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Lalit Moolchand Bokadia: The Marvellous Mind Ruling The Steel Industry

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“Our products, at Moxy Steel Impex, are engineered specially to meet your component design, operating needs and material specifications to ensure efficiency, safety and economy.”

Lalit Moolchand Bokadia
(CEO, Moxy Steel Impex)

There is a saying that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Making every word of this statement true, Lalit Moolchand Bokadia, the CEO of Moxy Steel Impex worked diligently to transform his dream business into reality. Blending his capabilities, hard work and perseverance, Lalit has taken Moxy Steel Impex to new heights in the steel and metal industry. 

Lalit is renowned for his excellent clarity of thought and laser-sharp focus to achieve his ultimate goal. And with the same passion and enthusiasm, Lalit laid the foundation of Moxy Steel Impex in 1997. A company which is a strategic brainchild of Lalit is one of the largest metal and steel companies in India. Ensuring top-notch quality and the highest standards, he built the foundation of the company on the strong pillars of experience, innovation and technology. 

With over 25 years of extensive experience in the metal and stainless steel industry, Lalit guides the professional team of Moxy Steel Impex to provide customers with the best ever experience. Carrying the qualities of Integrity, Insight and Inclusiveness makes him one of the most renowned businessmen. 


Lalit believes that a true leader should be able to take quick decisions and prompt actions keeping in mind the goals of the company. This thought summarises the leadership philosophies of Lalit pretty much. With his rich industry insights and experience, Lalit is able to take quick decisions and actions that are not only beneficial for the company but also for the expert team. 

Showcasing the leadership calibre, Lalit binds his whole team together and guides them to the path of becoming future leaders. Under the guidance of a leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way, Moxy Steel Impex is growing significantly.


Moxy Steel Impex Products

A highly acclaimed metal and steel manufacturer and supplier, Moxy Steel Impex has a reputation for premium quality products and transparent dealings. It is an ISO 14001:2015 certified company that offers a wide range of standard metal products. Since the inception of the company, Moxy Steel Impex has always regarded quality products as the landmark identity of the company.

The highly qualified team of the firm works by focusing on the concept of “Satisfying customers with premium quality”. The company is constantly improving its quality, mechanism and innovation to deliver the best-in-class products. “We manufacture standard metal products that match the international quality. We also offer customised products as per specific industry demands and needs,”  iterates Lalit. 

Moxy Steel Impex has carved an unparalleled position in the industry making relentless efforts to cater to the clients. The company provides a variety of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel products. The product range of the company includes Tube Fittings, Forged Fittings, Pipes, Tubes, Sheets, Foils, Shims, Valves, Gaskets, Plates & Coils, Perforated Sheets, Hose, Wire Rope & Wire Mesh, Dairy Fittings and many other products. 

Moxy Steel Impex is becoming a preferred choice in the metal and steel industry. The company is gaining the trust and confidence of its clients through product quality and transparent dealings. In the journey of over 25 years, Moxy Steel Impex has successfully delivered more than 500 projects. 


Moxy Steel Impex Products

Moxy Steel Impex is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of high-calibre steel and alloy products. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the company offers a wide range of products that include:

  • Stainless Steel

Made of good quality steel, the company offers a variety of stainless steel products which includes Plates, Pipes & Tubes, Steel Flanges, Round Bars, Buttweld Fittings, Steel Fasteners, Forged Fittings, Angles & Channels and many more to the list.

  • Alloy Steel

The company offers a wide range of Alloy Steel F9 products that are durable, and have high tensile strength and performance. The expert professionals ensure the utilisation of high-grade raw materials and innovative techniques. 

It offers premium quality Chrome Moly Alloy Steel F9 Weld Neck Flanges, Welded P9 Alloy Steel Tubes, Alloy Steel UNS K90941 Plug Reducer, Chrome Alloy WP9 Buttweld Fittings, Chrome Moly Alloy F9 Forged Fittings Supplier. 

  • Tool Steel 

With good technical expertise, the firm offers a high calibre of Tool Steel H11 Sheets & Plates, Forging & Bars. The tool steel can be used for hot punches, die casting, forging dies, hot shear blades, hot gripper dies, and extrusion tooling. The company provides Tool Steel H11 in various sizes and specifications. It also offers Tool Steel H11 Sheets & Plates, Forging & Bars sizes that are available as per the requirements of its customers and delivers quality products on time.

