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Robin R. Sisodiya: An Architect Building Beyond Limits


“Sustainability is at the core of our design philosophy.”

Robin R. Sisodiya (CEO & Principal Architect, ASRO Arcade India)

In November last year, Robin R. Sisodiya completed nine years as Founder and CEO of ASRO Arcade India. As he steps into the milestone of the 10th year, this juncture holds significant value for both him and his architectural venture. His secret recipe for business success lies in consistent learning, developing an inspired team and thinking out of the box.

“I believe in creating a positive and inclusive work culture where every member of my team feels valued, inspired, and empowered. If I can’t keep the team contented, ASRO Arcade India can’t be a creative powerhouse,” says Robin when questioned about his leadership philosophy.

Interior Design by ASRO Arcade India

Under the stewardship of Robin, ASRO Arcade India has become a dynamic and innovative architectural design firm specialising in architecture planning, designing & façade designing for residential & commercial projects. This design firm is moving from strength to strength and Robin gives due credit to each member who works round the clock to consistently deliver cutting-edge designs that harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. The company offers a wide range of architectural solutions including architectural design, interior design, sustainability consulting, and project management. To ensure that the architectural offerings align with market needs and evolving consumer demands, Team ASRO conducts thorough market research regarding design trends and concepts, engages in open dialogue with clients, and embraces the latest innovations in architectural technology. 

“While we understand that architecture can be a pricey affair, ASRO Arcade’s services are budget-friendly. You don’t need deep pockets to enjoy fantastic views and great designs. Once we hand over your space to you, and you reach the top of your house into the open air, we bet the view makes you forget the cost,” reiterates the principal architect. 

The Making of Robin R. Sisodiya as Principal Architect

Since a very young age, Robin has been fascinated by architecture and design, inspired by his personal experiences of travelling & exploring. He pursued his education in Architecture at IP University, where he built a strong foundation in architectural planning and design. After completing his studies, he started his professional journey at KLJ Developers. These experiences helped him refine his skills, especially in planning and execution, though not without facing some challenges that turned into valuable learning opportunities.

Finally, in November 2014, Robin incepted ASRO Arcade India with a vision to create sustainable architecture and dynamic façade designs. As they say, in the infancy of any venture, you face the winds of uncertainty, Robin also faced many hurdles but as he sowed the right seeds, he patiently awaited the bloom. 

Robin is fortunate to have met and been guided by mentors and colleagues of high intellect. Their diverse experiences, as Robin shares, have shaped his perspectives while also helping him to continuously evolve. 

“I also stay in touch with my industry peers to get ideas and stay updated on what’s new. Rather than handling simple projects, I opt for the challenging ones to push me out of my comfort zone. In my role as a leader, I have learnt to not be afraid of committing mistakes as they help you become a problem solver and eventually establish you as a solution-oriented person. As we are in the profession of design, I have made sure to bring diverse talents and perspectives as working with different people sparks creativity and new ideas,” describes Robin.

Robin is a wise man who believes in making smart decisions that match long-term goals. The business world changes a lot, so being adaptable is crucial. Therefore, he always asks for feedback from his team, clients and other people as it helps him get better at what he does. Presently, as the Principal Architect, Robin rigorously works on the preparation of design documents for complex construction projects. His roles and responsibilities also include making conceptual and strategic decisions regarding architectural projects.

The true test of a leader lies not in navigating smooth seas but in their ability to steer the ship through the storms of odd times. Covid left no business unaffected and ASRO Arcade was no different. No new projects at hand, existing ones at pause, and fixed costs weighing heavily. The pressure was immense, and despite that, he didn’t let these factors question his abilities. Today, when Robin looks back, the challenging phase turned out to be a crucial time for his personal growth which taught him to view challenges as chances to grow and understand that setbacks are just a part of life. He also invested in his professional development and acquired new skills & explored additional educational opportunities. 

ASRO Arcade India

“Today, I can look back at that period as a transformative experience that shaped my character and contributed significantly to the person I am now,” shares Robin. 

ASRO Arcade India: Where Vision Transforms Into Reality

It’s not surprising to note that Robin has erected a very powerful architectural and design brand but what strategies have helped the company achieve skyrocketing heights is something to dig deep into. 

Known for pushing the boundaries of architectural design, ASRO Arcade delivers innovative and forward-thinking solutions. Sustainability stays at the core of its design philosophy. It goes beyond conventional designs by integrating eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient solutions, and sustainable practices into every project. It believes in adhering to a collaborative design process that prioritizes clients from all angles. On the marketing side, the firm maintains a strong online presence through a professionally designed website and active social media profiles. Client testimonials also are an effective marketing tool as their experiences and authentic insights, when shared, help the potential clients understand the scope of the company’s work. It also participates in prestigious industry awards which helps enhance the company’s visibility. 

Architectural Design by ASRO Arcade India

ASRO Arcade currently serves clients from various industries such as residential, commercial, and hospitality. Key clientele includes Suncity Projects, Kudrat Jawai Resorts, Laburnum Developers, Nitara Homes, Suvidha Developers, Badshah Group, BMB Developers, LFW residences, BAZ Aviation, and La Cassa Constructions, to name a few.

“We start working on a project after thoroughly understanding the client’s needs and their preferences. This process helps us create a customised plan. Open and transparent communication is key for us; we always make sure that our clients stay in the loop. We stay flexible because we know things can change along the way. Along with this, we provide detailed project timelines and progress reports. From the design phase to construction, we maintain top-notch quality as quality is paramount,” explains Robin when asked about the strategies behind maintaining strong client relationships.

ASRO Arcade Team

Milestones Achieved

ASRO Arcade India is on a mission to transform spaces into inspired environments that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. The company’s commitment extends beyond creating structures; it encompasses shaping experiences and contributing to the well-being of communities and the environment. The company has won many prestigious awards which include “Best in class Innovative & Sustainable Architecture Designs 2023” by Eldrok India, CP Kukreja Memorial “Designers of Tomorrow” Honours 2023 by Indian Institute of Interior Designers, “Best Architects India 2021” – Ar. Robin Sisodiya (iGen 50 under 50) by Design Awards India, “Most Innovative Architect of the Year 2021” by Design Awards India, and “Excellence in Providing One Stop Solutions”– Indian Architecture Awards 2021 (Eldrok India Summit).

While signing off, Robin remarks, “I draw inspiration from Ratan Tata, whose visionary leadership, ethical practices, and commitment to sustainable growth have made a lasting impact on the entire society. I will continue to follow his footsteps with a vision to take ASRO Arcade to new heights.”

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