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Kickstart Workhubs: A Perfect Place For Startups and Entrepreneurs

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“We encourage our clients to network with each other which helps in collaborating and expanding their individual businesses.”

 Suman Shanbhag
(Founder, Kickstart Workhubs)

The pandemic has altered the way companies function. Neither workers want to return to offices full-time nor do they want to work from home due to some incontrovertible constraints. While some companies are exasperatingly dealing with the challenges of re-imagining the workspace, a perfect alternative has entered the market- Co-working Spaces and this trend is here to stay forever.

When Suman Shanbhag felt that there was a business opportunity where she could provide a place for budding entrepreneurs with the least financial burden on them, she founded Kickstart Workhubs in 2021.

Bengaluru-headquartered Kickstart Workhubs provides a home-like fully-furnished office with all the facilities like high-speed internet, comfortable workstations and seatings while also maintaining adequate distance between the co-workers and meeting rooms. To facilitate a top-notch experience, the firm also provides beverages like coffee and tea and a full-time admin to provide regular assistance to the people. “We also have a well-ventilated office for those who choose to work in energy saving environment and prefer not to use air conditioners,” mentions Suman. 

Currently, the company has clients in various fields including Sustainability, App development, Software solutions, and many more. As the firm provides an all-encompassing environment, it is contributing towards nurturing and growing the next generation of businesses.

How is Kickstart Workhubs different from other Workspaces?

Besides offering an environment of inspiring workspace for creative entrepreneurs, corporates and many enthusiastic minds, Kickstart Workhubs becomes an ideal choice for many due to the following reasons:

  • Kickstart Workhubs encourages a culture of energy and creativity through its contemporary designs and community driven-approach.
  • Amenities like High-Speed internet, Cleaning services, Conference Rooms, Ample Parking Space, Printing/FAX services, and Beverages are taken care of. Conference Rooms are well-equipped with all the essential equipment and infrastructure needed to ensure a flawless and smooth meeting. 
  • A naturally well-lit and ventilated place creates a positive, energetic, stress-free and non-claustrophobic atmosphere. 
  • The most competitive pricing is offered. There are no hidden costs that come as a shock to the clients.
  • Easy for people to commute as the office is located at a walkable distance from two metro stations- Konankunte Metro station and Doddakallasandra Metro station.
  • Kickstart Workhubs is just 500 meters away from the new Forum mall on the Kanakapura Road which makes it easy for the clients to help unwind after working hours.

“We also encourage our clients to network with each other which further helps in collaborating and expanding their businesses,” mentions the Founder. 

When Second Wave Hit The Country

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit India for the second time, it posed huge challenges for Kickstart Workhubs as people switched back to working from their homes. 

The company fought the challenge by providing comfortable and big workstations to people which helped them maintain social distancing. The situation was handled to a great extent by encouraging the clients to work with windows open.  

The ergonomic layout and spacing along with ample ventilation ensured that the air conditioners remained switched off, thereby controlling the spread of the virus. That’s how Kickstart made a comeback with a bang. 

What Lies Ahead?

The Co-working space’s concept is getting all trendy and Suman has already chalked out a judicious plan for her Bengaluru-based Kickstart Workhubs which is getting bigger and better with each passing day.

Kickstart Workhubs is well-known in and around South Bangalore for its top-notch services. The company envisions creating more such startup-friendly work environments with uncluttered spaces and free-flowing energies. By facilitating collaborative workspaces and co-working environments, the company aspires to become Bangalore’s epicentre of innovation and productivity.  

“We are also exploring opportunities to turn our business into a franchisee model and have more workspaces across the city,” adds Ms Suman.

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