Srushti Sudhir Jagtap The Dancing Queen Who Danced for 127 Hours To Break World Record

Srushti Sudhir Jagtap: The Dancing Queen Who Danced for 127 Hours To Break World Record

When passion meets perseverance, records are not just broken but rewritten. Meet Srushti Sudhir Jagtap, a 17-year-old girl who danced her way into the Guinness World Records and made India proud by grooving continuously for 127 hours – that’s more than six days of non-stop dancing magic. Before Srushti, the record was 126 hours, held […]

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Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj The Crafty Entrepreneurs Bonding Generations

Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj: The Crafty Entrepreneurs Bonding Generations

You might have often seen your grandmother doing knitting and weaving, but did you ever think that you could make a business out of it? We have a real-life example of a grandmother and granddaughter duo- Sheela Bajaj and Yukti Bajaj who not only turned their hobby into a business but revived a dying art […]

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Somya Thakur, Nari Shakti

Somya Thakur: The Face of Inclusive Fashion

The fashion industry is a mixture of glitz and glamour. Everyday fashion designers design new, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing dresses and showcase them worldwide. However, when you look closely at the industry as a whole, it has just now started to become inclusive, and they are catering to customers such as plus-size, trans, and disabled […]

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Sonali Chitale, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Sonali Chitale: The Design Luminary

“Every project we complete is a great milestone and accomplishment for us.” Sonali Chitale (Founder and Creative Head, Kaizen by Sonali Chitale) Sonali Chitale’s work is far from cookie-cutter as she ensures that there is no signature style to her work. Her creative eyes, attention to detail and artistic abilities reflect her sense of style, […]

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Dr. Santoshi Kurada, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Dr. Santoshi Kurada: The Healing Touch With Care

“We specialise in treating all kinds of chronic pain.” Dr. Santoshi Kurada (Co-Founder and Consultant Interventional Pain Specialist,  Alleviate) In this fast-paced world, we find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of competing priorities and ever-accelerating demands. Healthcare, which should be our foremost priority, takes a setback. Fortunately, amidst this storm, Dr. Santoshi Kurada, the Co-Founder […]

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Captain Sunaina Singh ‘If Face Everything Head-on’ Finds A Face

Captain Sunaina Singh: ‘If Face Everything Head-on’ Finds A Face

Teaching isn’t just a profession; it’s a mission to shape the future warriors of our nation. Captain Sunaina Singh leads the way in ‘Mission Join Indian Army’ to raise awareness and inspire the young generation to have an extraordinary life by joining the Defence Services. She is currently teaching sports psychology at the Sports University […]

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Roshni Devi Sangwan The 68-year-old Gym Enthusiast

Roshni Devi Sangwan: The 68-year-old Gym Enthusiast

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of silver. While this wisdom is universally acknowledged, how many of us genuinely follow this and take meaningful actions? Unfortunately, not many. While many people struggle to find time amid bustling schedules and demanding lifestyles, to prioritise their health and fitness, there emerges a remarkable figure […]

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Ronita Sengupta_ The IT Maven with a Pageant Spark

Ronita Sengupta: The IT Maven with a Pageant Spark

Ronita Sengupta is an outstanding example of leadership in communication and human resources. She is the Global Change Management Lead for a leading IT multi-national company. Ronita has worked in several industries, such as IT, consumables and durables, BPO/ITES, Shipping, Retail, Tea, Real Estate, Insurance, and Hospitality. With over nineteen years of experience in several […]

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Reshma Nilofer Visalakshi India’s First and Only Woman Marine Pilot

Reshma Nilofer Visalakshi: India’s First and Only Woman Marine Pilot

According to a report by the International Maritime Organization, women represent only 1.2% per cent of the global seafarer workforce. Within this historically male-dominated industry, Reshma Nilofer Visalakshi emerges as India’s first and only woman marine pilot. She became a fully-fledged Pilot in 2018 and has gone sailing on some of the world’s largest vessels. […]

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