Suzlon - Vinod Tanti - Brand of the Year 2022

Suzlon: On A Mission To Build A Greener Tomorrow

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“Our mission is to deliver utility-scale, best-in-class, end-to-end integrated renewable energy solutions to our customers.”

Vinod Tanti
(Chairman and Managing Director, Suzlon)

With a mission to work towards sustainable, social, economic, and ecological development and create a better life for future generations, Suzlon was incepted in 1995. Emerging as the world’s leading renewable energy solution provider, Suzlon is revolutionizing and redefining the way sustainable energy sources are harnessed worldwide. 

Suzlon has its headquarters at One Earth- Pune which is a Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certified and GRIHA 5-star rated campus. With a motto of ‘We innovate, We create, We nurture. We are Suzlon!’, Suzlon is powering companies, industries, and a greener tomorrow. 

The Birth of Suzlon

Tulsi Tanti’s family was involved in a textile business in Surat, Gujarat. The mechanical engineer Tulsi was tending to the business which was not in the best of health due to high operating costs caused by high-priced electricity and frequent power outages. Mr Tanti started his hunt of exploring other alternatives for fueling the business’ need for power. His search ended with the purchase of two wind turbines in 1994. When he was able to produce his own electricity, other owners showed interest. That’s when Mr Tanti decided to exit the textile business and enter into the futuristic energy sector. 

On one fine day in 1995, Mr Tanti formed Suzlon with the objective to give customers a complete package of wind energy services. Mr Tulsi was a world-renowned expert in renewable energy and his strategic acumen helped Suzlon transform itself into a global powerhouse in the energy sector.

Suzlon’s Dazzling Numbers

  • 19,560+ MW Installed Capacity
  • 12,440+ WTGs Installed across 6 continents & 14 world-class manufacturing facilities in India
  • 1900+ Customers Globally
  • 51.42 TWh/year Clean Energy Generated 
  • Over 27 years of strong track record
  • Presence in 17 countries

Mr Vinod Tanti – The Chairman and Managing Director 

Mr Vinod is the brother of the late Mr Tulsi Tanti. He holds a Bachelors’ degree in Civil Engineering. With a rich experience of over 34 years, he is managing Suzlon and its key functions. He has handled diverse portfolios like wind resource assessment, acquisition, prototyping, product design, project execution, comprehensive supply management, and lifecycle management through operations and maintenance services. 

Suzlon’s Products And Solutions 


Suzlon provides a top-notch solution to wind-energy projects in the form of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) infused with ultra-modern technology from their nacelle, towers, blades, and foundations. 

  • S133 Wind Turbine

133m rotor diameter with a swept area of more than 13,070 sq. metres

Large single-piece rotor blade measuring 65 meter

  • S128 Wind Turbine

129m rotor diameter with a swept area of more than 13,070 sq. metres

Large single rotor blade measuring 63 meter

  • S120 Wind Turbine

The wider rotor diameter of 120 metres with a swept area of 11,225 sq. metres

Suitable for low wind sites IEC Class S.

  • S111 Wind Turbine

111.8 m rotor diameter with a wider swept area of 9,852 sq. metres

Suitable for low wind sites like IEC III A / ICE S


Suzlon provides its customers with a complete package – right from the planning stage to maintenance of the wind turbine throughout its lifecycle. To develop state-of-the-art turbine parts, the company has set up eight research centres spread across India, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. As the aim is to ensure that customers keep getting high returns on investment, Suzlon looks into all aspects of the maintenance of the turbine. 


Suzlon delivers a range of top-notch renewable energy services that complement the products and help to derive maximum efficiency from them. Suzlon provides High-end digitization products and drone facilities for the inspection of WTGs. The 3100 experienced and strong engineers at Suzlon provide 24×7 dedicated service to turbines worldwide. Each engineer undergoes training at development centres equipped with AR/VR to prepare them for the real world. 

Towards A Greener Tomorrow For Everyone

With a strong belief that sustainability can be ensured only if all resources are responsibly enhanced for business benefits, the CSR arm of Suzlon, Suzlon Foundation leads many Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Some of the works done by the Suzlon Foundation are: 

  • Improved livelihoods of 1,83,308 families
  • Over 11,20,786 animals treated
  • Lit up homes with more than 9,493 solar lighting systems
  • 4,42,950 kgs of waste recycled
  • Treated over 10,704 HA of land and planted over 18,05,500 trees
  • Provided better education to 1,49,496 students 

Feathers In The Cap 

Suzlon’s contribution to the energy sector cannot go unnoticed. Over the years, Mr Tulsi Tanti and Suzlon have received numerous awards. Some of them are: 

  • Business World FICCI Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2011-12 
  • Aaj Tak Care Award for best CSR practices under the environment category 
  • Won Digital Transformer Award, Operating Model Master Award and Talent Accelerator Award at the 3rd Annual 2019 International Data Corporation (IDC) Digital Transformation Awards 
  • Wind Turbine Tower Technology Company of the Year and the runner-up award for Wind Turbine Manufacturer of the Year by India Wind Energy Forum 
  • Tulsi Tanti was recognised with the Industry Man of Year award at the Renewable Energy India Awards 2016.

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