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“PROSFIC is the first company to introduce Guerilla Marketing to BlockChain Industry where our successful module provides an end-to-end growth strategy for all the clients.”
Vinod Varma Ainampudi ( Founder & CEO, PROSFIC)

Public Relations has long held a reputation as a purpose-driven industry. Companies often get in touch with PR companies to accelerate their growth curve. Vinod Varma Ainampudi, who possesses deep expertise in Public Relations Management, was very clear in his head that there is a dire need to establish a top-notch PR company that can provide excellent services to businesses and individuals. 

As difficult as it may sound to bring together industry experts from multiple niches, Vinod was adamant about laying the foundation of a purpose-driven PR company. Hence, PROSFIC- Public Relations & Organized Strategy For Individuals & Corporates, made an appearance in the epoch of digitalization. 

With a defining tagline “Rebrand Yourself”, PROSFIC establishes what it is for and how it can help businesses realize their full potential.


How does a brand become trusted and reliable? How does it manage to stand out? The clear answer would be: By developing and managing reputation. A brand goes the extra mile to build its robust reputation and achieve milestones. To maintain that most valuable intangible asset, brands solicit the services of a Public Relations Company. A well renowned PR Company, PROSFIC was founded with a mindset to provide complete growth marketing & public relations services. 

“We believe and work to build a brand and make it stronger than ever. Rather than just the revenue, we focus on the impact of the campaign and the value it adds to a brand,” said Vinod while mentioning ‘Brand Establishment’ and ‘end-to-end startup development’ to be the company’s forte. 

Also known for delivering growth marketing & PR Services for the entire blockchain industry, PROSFIC is extensively working on NFTs & Metaverse-related projects which makes it one of the first few marketing and PR companies working in the blockchain industry. PROSFIC is also contributing to build the few first sources of information around different concepts of the industry. 

Some of the core offerings of the company are:

  • Digital Marketing Services to help businesses market or advertise their business online and increase awareness and visibility. 
  • Brand Management Services to help brands create loyalty and establish an emotional connection with their target audience.


  • PR Campaigns to communicate messages of different brands to a larger audience and increase their credibility.


  • Strategic Counseling to offer strategic thinking; designed to help the specific needs of the clients.

  • Social Media Management includes developing social media strategies to build brand awareness, generate leads and sales.

  • Influencer Marketing to create an online buzz about brands, improve audience engagement and increase conversions. 
  • Logo & Web designing includes designing appealing visual representations for a website or in the form of logos to make strong first impressions.

  • Digital & Strategic Ad Campaigns to ensure a brand’s effective promotion and help build a strong network of customers. 
  • Startup Development includes devising and implementing growth strategies for various startups and budding businesses.

  • Media Management includes developing the relationships of clients with media.


Vinod Varma Ainampudi is the Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of PROSFIC Verticals. He has core expertise in strategy planning, risk management, and operations transformation. He holds a decade of business leadership experience in Public relations Management, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, and other fields. He is responsible for formulating the business strategies, assessing risks and opportunities, allocating resources, developing business plans, and framing the vision of PROSFIC. 


PROSFIC is proud to call itself a PR company that caters to the needs and requirements of companies from all industries. “We are perhaps the only company in India that can provide technical services along with digital marketing services for the blockchain industry,” expressed Vinod.  

PROSFIC is the first company to introduce Guerilla Marketing to Blockchain Industry where its successful module provides an end-to-end growth strategy for Blockchain, NFT & Metaverse clients. It also helps crypto, NFT & Metaverse companies in launching their Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILO)  and makes them reach their full potential through its unique development strategies. 

Furthermore, PROSFIC focuses on brand establishment and not just growing the numbers. It strongly believes that brand establishment brings growth in revenue automatically. 


PROSFIC amplifies the brand reputation and helps businesses increase their reach multifold. PROSFIC delivers purpose-driven solutions to many clients. 

