.



As Kinnect is an unlockdownable agency and thus achieves unstoppable wins, it has received many awards. Some of the prominent ones include:

  • Digital Marketing Agency of the Year and Independent Agency of the Year in 2020 by Social Samosa.
  • The entrant of the Year at the 2021 edition of Campaign India’s Media360 Awards
  • Shortly Industry Award for Best Public Service Announcement in 2021
  • Indian Digital Award for Best Social Influencer Campaign in 2020
  • The Economic Time DG+ Award for Best BFSI Brand in 2021

Kinnect has become a significant name in the digital marketing industry as it places business impact, brand awareness, sales, and visibility above everything else.




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