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Shaping Legacy of Jeena & Company Through Innovation and Sustainable Growth in The Logistics Industry


“We not only envision staying ahead of the curve but also contributing to the growth of the logistics ecosystem.”

(Ayesha Katgara, Head Corporate Strategy, Jeena & Company)

Over a century ago, in the year 1900, amidst the complexities of burgeoning industries, a visionary named Pallonjee Katgara entered the world of logistics. Armed with a mere sum of $75, gifted from a friend, with the condition that the company would carry his name, he incepted Jeena & Company. 

Mr Katgara’s dedication led Jeena to navigate uncharted territories, establishing the company as a symbol of reliability, innovation and leadership. As the 20th century unfolded, Jeena evolved with the times, actively shaping the course of the logistics industry and earning a reputation as a market leader. 

The legacy of Jeena continues to thrive under the guidance of Ayesha Katgara, proudly representing the 5th generation of the founding family. Her professional journey began in 2019, after completing post-graduation at Imperial College in London. Ayesha has played an integral role in steering Jeena & Company towards new heights. When she joined the firm, she took the initiative to establish and lead the marketing, branding, and communications department at Jeena, contributing to the company’s overall visibility and strategic positioning.

Currently, her role has evolved. As the Head of Corporate Strategy, her roles and responsibilities include venturing into new markets for expansion. Ayesha’s approach to making the company grow includes thorough market analysis to identify current trends, comprehend the nuances of a competitive landscape and foresee potential disruptions. Her responsibilities include establishing a family office and exploring various startup and fund investments. Her approach to having a harmonious and forward-thinking corporate environment includes positive engagement and alignment with internal and external stakeholders. 

Along with navigating corporate strategy and investment, she contributes to Jeena’s legacy by fostering innovation, exploring new markets and driving sustainable growth in the logistics industry. 

Leading The Legacy

Jeena & Company Team

Jeena & Company stands apart from the rest of the companies with a legacy that spans over 120 years. The company offers various logistics services and solutions, including Air Freight, Sea Freight, Door-to-Door, multimodal, custom brokerage and projects. As a company with a rich heritage and being stalwart in the industry, it takes pride in being a logistics architect. 

Ayesha emphasises that “At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to innovation and our technological prowess stands as a testament to this commitment. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we enhance process efficiency, ensuring that our services are reliable and cutting-edge.”

Jeena’s Speedy Deliveries

Since day one of the firm’s establishment, Jeena & Company has ensured that product delivery happens on time by sea, air, road and rail.

Jeena & Company prioritises accurate sea shipment documentation for smooth customs clearance in sea freight logistics. It stays updated on international trade regulations to ensure adherence to the latest customs procedures for seamless operations. Moreover, it chooses Container Freight Station (CFS) and Inland Container Depot (ICD) based on proximity, infrastructure, and efficiency to optimise the logistics chain. Team Jeena adheres to best practices for packaging and loading containers to minimise damage and optimise space. It utilises an advanced tracking system for real-time visibility and enables proactive measures to address potential delays. It monitors vessel schedules regularly, adjusting plans and maintaining effective communication about delivery timelines. To ensure accurate information and secure booking slots, it collaborates with reputable shipping lines. Furthermore, robust emergency response plans are in place to handle unforeseen emergencies, allowing for quick adaptation and minimising the impact on delivery timelines.

In the domain of air freight logistics, Jeena & Company strongly emphasises efficient customs clearance through close collaboration with authorities through timely and accurate document submission. It establishes partnerships with reputable airlines for trustworthy transportation options and access to diverse flight schedules. Real-time shipment monitoring provides visibility into shipment status. It prioritises the shipment of time-sensitive cargo from acceptance to final delivery. Furthermore, it selects direct and strategic transhipment paths to ensure efficient air shipments. Partnerships with reliable ground-handling services ensure seamless transitions between air and ground operations, reducing turnaround times. Clear communication with clients, airlines, and partners builds trust and transparency, keeping stakeholders informed about their shipment status. It also conducts regular data analytics to identify areas of improvement, allowing the adoption of best practices to enhance the efficiency of air logistics.

