Sabina Huseni Bhanpurawala- Constantly Innovating The Mattress Industry to Cater Sound Sleep

Sabina Huseni Bhanpurawala- Constantly Innovating The Mattress Industry to Cater Sound Sleep

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The CEO of Foam Home India Pvt Ltd Sabina Huseni Bhanpurawala shared her journey of catering comfort since 1977 with The Global Hues.

Leading the Indian mattress industry with an experience of over 17 years, Sabina Bhanpurawala is the CEO of Foam Home India Pvt Ltd. She completed her graduation from Sydenham College and her Masters from Sp Jain. Sabina is a silver medalist in business communication and business systems. Sabina is handling the business alongside her cousin brother. She looks after marketing, brand building, and the Ergoshell project of the company whereas her brother looks after the plant, operations, and manufacturing.

Sabina was born and brought up in a joint family. She married Fazal Khanbhai, who also manages his family business in Ship Recycling and is mother to a 20-month-old boy. Sabina belongs to a business family. Intrigued since childhood, she couldn’t wait to grow up and play her part. Sabina stated, “Business was literally in my genes. Where I am today was a vision I had as a 13-year-old.” Most people’s journeys revolve around passion, love, and interests. However, for Sabina, her involvement came from a sense of responsibility towards the family. Foam Home India has always been one of the most reputed companies.

Big or small was secondary, the core has always been aimed at being the most respectable company. She recognized very early in life that the natural progression was going to be her entering the business. She equipped herself with the right qualifications and knowledge to lead the company efficiently. Sabina began working part-time in the summer vacations when she was 13 and full-fledged at the age of 20 while doing her Masters from Sp Jain. From that day till now there has been no looking back. Despite all the dedicated years in business, she believes this is only the beginning. 

Making sleep sounder

Foam Home India | Sabina Huseni Bhanpurawala- Constantly Innovating The Mattress Industry to Cater Sound Sleep

Foam Home India Pvt Ltd is a mattress manufacturing and retailing company, catering to a niche segment that is high-quality conscious. The company manufactures products in affiliation with a lot of eminent European companies in order to bring that standard to their Indian clientele. “Many mistake it to be a popular Mattress store alone. We manufacture our own Foams, mattresses, and pillows,” explained Sabina. The clientele comprises leading architects, interior designers, celebrities, politicians, and prominent business families. Ethics and honesty are two key distinguishing factors of Foam Home India.

They cater to clients who understand the importance of sleep and value it. Quality is of utmost importance for their clients. “We ensure their faith remains in us by simply giving them what they ask for. Their faith ensures we aren’t tempted to take any other route. We want to give them the best and we want to sleep with a clear conscience knowing we’ve done our best,” explained Sabina. The company keeps constantly innovating and launching breakthrough products & technologies for their Indian consumers. This farsightedness and dynamism have kept the company ahead. 

The team is a good mix of youngsters and experienced people. Some employees are associated with the company right from the beginning. Sabina treats her employees as a big family. She expects sincerity in return for helping them grow in life. The Company ensures open channels of communication, comfort, and a respectful environment. 

Overcoming the setbacks 

Challenges are a part of every entrepreneurial journey. The common factor being, nothing is easy, and reaching the top always comes with new challenges. The nature of challenges can be different for both men and women, but the intensity, in Sabina’s opinion, is the same. 

According to Sabina 2 biggest challenges for women are:

  1. Balancing all their roles equally well because each role is extremely crucial.
  2. Removing self created walls from their minds. The constant pressure to perform and comparison to working men. 

Sabina believes that if one eases out internally and does not make a big deal of the issues, what happens externally won’t matter at all and the challenges will remain challenges that can be maneuvered without feeling a victim. For Sabina more than gender, age is an obstacle since she ends up working with much older people.

A strong women Sabina | Sabina Huseni Bhanpurawala- Constantly Innovating The Mattress Industry to Cater Sound Sleep

“Knowledge and hard work will get you through anything. Being in my position, today I have 50% women employees and this has created an equal work environment with mutual respect and a proper sense of teamwork,” Sabina told The Global Hues.

Thoughts on women entrepreneurs in India

Women are performing extremely well in every field. Sabina believes that there is a great power in being a woman. They are a great asset to the business. Grace, honesty, sincerity, and a sense of responsibility are powerful qualities that come naturally to women. Sometimes, women overlook these qualities to prove that they are no lesser than men. This comparison should stop. Women should purely focus on what they want and believe in. Self-belief is the key to every success.  Sabina worked dedicatedly to claim her spot and earn the respect. 

Daily routine and Hobbies

Sabina’s routine changes based on the daily activities. Usually, her day starts at 8 am with a nice cup of tea. After dropping her son at his Nani’s home, the office occupies her day.  On hectic days she has skipped meals for lack of time. Sabina likes meeting as many people within a day as possible. However, with the ongoing pandemic, things have taken a shift. 

What motivates Sabina?

Sabina believes that a great organization is blessed to touch the lives of customers by providing them solutions and genuine comfort. Growth of employees, building strong business relations, new experiences, the power to do the right thing and make the world a better place motivates Sabina.

Advice for upcoming female entrepreneurs

Give it your all. Do it for yourself first. Hold your true nature and use it to its fullest potential. 

Favorite Movie

Sabina thoroughly enjoys watching two movies: The Intern and Devil wears Prada.

Awards and Milestones

Milestones | Sabina Huseni Bhanpurawala- Constantly Innovating The Mattress Industry to Cater Sound Sleep

  • 20 Global Patents on Ergoshell mattress Technology that took 7 years to develop.
  • Awarded the top 20 CEOs to watch in 2020.
  • The most trusted brand 2019.
  • India’s greatest leaders 2019.
  • Esteemed members of the International Sleep products association and the Indian Sleep products Federation. 

Plans for future 

“My vision is to be the most reputed and innovative mattress company in the country,” said Sabina.

Keeping in line with this intention, the company is developing highly sophisticated mattresses and bedding products using the latest foam technologies from around the world. They have patented Ergoshell technology, the first unique mattress technology launched after over a decade in the global industry. Sabina is also actively looking forward to exporting options for Ergoshell.

Favorite quote

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

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