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Simple Logic: A Strategic Technology Partner For Successful Business

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“We are named Simple Logic because we simplify the entire process of exploring new markets, establishing ourselves there, and growing.”

Darshan Mehta
(CEO & Director, Simple Logic)


Simple Logic is on a mission to deliver professionalism, perfection and satisfaction to clients with its highly efficient software solutions. Providing benefits of software technology to businesses, Simple Logic delivers high-quality software products on time. 

The highly skilled team of Simple Logic delivers top-notch services and has developed a strong domain competence across various industries including E-commerce, Process, Retail & Supply Chain, CRM, Logistics & Transportation, Goods (Freight) Transportation, Healthcare, Human Resources, Data push-pull applications, Legacy to web data communication and many more. 


Simple Logic Technologies Pvt. Ltd is the brainchild of Sheena Mehta and the execution of Darshan Mehta and his team. Holding the position of CEO and Director of the company, Darshan has an inherent talent for translating abstract features and benefits into meaningful value propositions. To help businesses grow their value proposition, Sheena Mehta along with Darshan Mehta laid the foundation of Simple Logic. 

With a solid track of leading and motivating teams in order to achieve excellence, Darshan supports and guides the skilled professionals of the company. 20+ rich years of experience help Darshan to consistently drive the growth of Simple Logic and make it stand proudly among the industry leaders. He is an exemplary and diligent entrepreneur with the special skills of leadership, Technology Management, Team Management, Client Management, Business Development, Financial/Profitability Management, Business Management, and Innovator Development.

Sheena Mehta Simple Logic
Sheena Mehta | Director | Simple Logic

Sheena Mehta has 12 years of experience in forming growth strategies for financial institutions and has deep insight in the Finance and NBFC market. She fuelled growth for several finance companies and corporates before beginning her journey as Co-Founder of Simple Logic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Sheena has motivated and led the entire team at Simple Logic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with her earthy common sense approach to running this business. An astute businesswoman, Sheena has strategized the growth plan and set forth targets for the team, which he helps them achieve. Her ability to see and think through situations and projects has powered the growth of Simple Logic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“Our collaborative development practices enable our clients to lower the product development cost and lead time-to-market,” mentions Darshan Mehta. 


With the vision to deliver end-to-end IT Services and solutions to the business world, Simple Logic was incepted in 2018. The journey of the company began when the Directors of Simple Logic conducted a survey of the technology market. In the survey, they found that the existing client engagement and delivery models were named appropriately, but lacked the necessary effort in execution. They felt the need for a better model that would first educate the client on all available options. And that’s how Simple Logic was born. 

After working on the idea, Sheena and Darshan introduced Simple Logic to the world and its Mature Process Model that ensures ‘High Quality & Timely Delivery’ of all kinds of Software solutions. 


Building the trust of clients, Simple Logic consistently delivers best-in-class solutions to help businesses achieve their objectives, improve quality and gain competitive advantage. The various services of the company include:

  • Application Development Services

Product Development, Custom/Bespoke/Partial/Takeover – Handover Development, Testing, Porting, Base Technology Enhancement, Code Testing & Debugging and Product Sustenance

  • Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Customer Management, Links Management, Banner Ad Management, Product Management, Online Survey Management, Site Usage Tracking Management, Admin & Sub-Admin Management, Category Management and many others to the list. 

  • eBusiness and eCommerce Solutions

eBusiness strategy, architecture & process automation, Enterprise Information Portal development, Web Services solution, SOA consulting services, Web application maintenance, Web applications verification and validation services and many more.

  • IoT – Internet of Things

Device Centric Vs. Virtualized IoT, Device & Data Transfer Management, Asset and workflow management, Data transitioning to & from existing SCADA solutions. Experience across a wide range of M2M/IoT protocol and data format adapters: CoAP, UDP, HTTP, Modbus, XMPP, DDS, MQTT and Vendor-Specific Technologies, Device mapping and API based data transfer to and from ERP, CRM and MRP systems.

Darshan asserts, “We possess broad experience in all facets of software design and development – from Mobile Applications & Web technologies to porting legacy systems & developing enterprise solutions.” 


With highly efficient software solutions and services, Simple Logic has earned prestigious clients across various verticals. The highly skilled, and talented team of the company understands the needs and requirements of clients and offers solutions that fit them the best. This quality helps the company to maintain a healthy relationship with the clients. Darshan adds, “We don’t call them clients, we call them our new partners. We partner with them and ensure growth for both.”

Since its inception, Simple Logic is moving forward on the growth path with 100% client retention. “Our commitment & capabilities in understanding business requirements coupled with flexible service delivery models have won us clients across the globe,” adds Sheena. 


Aligning with the core vision of Simple Logic, the highly skilled and professional team is pushing the company closer to becoming the industry leader. Each member of the team brings his/her unique expertise to the company that helps Simple Logic improve its services every day. 

Taking pride in his team, the directors of the company say, “This company would not exist without its team. We are one big family and believe in the motto “Together Everybody Achieves More.”


For Simple Logic, Success or growth is all about having a turnover of 100 people company with just 16 employees. With the aim of becoming a highly efficient software solution provider, Simple Logic is heading on the path of becoming an industry leader. “Our growth plan is to ensure early adoption of new technologies as and when they come up, upgrade ourselves, and keep ourselves ahead in this market,” iterates Darshan.

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