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“With the initiation of 2025, Talent Corner envisions having operations in 10 Countries, with 100 Offices & a Team of 1000 People successfully executing 10,000 Recruitment Assignments every year. We would have recruited 1,00,000 people by then.”

Rashesh Doshi (Managing Director, Talent Corner)


The Recruitment Industry has grown to an extraordinary level and is poised to make further strides in the times to come. The demand for skilled manpower is mushrooming in the market. In today’s challenging scenario, Talent Corner, a highly acclaimed recruitment company is aiming to match the right person to the right job with the highest level of service.

Incorporated in 2002, Talent Corner is a professional Human Resource Organization providing innovative recruitment services to the corporate world. It has become India’s fastest-growing Franchise Business Opportunity in the Recruitment Space. 

“We have built our philosophies on three fundamental Values i.e. Trust, Transparency & Relationships and follow them to achieve comprehensive growth in the organization,” explains the Management Team. 

Talent Corner’s story is a story of extensive Learning and immense Experiences. A company that started in 2002, today, not only stands tall in the recruitment industry but in the Franchise Arena as well. In a span of almost a decade i.e. from 2002 to 2011, Talent Corner scaled up to become a 100+ member team in the metropolitan city Mumbai. When it invented the Franchise Model, it found the real reason for its existence in the recruitment industry. Over the last 11 years, the company has successfully built 72 Franchise Partners across India. 

“We are interested in partnering with franchisees. We engage with like-minded people who are interested in building and maintaining long-term relationships,” mention Rashesh and Bankim.


Talent Corner is able to make giant strides due to its highly professional Management Team that brings together years of experience in the HR industry.

Bankim Doshi is the ardent leader who laid the foundation of Talent Corner in 2002. With 44 years of experience, he is currently serving as the Chairman of the company and plays a major role in building the teams & mapping strategies at Talent Corner. 

Rashesh Doshi is the Managing Director of Talent Corner. He joined the organization in 2004 and successfully expanded the Recruitment and Business Development Teams via his strategic leadership and mentorship lessons. On one fine day, he came up with an extremely strong & effective Franchise Model which paved the way for the success of Talent Corner. 

Rashesh believes in the philosophy of “Plan More, Think Longer, & Once Decided Act Fast”, symbolizing his strategic mindset for the holistic growth of Talent Corner. 

Nita Doshi, being the Director of the company, acts as a pillar of strength for the Business Development Team and the Franchise Partners. Her extensive experience in the corporate field acts as a valuable asset to the company.


  • Executive Recruitment

If the top management is the brain of the company then Junior and mid-level positions are its heart. Talent Corner provides first-class executive-level candidates to renowned and progressive organizations. 

In a world where candidates are approached by job seekers via social media, Talent Corner creates value by:

  1. Trusting on its own database rather than depending on the Job Portals
  2. Ability to reach quickly to professional and social online networks 
  3. Thorough screening of each candidate via its Quality Call Pitch before showcasing to the clients
  4. Training each recruiter in Head Hunting
  • Campus Recruitment

Talent Corner provides top-notch campus recruitment services. Under campus recruitment, the team visits different colleges, institutions and universities and recruits the young talent as per the requirement of  Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The team conducts the initial round of screening before presenting the shortlisted candidates to the clients for final selection. 

  • CXO Search

Talent Corner provides specialised recruitment solutions to hire talent at Senior Levels. With several years of rich industry experience, the team at Talent Corner conducts industry mapping and reaches out to the right pool of talent. 

“We provide value in 3 Ways – Real Understanding of whom we should recruit in the team, A Quick Turn Around Time & Right Employer Branding for them. Over the last 20 years, we have worked with over 3100 Companies & have closed 21,000+ Positions Successfully,” reiterates Rashesh.


While providing innovative recruitment solutions to the corporate world, Talent Corner manages to keep itself apart from similar-sized players in the market. Here are some points of difference:

  • A Constant Learning Attitude

The company believes in the constant expansion of skill development. It encourages the Franchise Partners & Team Members to invest at least 90 Minutes into Learning every month.

