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Lateral HR Consulting: On a Mission to Solve Tech Hiring Problems via Global Deployment

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“Lateral HR Consulting is a full stack HR Consulting firm which is expanding into the recruitment-tech industry to solve tech hiring problems in a wink of an eye.

Chirag Harish Thakker (CEO,
Lateral HR Consulting)

“We are getting into a recruitment-tech industry where we will be solving Tech hiring problems through global deployment,” are the stimulating words of Chirag Harish Thakker who has just started trying different permutations & combinations to make a way for hassle-free hiring via his firm Lateral HR Consulting.

Lateral HR Consulting is a full-stack HR Consulting firm that was incepted in 2021 and in just one year of its establishment, the company has made remarkable progress in nurturing, supporting, and catalysing the growth of any organisation by providing exceptional recruitment and HR services. Believing in the philosophy of Life is a marathon, not a sprint, Lateral HR Consulting is consistently moving forward to achieve its goal of providing world-class recruitment services. 

When it comes to offering tailor-made solutions to help organisations in end-to-end Talent Acquisition, Lateral HR Consulting can be the ideal choice! 

Shifting The Radar To International Hiring

Lateral HR Consulting has victoriously established the clients’ trust with its stellar services and made its presence in various countries like Australia, New Zealand and Dubai. The company is also planning to open an office in New Zealand, which hopefully will be executional by December 2022. This will take its office presence in 3 geographies – India, the US, and New Zealand.

While exploring the different areas of the recruitment industry, Lateral HR Consulting observed the difficulty and complexity of tech hiring. But as they say, every problem has a solution; Lateral HR Consulting has brainstormed an incredible solution. 

“We are entering into the recruitment-tech industry with a brand Lateral Bridge, where we will be solving tech hiring challenges through a global staff augmentation model,” says the brainchild who is working round the clock on this ideation. 

The crucial aspects of the company’s services will be:

  • Increasing the supply of engineers from countries outside India. 
  • Building a habit of staff augmentation and deploying the staff remotely across the globe. 
  • Finding the best candidate who is 100% dedicated to the well-being of the organisation. 
  • Not just as external support, the client can consider them as their extended team member.

The company has done a litmus test with one client and it could deploy ~15 engineers from Vietnam in ~25 days and that’s when Chirag thought that this idea is bigger than the thoughts. Hence, he along with his team started digging further and it turned out to be a startup. 

“I was pretty sure that this shortage of tech talent supply is just starting to begin and will require some stronger solution. So I started studying about tech talent which would be affordable and zeroed down on a few countries,” mentions Chirag.

With a rolling database of ~1000 candidates, Lateral HR Consulting ensures that each and every candidate is efficient and beneficial for the company. Currently, the hiring process for any organisation takes 90-120 days but Lateral HR Consulting is creating a robust process that ensures the completion of the hiring process in just 8-10 days.

Chirag adds, “We take care of international compliance & their salaries. The client will just have to make a payment to us. There will be no recruitment charges to this so that this becomes super affordable for clients in all ways, and of course, an additional benefit when you get an essence of global culture.”

Meet The Man With Guerrilla Strategies In Blood 

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans summarises the struggling days of Chirag Harish Thakker who went through many ups and downs in his career. Chirag started his career when he got an opportunity to work with NBFC like Fullerton India and then brush up his skills in Infibeam, UpGrad, and Paysense.

It was not easy for Chirag to leave behind his well-settled career and build his own business empire. But being a Gujarati, business is in his blood and his desire to start his own company led to the inception of Lateral HR Consulting. Chirag knew it is not going to be an easy journey but his hard work and firm determination bagged Lateral HR Consulting a chance to work with some of the reputed clients in their respective fields. 

“In October 2020, we cracked our first client for RPO of 3 months which got extended for 5 months and we ended up rolling out 120+ offers across the functions, levels, and geographies,” mentions Chirag proudly. 

Services Offered By The Company 

By understanding the needs and requirements of the clients, Lateral HR Consulting offers the best-suited HR solution. Empowering the client with the best talent in the industry, the key services of the company include: 

1. Recruitment 

Lateral HR Consulting helps businesses with choosing qualified and right candidates from a wide pool of people. The recruitment comprises two verticals:

  • Permanent Hiring: It includes providing quality talent to the clients and charging them on a success-based concept. With the Mid-Level, Senior Level, and CxO level hiring, the clients of Lateral HR Consulting vary from BFSI to the Internet to Web3 domain. 
  • International Hiring: Reaching across the geographical boundaries of the country, the company provides its recruitment services in the US, Ireland, the UK, Singapore and Vietnam.

2. Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

Supporting the entire Talent Acquisition of the organisation, Lateral HR Consulting takes complete control of the process to scale the operational efficiency. “This is useful for those organisations who are getting into a hiring spree and don’t want to increase the recruitment team size,” says Chirag. It is the most cost-effective solution for the company in all aspects. 

3. HR Consulting 

For organisations that have an employee size of 50-200, Lateral HR Consulting offers them the entire HR Function services and drives it by deputing the professional team of Lateral HR Consulting at the client site.  

4. On-Demand Recruiter

Offering economical and efficient service for those companies that are on a hiring spree but do not intend to take RPO as a service. In that case, Lateral HR Consulting provides the services of its expert recruiters who are fully dedicated to the needs and requirements of the clients.

Lateral HR Consulting is currently in talks with investors to raise 600 USD as it looks to enter into the recruitment-tech industry. Believing in the philosophy of “Neither your Ups nor your downs will be permanent. Every day is a new day,” Lateral HR Consulting is walking on the path of growth trajectory. 

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