Some of its well-known clients are NACSA (National Centre for Sustainable AquaCulture of India), MPEDA (Marine Products Export Development Authority of India), Meghalaya Tourism & Cultural Tourism Development, Janasena Party (Poll Management Khammam & Warangal Local Body Elections), Politicians from BJP (Maharashtra & Telangana) & TDP, Syntizen Technologies, Bitsz Exchange, Digits N Destini (One of India’s top Numerologists), Mother of Memes Token (NFTs), Aurora Token (Metaverse) and many more. 

“We understand our client’s needs, their industry and provide unique and tailored solutions. We take regular feedback and deliver accordingly. Our positive approach, impactful strategic campaigns, and timely review system keep our clients happy and satisfied,” said Vinod.


PROSFIC’s one of the best projects so far has been “Aurora Token”. Aurora is a token based on the future possibilities of web 3.0 and Metaverse. 

With Metaverse, you don’t just use the internet but become a part of it. It’s like the building of a virtual world; Aurora defines the economy of this world. This token will help youngsters to become a part of this continuously evolving virtual world. PROSFIC feels privileged to help Aurora reach more and more youngsters every day.

“We are building for the future and our efforts are going into developing something that is ahead of its time,” said Vinod. 


The mantra of PROSFIC has always been ‘We Promise & We Always Deliver.’ PROSFIC’s mission is to help businesses realize their full potential. It formulates the right rebranding strategies for the clients and brings the best out of their ventures while emphasizing on how these can prove to be beneficial to the customers. 

The vision of PROSFIC is to lead the PR industry with the best marketing strategies & become a global leader in Blockchain and Metaverse technology.


Team core

The PR industry is a highly teamwork-based industry. Therefore, maintaining a successful culture of teamwork holds paramount importance. 

“To brainstorm a content strategy and publish a post, a content writer, an SEO expert, a graphic designer/video editor, and a social media coordinator work in tandem with managers and other team members,” explained Vinod. 

PROSFIC believes that teamwork promotes an environment of productivity. It is not just important; it’s the only optimal way to complete a task. Strong teamwork is not only providing a unifying focus to PROSFIC but also a unified approach to how work gets done. To improve employee engagement and work effectiveness, PROSFIC makes sure that all the employees maintain a work-life balance. 


PROSFIC has always focused on developing a one-stop solution for all its clients. Establishing the same philosophy in the crypto and blockchain space has not been easy for the company. Being new to the space, the company had to outsource a lot of technology-related work. More than costs and team management issues, it created a risk of security and late deliveries.

To overcome this, PROSFIC decided to build in-house tech solutions for all its clients. It involved hiring a lot of technically skilled professionals, along with doing credible partnerships and in-depth study of the industry. 

PROSFIC never compromises when it comes to delivering the best to its clients.


Vinod has a coherent definition of success. He believes that “Success is connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit. We believe that success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. A smile on a client’s face is a true success for us. Their achievements bring a smile to our faces.” 


Since its inception, PROSFIC has achieved many milestones. Some of the coveted milestones include:

  • Launching a PR campaign in February 2019 which increased the footfall in Meghalaya Tourism by  6%
  • Working for BJP candidates in GHMC elections in December 2020.
  • Working as a digital campaign partner for TDP in Machilipatnam municipal elections in February 2021.
  • Delivering Poll management services to the Janasena Party in Khammam local body elections and introducing “City Planning Report” instead of election manifesto in April 2021. This new concept had a good impact on the public, especially the youth.

The Covid19 pandemic has completely transformed the PR industry, shifting everything to digital platforms. Most of the existing organizations were not prepared for this change; the impact on PROSFIC was no different. However, PROSFIC believes in converting every challenge into an opportunity. It has not just paced up with the fast-developing technologies in the PR industry but helped its clients leverage them effectively.

PROSFIC was fortunate enough to have young and technologically sound teammates on board who were ahead of time to cope up with the changes and utilize them to grow expansively. 

Today, PROSFIC is successfully delivering end-to-end marketing and technology services to the blockchain & crypto industry along with branding, digital marketing, and PR services to corporate, and individual clients



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