  • Deep Interest in Clients’ Need

Talent Corner outlines the techniques for identifying the needs of the clients and delivering the services as per their requirements. 

  • A Strong Relationship With Clients

To encourage sustainable business growth, Talent Corner builds and maintains strong and trustworthy client relationships. 


Values and culture are inextricably related. Values are vehicles to drive a company’s success. The growth strategy at Talent Corner is distinctly Value Driven. Unlike other Franchise companies that look to add quick numbers to their kitty, Talent Corner believes in adding the right partners, no matter what the pace of the process is. 

The company also believes in building new client relationships, therefore builds upright client engagement strategies because this is what gives Talent Corner the edge over the competitors. 


The Current Client list of Talent Corner comprises 3100+ Companies across varied industries. 

“We work with Sectors like Information Technology, Advertising, Media, Entertainment, Logistics, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Engineering & Oil & Gas, BFSI, Funded Startups, and many more to list. These clients mandate us with anything around 18000-20000 Positions every year,” says Rashesh and Bankim with pride.  

Talent Corner deals with clients all over India. This includes clients from big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Kolkata, among others.

“Building a strong relationship goes beyond delivering on what the project/assignment says, although that’s of course crucial. Our sole intention is to keep our clients happy and satisfied. It’s an ethereal feeling when our clients recommend our brand with positive word of mouth,” says Nita with affirmation.  


The integration of Artificial Intelligence into Human Resources practices will surely make organizations better due to the application’s capability to analyze, predict, and diagnose to help the HR sector make better decisions. With an optimistic view about the integration of AI-based technologies in Human Resources, Rashesh mentions, “We have invested in AI-Based Technologies which is not only helping us in our Sourcing Process but is also building stronger credibility & relationships with our clients.


Talent Corner, being an HR company understands that its organizational success relates to how well its team work collaboratively. It has designed a highly result-oriented strategy to foster a teamwork environment within the organization:

  • Flexibility: Working from home enables more agility and flexibility. Talent Corner gives employees the opportunity and flexibility to work from home as it does not believe in tying an employee to a particular place.
  • Rewards & Recognition: To make every employee feel valued and to recognize their hard work, Talent Corner organizes a monthly Reward & Recognition Program. 

“When you invest in an employee’s wellbeing – their physical, financial, emotional, and work well-being – they invest back in the company,” mentions the Management Team. 

  • Goal Focused Job: Talent Corner fosters a goal-based role rather than a time-based role. A goal-oriented team stays focused on completing specific tasks to achieve a planned outcome.
  • Focus on Employee’s Growth: Talent Corners conducts timely review meetings to recognize achievements, and successes and recognize a job well done. It also focuses on the employee’s needs by listening to their feedback, making them feel valued, and providing meaning and direction. 


Talent Corner aims to offer integrated, best quality services enabling the company to become the first choice in Human Resource Management and to be a reliable partner in its sphere of work via building valued, compelling, and long term client relationships.  

Talent Corner envisions growing beyond its horizon of goals and innovating continuously, to become a hallmark of a dynamic organization.


Franchise Award received by Mr Rashesh Doshi

Accomplishing great results is what drives an organization to success. Talent Corner, since its establishment in 2002, has been achieving remarkable results. Therefore, it has bagged many accolades and achieved great milestones. The two awards that it holds very dear are:

  • Recognized under India’s ‘Top 100 Franchise Opportunities’ in 2020
  • Awarded with ‘The Franchisor of the Year’ in the Professional Services Category in 2021


Talent Corner carries a well-structured franchise model. It is indeed a credible and trustworthy organization as it reduces the risk of business failure by offering a franchise model business that is based on a proven idea. Here are the success stories of some of the Franchise Partners:


Jitendra Kinkar from Aurangabad had to deal with the HRs of Applicant Tracking Software when he was working as a Marketing Expert. As he had to understand the process and report to the Development Team about their requirements, he was introduced to the process of hiring. “I finally decided to start my own business in the recruitment industry but nothing great comes easy. There came Talent Corner that helped me overcome all the hurdles and achieve growth,” shares Jitendra. 


