Globalization And It’s Impact

Understanding Globalization and It’s Impact: Causes & Types

Globalization stands for the interconnection of the world in terms of technology, goods, and other services. The world has been dependent on each other, since ancient times. However, the wave of globalization in actual terms hit in the 19th century. British colonial rule and trade imparted a major pathway to colonization in ancient times. Later, […]

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A Millionaire In 5 Years

How to become a “Millionaire in 5 Years”? 10 steps to follow

Definition of a Millionaire A millionaire is a person who is successful at making his net worth as close to one million units in total. Being a millionaire comes with a greater responsibility in terms of prestige that comes with it. When you become a millionaire, people start to look up to you and try […]

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Serial Entrepreneur

Who is Serial Entrepreneur ? How to Become a Successful one?

Who is a Serial Entrepreneur? A Serial Entrepreneur always comes up with fresh ideas and starts new businesses. They are risk takers, unlike someone who does not try at all. Serial entrepreneurs are supposed to be exceptionally creative. Along with, they are quick learners. Who is an Entrepreneur? An Entrepreneur is someone who starts their […]

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How To Cancel Netflix Subscription

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription On All Devices

It is inevitable to think about Netflix when one thinks of web streaming platforms. Over years a mark has been set in the online streaming industry by Netflix. The reputation is surely built gradually, but now it is popular and known by millions around the globe. But sometimes we think of other platforms and want […]

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Crumbling Banking Sector

Crumbling banking sector: Impact of Covid-19

The banking sector is crumbling due to instability and high volatility created by Covid-19 in global capital markets. As the world is combating the virus, the economy is going to hit harder downwards in the coming months leaving an adverse effect on the banking systems. After what happened in late 2007 and 2008 citizens are […]

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