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PinkApple: The Best Bespoke Loose Furniture and Lighting Brand Across India in the B2B Space

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“What you dream of we seamlessly deliver. That’s how we put ourselves different from the rest.”

Archana Ganapathy
(Founder & MD, PinkApple)

The design industry in India is growing at a staggering rate of 23 to 25 per cent annually. To survive in this fiercely competitive industry can be really difficult at times. However, PinkApple has found a niche segment and is part of the growing value-added industry in India. Archana Ganapathy’s metrics-driven business, innovation, revenue sustainability and unit economics has helped her create a successful venture. Archana is the Founder of PinkApple, product innovation and design service studio that focuses on providing Bespoke Furniture & Lighting projects for B2B spaces across Hospitality, Corporate offices & Retail segments. It is a bootstrapped business founded in 2013 to serve the best bespoke furniture and lighting solutions across India. 

But let’s stop right there for a minute. How does PinkApple manage to do that? Archana, while counting on the essence of PinkApple states that “It is important to have a Business plan, Strategy when business is organically growing. However, we should be ready to adapt and generate options as Business environments change. Growth is inevitable when you are in the right industry at the right time. Growth often happens more due to the perseverance and foresight of business leaders.” 

Archana is a creative design graduate from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. She has worked as a designer and brand manager with many fashion houses such as United Colors of Benetton, Wrangler and Levi’s. Committed to creativity and perfection, Archana drives the firm’s impeccable reputation of being the best in the industry. 

PinkApple envisions becoming the market leader in manufacturing Bespoke Furniture & Lighting, Pan India. Its mission is to be strong solution providers in the B2B space across Hospitality, Retail & Corporate clients and be able to be a visionary to the team for delivering the same.

PinkApple runs on the value of delivering good quality products and a seamless experience to the customers.

Everyone loves getting recognised for their work. PinkApple got its due recognition in 2019 when it won the ‘Most Innovative Startup of the Year’ Award at the Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2019.

PinkApple delivers trendy, customisable and finely handcrafted products – Bespoke Furniture, Lighting for bulk orders as per the client’s needs.


Archana asserts, “Our experienced team of Multi-Disciplinary designers across Product Design, Textile Design, Furniture design, Graphic Artist and Interior design have extensive practical knowledge of the design of commercial, retail and hospitality spaces.” 

PinkApple works with Architects, large PMCs, Interior Designers, Business Owners and highly renowned brands directly to create arresting, comprehensive environments with effective processes, execution and installation. 

In Archana’s words, “From a design brief received, to production drawings, Finish approvals, sampling, production & stringent quality check we do them all. We always follow a detail-focused approach toward the products we create.”

  • Products for Corporate Spaces

Designs by PinkApple

Having a bespoke design is a testament to the professionalism of corporate space and its ethos. PinkApple understands that employers are now placing a firm focus on making their working environment interactive, and therefore, what PinkApple has in its store for corporate spaces perfectly matches and fulfils the requirements. 

  • Products for Hospitality Spaces 

Designs by PinkApple

Whether it’s the lobby, room, or restaurant, the design holds significant value as it holds the power of defining the first experience for the customers. Understanding the importance of having impeccable design, PinkApple enriches the experiences via delivering personalised design products.

  • Bespoke Lighting in Asilo, The St. Regis Mumbai 

Designs by PinkApple

To add to the breathtaking and panoramic views of the city of Mumbai, PinkApple designed eye-pleasing bar lights for Asilo, a gorgeous lounge restaurant located on the 38th & 40th floors of the luxurious St. Regis Hotel in Lower Parel. 

Well, it’s all about the balance between creating a unique product as visualized by the Architect & client. A place sets a mood which keeps the customers coming back. PinkApple emphasised the same idea and the results are just mesmerising to look at. 

“Our entire focus while doing this project was to carefully consider the needs of our client and create a space that matches the vibe. The contentment after finishing this project is beyond words,” Archana signs off.

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