Smart Investment, Brand of The Year

Smart Investment: Your One-Stop Shop For All Stock Market Updates

“We have never escaped from our promise to share the best analysis on various topics of the stock market.” Shri Dilip Kantilal Shah, inspired by a vision to provide factual Equity investment information to those interested in the investment world, established Smart Investment with the blessings of his father Late Shri Kantilal Shah. From its […]

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Ramanandi Interiors, Brand of The Year

Ramanandi Interiors: Crafting Timeless Spaces

“We are here to make places better and people happier.” (Ranjit Kadam, Founder, Ramanandi Interiors) Ramanandi Interiors is a perfect place for all those who seek perfection. Established in 2004, the firm masters in delivering the best interior design solutions to its customers. The company’s success stems from intelligent planning, meticulous execution and the application […]

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Mining 360 Services, Brand of The Year

Mining 360 Services: Building the Future of Mining Consultancy

“At Mining 360 Services, we deliver high-quality services to our clients to get sustainable on-time deliverables.” Deepak Gaur (Founder and Director, Mining 360 Services) What does it take for a mining project to be successful? An experienced Mining Consultancy that can ensure careful planning and execution at the end. Here comes Mining 360 Services to […]

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IMPRINT by Asti Infotech, Brand of The Year

IMPRINT For Success by Asti Infotech: Workforce Automation at Your Fingertips

“Unlike half-baked solutions, IMPRINT stands out by covering every aspect of monitoring, reporting, analysis and cross-platform communication related to field workforce and customers.” Mahendra Pratap (CEO, Asti Infotech) Trusted by over 100 customers, used by 1000+ Sales Managers and improving the work lives of innumerable field agents across 3 Continents, IMPRINT, under the leadership of […]

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iEnergizer BPO, Brand of The Year

iEnergizer BPO: Setting Global Benchmarks in Business Process Outsourcing

“We are continually evolving and expanding our service offerings to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.” Adarsh Kumar (Co-Founder & COO, iEnergizer BPO) The global business process outsourcing market has seen exceptional growth, reaching a substantial valuation of USD 261.9 billion in 2022. Projections hint at promising growth in future with an estimated CAGR of […]

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eParivartan, Brand of The Year

eParivartan: Change-Driven Digital Solutions for a Dynamic World

“Today, we stand as a leader in web design, digital marketing and branding, having completed over 5000 projects.” Anand Pohankar (Founder & CEO, eParivartan) Two decades ago, in a small dining room at his house, Anand Pohankar sowed the seeds of eParivartan, a web designing and digital marketing company. What started with just two computers […]

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Comp-Point, Brand of The Year

Comp-Point: On A Mission To Develop Office Robots for Corporate Environments

“We have been making waves in technology for the last three decades. Our dominance as a leader in Robotics is growing every day in the education, corporate and hospitality sectors.” Dr Parveen Narang (CEO, Comp-Point) The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has recently released the Draft National Strategy on Robotics. The strategy aims […]

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Simple Logic - Darshan Mehta - Brand of the Year 2022

Simple Logic: A Strategic Technology Partner For Successful Business

“We are named Simple Logic because we simplify the entire process of exploring new markets, establishing ourselves there, and growing.” Darshan Mehta (CEO & Director, Simple Logic)   Simple Logic is on a mission to deliver professionalism, perfection and satisfaction to clients with its highly efficient software solutions. Providing benefits of software technology to businesses, […]

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Shashank ND Co-Founder & CEO Practo

Practo: Helping billions lead healthier lives

“We try to find ways in which we can simplify healthcare for both the consumers and the doctors.” Shashank ND (Co-Founder & CEO, Practo) Doctors are qualified experts. They go through years of medical education and training to provide treatment and advice to diagnose the problems.  Founded in 2008, Practo is one of the fastest-growing […]

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