  • Copper Wires & Cables

Moxy Steel Impex manufactures Copper Wires & Cables by using international quality standard raw materials and is inspected and approved by renowned inspection agencies. Each and every material is tested to ensure it works best in their respective area of work. 

The product portfolio of this category includes Copper Resistant Cables, Copper CCTV Camera Cables, Copper Computer Cables, Copper Data Cables Suppliers and many others.

  • Gaskets

Being a certified Rubber Gasket manufacturer and supplier in India, Moxy Steel Impex offers a variety of Gasket products. It includes Ring Type Joint Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Rubber Gaskets, PTFE Gaskets, Jacketed Gaskets, Insulation Gaskets, CAF/Non-Asbestos Gaskets and more to the list.

In addition, Moxy Steel Impex also provides Copper, Copper Lugs, Manganese Plates, Wear Resistant, Low Temp Carbon Steel Pipe, High Yield Carbon Steel Pipe, Hardox Plates, and Gun Metal Round Bars.


With the help of great technology, on-time delivery and expert engineers, the company offers 24×7 customer support that ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction. Moxy Steel Impex has become a preferred name in the industry for all ferrous and non-ferrous metal products. The company can provide a vast range of materials, to suit all the requirements of the clients. 

  • Largest Inventory

The firm carries the largest inventories of metal products in India with a vast selection of sizes, gauges and types. The huge inventory helps the company in the completion of large-scale projects without any trouble. The vast inventory also helps the firm in on-time delivery of the projects, for which the company is known for being the best in the industry. 

  • Quality Assurance

Striving to consistently meet the requirements of the clients each day, Moxy Steel Impex provides cost-competitive products and services with maintaining the highest quality. Certified with ISO 140001:2015 and OHSAS 45001:2018, every member of the company ensures the highest level of quality. All the strategic plans of the company are outlined according to the quality manual, quality context, Customer-oriented process, kaizen activities and continual improvement of the quality management systems and process.

  • Customer Support

Understanding the power of customer support in building healthy relationships with customers, Moxy Steel Impex offers 24×7 customer support to cater to the needs and requirements of the customer. By employing and training the local workforce, the firm is able to understand the customer’s needs more comprehensively.

  • Quick Delivery

An extensive range of readymade products in the stock enables the company to quickly dispatch the product to the customers. Within a few days of dispatching, the products reach the customer without any delay. The large inventory and professional team of Moxy Steel Impex make the process even quicker and more efficient. 


The expert team of the company are very well-versed in their respective fields. The highly professional and diverse team helps the company to grow with innovative ideas and creative solutions. The problem-solving approach of the team makes it easier for the company to overcome any hurdle or difficulty that comes in way. 

With clear objectives and plans, the team of Moxy Steel Impex are always ready to take on complex projects and complete them on time. Lalit believes that the team of Moxy Steel Impex is its true asset.  He adds, “We invest in them to keep their knowledge updated. We also upgrade their skills through regularly conducting workshops, seminars and development programs.”  


Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy relationship with the client. With the ultimate objective to deliver the utmost client satisfaction, Moxy Steel Impex focuses on giving better services and on-time delivery. For the last 25 years, the company has been committed to providing its clients with quality products which are strengthened by its in-house infrastructure capabilities and capacities. 

The qualities that make Moxy Steel Impex a leader in the industry are its superior quality products, Customised solutions, Timely delivery of products and customer-focused approach. With these qualities, Moxy Steel Impex adds many renowned names to its clientele list. Currently, the company is a leading manufacturer and extensive stockholder of piping products for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and nuclear industries.


With the commitment to serve the best-in-class metal and steel products to the customers,  Moxy Steel Impex has earned the trust of the customers. Its decades of passion and perseverance have been recognised with the industry’s most prestigious titles and awards. The most significant achievements of Moxy Steel Impex include:   

  • The CEO of the company, Lalit Moolchand Bokadia won the title of  “Inspiring Personalities of the year 2022”
  • Lalit was also awarded the title of the most promising “Icons 2020-2021”.
  • Times Visionary Leaders 2022
  • Forbes India Visionaries 2021


Moxy Steel Impex is on a mission to provide technically sound solutions and create additional value in clients’ businesses and aims to become a preferred manufacturer and supplier in the industry. Helping customers develop their energy resources, the company brings world-class capabilities to the industry and delivers them locally.

The company also promotes commercial arrangements that are aligned with the needs of the customers and ultimately deliver more value to them. Moxy Steel Impex is planning to expand its presence and reach the position of an industry leader.

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