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What are the best sources to learn about Personal Finance? Which are currently the best Finance Magazines in India? If you are interested to learn about managing finances, you are at the right place! So many business leaders around the world have stated that they read informative magazine articles as it brings them more clarity and also helps them to be aware of the latest financial trends. Analysis, Surveys, and research articles from the Top-rated Financial Magazines can help you a lot in the longer run. Below we have created a list of the top 10 Financial Magazines in India to make it simpler for you: 


Business Today Magazine is India’s Best Finance magazine and the largest circulated business fortnightly magazine in India. Business Today magazine subscription provides a clear narrative for global coverage of business, economy, and society, along with current news on finance which helps the readers to upgrade themselves for all the unforeseen financial challenges. In the current times, Business Today India Magazine commands the highest circulation and readership among all business magazines in India. 


A lot of magazines today try to stick to news, information, trends but a magazine that empowers you, makes you believe in yourself along with providing the most significant global updates through the digital medium is a rare gem and that’s what The Global Hues is all about. The Global Hues has time and again proved to be the number one source for the latest & relevant information and it is one of the Top Financial Magazines in India. The Global Hues showcases the journey of well-known and affluent companies which gives the audience a clear view of their story and growth. It also states all the current facts and figures of different businesses, be it domestic or International.


Outlook Money is one of the most famous Finance Magazines in India. It covers topics like mutual funds, real estate, banking, equity, and insurance. The Magazine also provides expert opinions on these topics to make it easier for you to take financial decisions. The latest news and updates on finance and the economy provided by Outlook Money are simple, crisp, and easy to follow. This magazine is a very organized yet informative and powerful publication which is available in Hindi as well as English to suit all the readers. The most innovative aspect of the magazine is that Outlook Money also does an annual ranking of best mutual funds and stocks. The highly attractive design of pages and beautiful fonts makes it even more appealing. Outlook Magazine is one of the Top business magazines in India for anyone starting out on learning personal finance and looking for easy-to-follow and informative articles.


Forbes India is the perfect destination for business, stock market, startup, and technology-related research-based articles. It is the Indian edition of Forbes which is managed by Reliance industries owned media conglomerate, Network 18. It is India’s leading financial magazine that helps its readers understand the phenomenon behind every business event. Forbes India connects the dots and helps readers to get cutting-edge perspectives. The presentation and design of the magazine are very attractive and so are the articles. Its inspiring and motivational business advice, insights, and statistical data help to target a captive audience in an uncluttered environment. Forbes India is a must-read financial magazine of India.


The popular newspaper, Economic Times publishes a weekly Financial magazine, ET Wealth (Economic Times Wealth) on a weekly basis. This magazine is all about personal finance and it brings a variety of articles and information based on how current affairs are affected and influenced by personal finance. ET mainly publishes articles about taxation, stock markets, insurance, credit, and investment instructors which can be of great help in the Indian settings. The most unique aspect of this magazine is that it has a lot of real-life examples of people and their financial status and issues and how these problems can be overcome. It is a well-known Digital Financial magazine and if you wish to read the past issues of the publication, you can access them digitally also on their website. The data and graphics of this financial magazine are one of its most amazing features and worth collecting which makes it one of the best financial magazines in India.


BW BusinessWorld Magazine is one of the most popular and respected financial magazines in India. BW BusinessWorld is a fortnightly Magazine launched more than three decades ago. The magazine contains big in-depth stories and interviews that focus on the key business trends and issues that govern your future or help you navigate the present better. It is a snapshot and a review of all the prominent events and financial activities you need to keep in mind while planning your strategies. 


Fortune India Magazine brings updates on all the business and corporate news. It is the world’s one among the foremost read and revered business magazines. Fortune traces the economic and financial journey of India through its magazine. The magazine regularly publishes ranked lists, including the Fortune 500, a ranking of companies by revenue. It also talks widely about stocks, personal finances, and the share market, hence, it is considered to be one of the best Finance Magazines in India.


This is another great magazine that attempts to steer the pack among the highest personal finance magazines in India. It shares articles and unbiased views on taxes, investments, and advice associated with personal finance. Besides, it is delivering a spread of content on promoting awareness of regulations and on the protection of interests of investors and consumers. All the articles from Money Life are quite informative, meticulous, and knowledgeable. Money Life also carries an annual review on best mutual funds and stocks.


Entrepreneur magazine equip entrepreneurs with the critical information they require and demand to grow their businesses. Every issue published by Entrepreneur is as informational and inspirational as it can be, covering all the motivational stories and statistics that an entrepreneur would need to succeed. Entrepreneur magazine has evolved rapidly and is becoming the best financial magazine for leaders worldwide. It serves its readers’ needs and interests by creating the most satisfying experience with relevant content, logical information management, and ease of access.


The Economist Magazine is more than just a Finance magazine, it offers main events from business and industries of the week and if you are interested in knowing about current events, finance, commerce, business, social, The Economist Magazine is a perfect choice! It has articles and unbiased views on investments, taxes, and advice associated with personal finance. The magazine delivers tons of content on promoting awareness of regulations and on the protection of interests of investors and consumers.

The above-mentioned magazines can give you different perspectives on your financial problems and will help you overcome challenges related to your business. These personal finance magazines explain in detail the latest financial trends in the country.