Teens of God an NGO for Youth Initiatives

Teens of God: Making a Difference Through Youth Initiatives


Many talk about educational equality, social justice, growth, and development, but few take visible action. Meet Aayush Jain, Teens of God’s President and Founder, driving initiatives for educational equality, social justice, opportunities, and underprivileged individuals’ growth through his NGO.  In just 5 years of its inception, Teens of God has launched projects like Sushiksha, Taraqqi, Hifazat, Saksham, and more. We spoke with Aayush Jain to understand more about Teens of God, educational equality initiatives, challenges, and future plans.

1. Tell us about the inspiration behind starting Teens of God and what motivated you to focus on youth-oriented initiatives. 

The inspiration for founding the Teens of God NGO came from a desire to encourage and engage more and more youth in community service, as I believe that they represent the future of our nation. When I looked at the ground data available, it further motivated me to encourage my family and friends to take up this initiative of helping people in need. Those who possess resources should share them with others.

2. What specific educational equality initiatives do Teens of God undertake, and how have they made a difference in the lives of young people? 

With a commitment to promote educational equality, we have been at the forefront of running the “Sushiksha Education Programme,” specifically designed to provide quality education to underprivileged communities. This program has made a significant difference in the lives of countless young people by offering them access to educational resources.

Additionally, from 2022, we are running the “Saksham Computer Coaching Centre” in Jharsa village, further empowering the local youth with essential digital skills. These initiatives have not only opened doors to education but have also helped bridge the digital divide, equipping young individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in today’s technology-driven world.

3. Could you share some success stories or examples of how Teens of God has positively impacted the youth or communities you’ve worked with? 

Teens of God working on Project Hifazat

We have admitted 95% of our Sushiksha students to various schools one of them being Lotus Petal Foundation which has not only helped in their academic development but in their holistic and personality development. The students are now using various technologies at their school and getting many amenities and facilities required for their education. We also provide internships to volunteers which has helped many to get jobs in the corporate sector and to build their personality.

Under ‘Project Hifazat’, we’ve installed a semi-automatic sanitary napkin-making machine at our office in Gurugram. To date, we have distributed over 20,000 sanitary napkins and 1200+ hygiene kits, positively affecting the lives of over 10,000 women. 

Under ‘Project Parvaah’, we create eco-friendly katran beds for dogs, using repurposed fabric scraps. We’ve made 500+ katran beds, keeping dogs warm during the winter, thanks to the efforts of Delhi-NCR volunteers.

Under ‘Project Saksham’, our skilled teachers are training the students in computers which has helped many to get good jobs. Till now 4 batches have been graduated.

At our Tinkering Lab, a dynamic partnership with Robotricks Company has enabled the installation of cutting-edge AI & ML robotic kits. Students are learning new skills which is preparing them for the IT sector.

4. What are the key challenges Teens of God has faced in its mission, and how have you addressed them? 

One of the primary challenges has been the scepticism or demotivation faced from certain individuals who may not initially believe in the organisation’s mission. However, Teens Of God has addressed this by focusing on transparency and consistently showcasing the positive impact of its initiatives. 

Resource limitations, including financial constraints, are also a big hurdle. To address this challenge, we have adopted resource-efficient strategies, forged partnerships, and actively sought donations and grants from like-minded organisations and individuals.

5. What are your future plans and goals for Teens of God? 

Team Teens of God

The goal of Teens of God NGO is to endorse the growth and development of underprivileged people towards socio-economic, educational and political factors. We extend a helping hand to anyone in need, regardless of age, with the overarching goal of promoting societal progress and leaving no person behind. 

We aim to discontinue the wrongs of the past and work for a better future tomorrow. We plan to do so by equipping our students and volunteers with skills that will help them sustain a better tomorrow.

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