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Mahesh Ramachandra Rao: The Travelling Expert

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“We, at Karnataka Vacations, create an exceptional travel experience by providing a one-stop solution for all travel needs.” 

Late Mahesh Ramachandra Rao
(Founder, Karnataka Vacations)

Travelling keeps people young, energetic and curious. But for middle-class people, travelling is not easy considering the financial restraints. Keeping this dream of travelling alive in the heart of every Indian with accessible travel packages, Mahesh Ramachandra Rao founded Karnataka Vacations in 2011. Mahesh was an inspiring, charismatic and dedicated entrepreneur whose mission was to make travel across the world accessible and enjoyable for middle-class families in India. 

With a rich experience of 20+ years, Mahesh through his company Karnataka Vacations wanted to foster an environment of experimentation and new travelling ideas in the travel industry. For his exceptional contribution and hard work in the travel industry, Mahesh was recognised by the IAS of Madhya Pradesh. He also received numerous certifications from organisations such as TTF, IITM, and ETAA for his passion and contribution to the travel and tourism sector.

Making Travelling Easy With Karnataka Vacations

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka Vacations excels in providing first-rate opportunities and unparalleled services to explore Karnataka as well as Southern India including Kerala, Tamil Nādu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Puducherry. Building the trust of its customers with its reliable and customised package solutions, Karnataka Vacations becomes synonymous with the most trustworthy travel and tourism company.

“Our customer-centric nature is further emphasised with an exceptional 24×7 customer support service provided by highly qualified and motivated professionals,” says Hitesh who is now handling the operations of the company.

Hitesh R Mahesh Son of Mahesh Ramachandra Rao
Hitesh R Mahesh

Karnataka Vacations successfully handles leisure tours and corporate travel. Broad coverage of hotels and resorts across various categories starting from budget-friendly to luxurious in Karnataka and other Indian getaways adds true value to customers’ money.

The highly professional team offers the best in class services with diversified domain expertise that comprises Travel Documentation and MICE, Luxury Car Division, Holiday Management, Hotel reservations and other major areas of Travel and Tourism Management. With the aim to provide personalised and world-class travel services, the team of Karnataka Vacations is keeping alive the dream of Mahesh every day.

Leadership Philosophy

Mahesh always believed in the quote, “A leader is always a person who is supposed to work with the principle of two feet – He should always be ahead of the team by two feet if he goes too far and the team cannot follow him because he is ahead. And if he is not ahead by two feet, he becomes a part of the team and not a leader”. Inspired by this quote, Mahesh always treated his employees with compassion which in turn has given the company excellent outputs. 

Throughout his leadership journey, Mahesh focused on these three key aspects:

  • Customer-centric Leadership: Putting the needs of customers at the forefront of all decision-making. 
  • Innovation & Creativity: Fostering an environment of experimentation and new ideas to stay ahead of industry trends. 
  • Responsible Leadership: Considering the environmental and social impact of the company’s operations. 

Prioritising the safety and security of customers as well as employees, Karnataka Vacations adheres strictly to the laws and regulations of the industry. 

Supportive & Professional Travelling Services

Karnataka Vacations maintains a healthy relationship with its clients by paying attention to the small details and offering world-class services after understanding the needs and requirements of the clients. The supportive and professional team of the company connects with the client even after the trip to gather feedback and address any concerns that helps the company to improve its services. 

Feathers To The Cap 

Offering top-notch travel services, Karnataka Vacations keeps adding many awards and recognition to its name. Some of the milestones achieved by the company are:

  • Appreciation Certification from TTF (Travel & Tourism Fair) held at Gujarat University Exhibition Hall in 2017. 
  • Awarded as Certified Destination Expert by ETAA (Enterprising Travel Agent’s Association) held at Hampi & Badami Sector in 2017.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for participation at India International Travel Mart held at Kochi in 2018. 
  • Appreciation Certification from OTM (The leading Travel Show in Asia Pacific) held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in 2018 and 2019. 
  • Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Karnataka Vacations for participation at IITM (India International Travel Mart) held in Bengaluru in 2019. 

Carrying Forward The Legacy

After Mahesh Ramachandra Rao, his son Hitesh R Mahesh is carrying forward the legacy of his father. Hitesh has taken over the responsibility of Karnataka Vacations successfully at a very young age and running the company to profitability. Hitesh is truly an inspiration for all young and aspiring entrepreneurs of this generation.

The Path Ahead 

Karnataka Vacations makes the travel experience of customers delightful with its customer-centric approach. The team is working diligently to create a strong and recognisable brand that is known for high-quality travel services. Karnataka Vacations is also looking forward to becoming a leader in sustainable & responsible tourism and expanding its market share.

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