Arun Mathew from Bangalore has had the opportunity to head HR for renowned companies like Mphasis and Crazy Holidays. The entrepreneurial bug in him urged him to take a bold step and enter the recruitment industry. In the words of Arun, “As I needed a partner to succeed in quick and real-time, I took help from one of the most reliable and credible companies, Talent Corner. My experience with TC has been truly amazing. I hope this relationship continues forever.” 


Being in the recruitment industry means adding value to society as it helps in generating income. Syed Razak from Trichy has over 10 years of experience and it’s been 3 years since he has associated himself with Talent Corner. Syed mentions, “I am happy and fortunate to be associated with Talent Corner, a company that never fails to fulfil its promises in all aspects.”


With almost 7 years of industry rich experience in the recruitment industry, Ankur Sharma from Jalandhar has seen many ups and downs in his career. He thanks Talent Corner by saying, “Talent Corner has helped us overcome the stumbling blocks and has been very supportive in our entire journey. Rashesh Doshi and his team are very professional. I hope to continue this teamwork with them in the coming decades too.”


Vaidehi Vichare from Mumbai decided to start her own recruitment business after gaining deep expertise in the recruitment field. After doing extensive research, she came across Talent Corner. Thereafter, she changed her decision from starting her own business to getting the franchisee of Talent Corner as she could see freedom and flexibility coming her way. “TC has shown me my actual potential. After associating with TC, I have earned financial stability,” says Vaidehi. 


Sivakumar from Noida has 20 years of experience both in the Technical and Management fields. After gaining deep expertise from the corporate world, he chose to enter into the recruitment business as he believes that Recruitment is an ‘Evergreen Business, as long as humans live, job search will always be there. He says, “My association with Talent Corner has been undoubtedly satisfying. I totally love TC’s transparency in the system and similar deals it presents to all the investors.” 


Human Resources stands at the forefront of any business. Throughout his corporate life, Sanjay Guglani from Gurgaon had been very passionate about having great people in the team and nurturing them to the next level. His life took a turn when he associated himself with Talent Corner to help companies find the right resources. “Talent corner is a very matured and evolved organisation with proper processes and systems in place,” says Guglani.


Swaroop Das from Bhubaneshwar finds the recruitment business very interesting as he gets to meet new people every day. After quitting his job, he decided to move ahead and enter the entrepreneurial world. “That’s when I collaborated with Talent Corner; the experience has been amazing so far. I look forward to a long term tie-up with the company,” says Swaroop. 


When Sonal Garg from Surat decided to start her career again after quitting her job, she searched for many franchisees. Her search zeroed in on Talent Corner. “Talent Corner is a totally transparent Company in all terms. It gives us full ownership,” says Sonal.


Reema Bhattacharya from Kolkata was on the lookout for a Work from Home Franchise Business Opportunity in the Recruitment Industry. Her search ended when she met Rashesh Doshi and decided to start her career by associating herself with Talent Corner. “I can never forget the contribution of Talent Corner in shaping my career,” shares Reema. 


Gayatri Atre from Pune wanted flexibility in her work. “The thought of a career switch landed me at the doors of Talent Corner, the best franchise opportunity. Talent Corner has given me the perfect opportunity and support which has given me the much-needed flexibility to maintain a positive work-life balance along with good returns,” explains Gayatri.


The idea of establishing a Recruitment Consultancy business used to come into Sreeja Rajput’s mind but she was unable to find the right platform. While working with Talent Corner as one of the clients in her last organization as an employee, she got to understand the work model of Talent Corner. On one day, Sreeja decided to become one of the franchise partners of Talent Corner. “Talent Corner has given me the best platform to start a new chapter of my career. It has given me opportunities, growth, and guidance. I am grateful to Rashesh Doshi for his continuous guidance and the entire time for their support!” says Sreeja from Surat.

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