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Shabnam Gupta: Creating Stories With Her Designs

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Turning a dream into reality, Shabnam Gupta is an accomplished designer who creates magic with her art. Weaving the design in an ageless style, she creates visual delights with her artistic excellence. 

Shabnam is an award-winning interior designer, who believed that she was destined to design. A storyteller and a flower child by heart, Shabnam’s designs flourish with originality, brilliance and artistic passion. Finding peace in unconventional design, her work portfolio includes interior styling and home decor as well.

With her brilliance and artistic radiance, she has worked with some of the industry’s leading hotels and restaurant chains and many renowned celebrities including Irrfan Khan, Parineeti Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and many more to the list.

From a very early age, Shabnam Gupta knew that she has that unique sense of creativity and passion for design that led her to the path of interior designing and decor. “I was always drawn to design, and after a failed stint at Home Science, I switched gears and enrolled for a design degree,” says Shabnam Gupta.

For Shabnam, the biggest thrill in her line of work is that each project is different. And understanding the mindsets of her client and their philosophies, she designs the best possible. It is not wrong to say that she paints a blank canvas and fills it with her colours of creativity and passionate designs. 


For Shabnam, good design not only means eye-pleasing but also is cohesive, cathartic and people-led. Understanding the designing dynamics deeply, Shabnam is a designer with multiple accolades. Her designs uncover the core of her philosophies and are customised for each client differently. 

Designs by Shabnam Gupta

Among the most esteemed unconventional interior designers, Shabnam stands tall in the industry. Her love for showcasing the paradoxes in her designs is what makes her designs truly unique and creative. Her designing portfolio also includes weekend homes, luxury apartments, lifestyle stores and urban hangouts with her spectacular sense of design and glorious unpredictability.


Catering to the ever-evolving landscape of design, Shabnam incorporated The Orange Lane in 2013. The Orange Lane is not just any design firm, it is home to holistic design solutions. With the experience of working with esteemed projects across the country, The Orange Lane works on various projects including farmhouses, residential and corporate, hospitality, retail and many more with clients ranging from corporate honchos to leading businessmen.

Inspired by her strong entrepreneurial spirit, Shabnam Gupta leads The Orange Lane and encourages the flow of creativity, imagination and innovation in her team members. Shabnam is a Principal Designer in The Orange Lane and works with a team of highly passionate, creative and dedicated design experts

As a creative thinker, Shabnam believes in, “out-of-the-box thinking that leads to something new and beautiful.” She says, “In our studio, we encourage a free flow of thoughts and ideas from everyone be it an intern, an accounts executive or anyone else.”

Shabnam opens up her artistic vision through The Orange Lane, and under her guidance, the firm is offering best-in-class interior designs. With her artistic genius, Shabnam Gupta and a team of highly professional designers, The Orange Lane creates chic and most alluring interiors. 

Designs by Shabnam Gupta

Shabnam affirms proudly, “We are also passionate about keeping Indian crafts alive and work closely with artisans for most of our projects.”

Shabnam and her team of designing experts at The Orange Lane convert any space; be it an office, home, restaurant, or any holiday home, into a beautiful, stylish and eye-catching place. The team redefines the aura of the place with well-coordinated furniture, cascading chandelier, lightning and unique decor pieces. 


Providing complete turnkey designing solutions, The Orange Lane rises as a shining star in the interior designing industry. With an impressive range of prestigious projects, The Orange Lane works like magic and creates an ambience that offers captivating visual narratives. 

Designing across many vertices such as residential, hospitality and retail, the firm delivers world-class designs by mastering the skill of craftsmanship, customised pieces and affordable luxury and styling. 

The ideology with which The Orange Lane works is – The interior is something that reflects the collective expression of one’s personality. Therefore, the firm with its hard work and dedication creates a space that matches the taste and preferences of the client. The designs by the firm are unique and yet so subtle. 


The diverse design sensibility of Shabnam drives her toward her next big creation- Peacock Life. Peacock Life is offbeat furniture and quirky home decor store with an elaborate range of products. Peacock Life serves as a playground for The Orange Lane, on which Shabnam shapes her imagination and turns it into reality with her designs. They have an online presence as well as a physical store too.

Her unshakable belief in the thought that “design is for everyone and not just the elite”, shows that she is not just an exceptional interior designer but also a great human being with great philosophies. Bringing the eclectic design to life, Peacock Life offers scouted, custom made and handcrafted Decor. The various artistic decor of Peacock Life includes wall art sculpting, murals, and commissioned paintings. 


It is said that the person’s work speaks for itself when it is extraordinarily perfect. The same is in the case of Shabnam Gupta. Her work is truly outstanding & unique and her name and work are recognized by many in the country. 

Designs by Shabnam Gupta

Shabnam firmly believes that trust and respect are of utmost importance while working. Maintaining healthy client relations with trust, respect and utmost courtesy, the clientele of The Orange Lane includes corporate honchos, businessmen, industrialists and celebrities. Shabnam is known for designing residentials for many popular Bollywood celebrities among whom are Parineeti Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Irrfan Khan. 


A great artist can find inspiration anywhere and in anything. Shabnam also finds her inspiration in everything around her, especially nature. Closely looking at her artistic expressions in her work, one can find her love and adoration for nature.   

Mother nature is her creative muse that inspires her thoughts the most. Unleashing the offbeat and quirky creativity, Shabnam mixes the earthy palette with a contemporary soul, laced with a rustic edge. This amalgamation of nature with creativity and traditional symbolism has now come to be known as Signature Shabnam Gupta

Apart from Nature, Shabnam finds travelling very inspiring. Observing and perceiving new things while travelling inspire her thoughts greatly. Travelling refreshes her mind and allows her to see things differently. 


For revolutionizing the interior design spaces in India, Shabnam Gupta and her team have been honoured with many national and international awards. Here is the list of some of the achievements:

  • Shabnam Gupta was honoured as ‘Leading Lady of 2004’ by Elle India.
  • In 2011, The Orange Lane won IIID Award for Best Project in The Residential Category (Multi dwelling).
  • In 2012, The Orange Lane bagged The Project of The Year (Retail) in the Aces of Space Awards.
  • In 2017, The Orange Lane was honoured with the TRENDS Excellence Award for architecture and design for the hospitality project.
  • Shabnam Gupta was the prestigious Architectural Digest award four times since 2018 for most influential architects and Interior Designers in subcontinents of Asia.
  • Shabnam Gupta has been listed in the “Inspiring 50 Architects & Designers” in Interiors & Décor and “Hot 100” in Architects and Interiors India.

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