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“Our services are not only cost-effective but also ensure a hassle-free and trouble-free experience for our patients.”

Rehan Sadique (Director, Credible Medical Assistance)

Medical tourism is gaining momentum as the go-to solution for internationally insured patients travelling abroad or staying in other countries. Credible Medical Assistance stands out by providing game-changing healthcare services, which include designing medical plans, administering healthcare claims, and providing managed healthcare services to Insurance Companies and Corporations. 

Credible Medical Assistance was established during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fueled by a passion for B2B start-ups and a keen interest in health tourism, Rehan Sadique, the company’s Director, devoted countless hours to researching, investigating, evaluating and finally conceptualising a venture that addresses the needs of a world grappling with a health crisis.

“We provide professional assistance all over Asia, Europe and the Middle East for international insurance companies around the globe,” says Rehan Sadique. His pursuit of knowledge has marked his journey into entrepreneurship as he used to attend business e-summits, seminars and portfolio inspections worldwide. He is currently pursuing an MBA to expand the firm’s horizons.

Why Choose Credible Medical Assistance? 

Credible Medical Assistance, as the brand name suggests, is a medical assistance firm with a trusted affiliate network of healthcare providers in the most popular to the most remote locations in countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, UK, Sweden, Italy and UAE. The company guarantees simple cashless support to an insured patient worldwide while emphasising cultural and linguistic understanding to give personal, prompt, cost-controlled, quality-oriented services from the first call.

Additionally, being the world leader in Travel Assistance and Medical Care, Assistance and Personal Services, Credible Medical Assistance operates 24×7/365 days. Its highly trained and experienced multilingual team handles all the assistance interventions efficiently. Furthermore, the company has successfully coordinated dozens of medical evaluations, repatriations, and complex cases under demanding conditions such as war and inadequate medical facilities or standards.

The Journey So Far!

Every rose has its thorn and every business has its challenges. Reminiscing about the company’s inception, Rehan mentions, “He launched the company with basic necessities. After creating the company’s core, he adds, “At the beginning, all the operations and management were handled by me only. As the company growth was visible and workload increased, a specialised department was formed for hassle-free work, now we have separate Departments for everything like Operation Team, Finance & Management to carry out their individual roles.”

After completing the registration and paperwork for the company, Rehan and his colleagues started sourcing information about insurance companies through LinkedIn and other websites. Rehan provided these companies with the portfolio design and propositions for collaboration. CMA saw hope when it received its first case in Thailand after ten fruitful cooperations and seven months.

Credible Medical Assistance

“With the business flourishing over the past few years, we plan to open a branch office in Thailand to expand operations.”

What Makes CMA Different From The Rest?

Several businesses in the medical tourism industry operate in specific areas, which hampers the business partner’s ability to depend on them. However, Credible Medical Assistance can handle a client’s case anytime and anywhere. Being an ever-dependable company, many business partners recommend many patients to the company. CMA offers the best assistance at a comparatively low price; hence, it is a cost-effective solution for insurance companies. 

When explaining the services at Credible Medical Assistance, Rehan states, “We provide cost-effective, hassle-free and trouble-free services for the patients. It happens because we have a direct relationship with hospitals and doctors. We don’t involve any other body or association.”

  • Housecall and OPD & IPD Services

Credible Medical Assistance offers top-notch house-call health assistance services. Its premium personalised care is available around the clock, 365 days a year, providing primary to specialist medical care benefits. Unnecessary visits to the hospital and emergency room are eliminated as the doctor is sent directly to the patient’s place. Additionally, the CMA Team helps the patient connect with the top general practitioners and certified specialists, ensuring the best medical service.

The firm also provides OPD and IPD services. In cases where local medical care is insufficient for serious illnesses or injuries, Team CMA identifies the closest appropriate hospital, makes evacuation arrangements and ensures cashless transportation within the policy limit. 

  • Translation Services

When travelling in a foreign country and facing language barriers with healthcare professionals, the assistance services team helps with multilingual translations. 

“We bridge the communication gap, ensuring that the patient and their family comprehend vital information related to their health. Patient’s well-being is our foremost priority. Our translation services make any healthcare experience in a foreign country more accessible and comprehensible,” explains Rehan.

  • Monitoring The Client’s Condition

In instances where a traveller or a member of their party is hospitalized, Assistance Services stays in contact with the individual and the medical team. They relay real-time updates on the person’s condition to respective friends, family and business partners, ensuring everyone remains informed.

  • Medical Evacuation

CMA also provides medical evacuation/repatriation services, in case the insured member needs to be evacuated to the nearest qualified medical centre, irrespective of their home country. 

The firm provides medical and non-medical escorts, including nurse escorts, for both commercial and air ambulance flights. It facilitates evacuations through commercial flights, stretchers and air ambulances, with excellent arrangements made in collaboration with travel agents and airlines. 

“We collaborate with top-rated city hospitals, fully equipped with healthcare facilities. All the medical help is guaranteed under our vast network and the patient leaves the hospital happily without paying a single penny,” shares Rehan.

Overcoming Challenges

Amidst the global lockdown during the Pandemic, businesses were trying to navigate the evolving landscape of international travel regulations. CMA had to stay abreast of new changes, engage with relevant authorities and maintain transparent communication with clients regarding the dynamic nature of the circumstances. As an alternative, many companies looked at virtual follow-ups and consultations.

Rehan mentions, “At the beginning, I faced problems with the company’s administration and operations as there was no additional support during the quarantine.” However, he believes in the company’s future as he tries to follow his father’s guidance and faces every challenge head-on. “I occasionally worry about the upcoming obstacles but always manage to get through them.”

Technology-Aided Services

Technology helps third-party administrators automate administrative processes such as document management, underwriting and eligibility verification. Automation reduces manual work, minimises errors and enhances operational efficiency. Credible Medical Assistance manages various facets related to insurance claims and administrative services on behalf of the insurance companies. The facets include:

  • Claims Processing Automation

Automated claims processing systems help reduce manual errors and processing time.

  • Data Management & Analytics

Advanced data management systems enable CMA to handle large volumes of healthcare data efficiently and effectively.

  • Telemedicine Integration

Integrating telemedicine services into operations allows remote healthcare consultations and reduces the need for in-person visits.

  • Electronic Health Records

Technology helps efficiently share medical information between healthcare providers and Credible Medical Assistance.

The Plan Ahead

Credible Medical Assistance aims to assist those in need with compassionate and high-quality healthcare. It primarily focuses on timely emergency assistance, well-planned management of travel health services and innovative video conferencing solutions. The company provides optimal patient care by emphasising professionalism and empathy and integrating cutting-edge technology to elevate health outcomes. 

We look forward to becoming the leading provider of medical help globally and establishing new benchmarks for quality in the medical and healthcare industry, ” reiterates Rehan while signing off.

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