Building Successful Customer Relationships

Jeena & Company

Jeena & Company has a clientele that spans across a multitude of industries. These include prominent players in the EPC sector, retail giants and multinational corporations from automotive, defence and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the company extends its services to clients in machinery, electronics, engineering, chemicals, lab business, furniture, retail and wellness.

“Creating successful client relationships is ingrained in our approach. We prioritise tailor-made solutions, open and transparent communication, commitment to timely deliveries, adapting new technologies, and a customer-centric approach to ensure clients get the best possible solution and services,” shares Ayesha. 

Potential Opportunities In Logistics

The growing logistics sector provides numerous opportunities for expansion and innovation. Jeena & Company is ready to capitalise on the significant opportunities lying ahead. Ayesha states that “the company not only envisions staying ahead of the curve but also contributing to the growth of the logistics ecosystem by aligning the company’s focus with emerging trends and technology.”

Currently, Jeena & Company is focusing on fortifying warehousing and cold chain logistics capabilities, capitalising on the demand fueled by e-commerce, global trade and the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, with the help of technology, the company aims to optimise operational efficiency and provide personalised logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, the company provides comprehensive 3PL services to render end-to-end client support.

Moreover, with trade becoming more globalised, there is a need for a resilient and adaptive supply chain to navigate geopolitical uncertainties and disruptions. Jeena & Company promises to provide robust supply chain solutions to face global challenges. The company’s global network and expertise enable them to navigate complexities and offer seamless end-to-end solutions.

What Lies Ahead!

In Ayesha’s words, “The company doesn’t have a mission but a purpose that defines the very essence of the company.” Jeena & Company aspires to facilitate its partners in reaching every opportunity by reimagining the supply chain through its transformative logistics solutions. The purpose showcases the company’s commitment to exceed all the expectations of its partners. It also reflects its vision to go beyond traditional logistics, embracing innovations and transformation to unlock endless opportunities. 

Views of Ayesha Katgara

Awards And Milestones

Jeena & Company has been awarded numerous awards and milestones that recognise its commitment to excellence in Logistics. Some of the noteworthy achievements include ‘Excellence in Supply Chain Management & Logistics’ at The India Cargo Award in 2023, ‘Digital Freight Forwarder of the Year’ at Northern India Air Cargo Conclave & Award in 2023, IT Visionary Award by StrategINK and ‘Partner Excellence Award’ in Cargo to Cyrus Katgara – ACFI in the same year.

It was honoured with the ‘Best Customs Broker Award’ at the 15th Express Logistics & Supply Chain Leadership Award. The award list also includes the ‘HR Leadership Award’ by World HRD Congress in 2022, ‘Excellence in Supply Chain Management & Logistics’ at India Cargo Awards, ‘Lifetime Achievements Award’ from the Air Cargo Club of Bombay, ‘Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award’ by IEDRA, ‘Top 10 Clearing and Forwarding Companies’ by Industry Outlook, ‘Top Partner Pan India’ by Singapore Airlines Cargo, ‘Best Freight Forwarders’ at the 5th India Logistics Strategy Summit – ISCM Forum, ‘Best Operational Excellence Award’ for Excellence in Innovation, ‘Technology Senate Award’ in the Cloud Category in 2022. 

The company’s outstanding performance was recognised in 2021 as one of the ‘Top 10 Industrial Logistics Companies’ by Industry Outlook. In 2020, Jeena & Company received the ‘Best End-to-end Solution Provider’ award by ET Now, the ‘Airfreight Solution of the Year’ – Heavy Lift Award and the ‘Human Resource Awards’ from the World HRD Congress.

While signing off, Ayesha says, “These accolades speak volumes about our dedication to delivering exceptional logistics solutions and innovation. These feathers in our cap reflect the collective team efforts and the visionary leadership driving the company’s tremendous growth.”

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