The New iPhone 15 New Specifications and Enhanced Cameras

The New iPhone 15: New Specifications and Enhanced Cameras


Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 15 series at its overnight ‘Wonderlust’ launch event. The phone will be available in the market from September 22, 2023. The new iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 max prices are the highest in India. The iPhone 15 has four variants- iPhone 15, 15plus, 15 pro, and 15 pro max. The model with 128 GB is available for nearly 80,000, and the model with 256 and 512 GB is available for 89,900 and 1,09,900. 

Starting tomorrow i.e. 15th September, customers from over 40 countries can start pre-booking the phone. It will be on the market by 22 September. iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are available in black, white, blue and natural titanium finishes. 

Specifications of The Phone

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  • The iPhone 15 comes with an A16 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max come with an embedded A17 pro, and it is the industry’s first 3-nanometer chip. 
  • iPhone 15 will be available in two sizes, 6.1 inches and 6.7 (plus).
  • Along with a 48-megapixel camera, the phone has a ceramic glass shield.
  • iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max boast a new 48-megapixel camera with micro photography.
  • The mute switch is no longer available in the new iPhones. Instead, there is a new multifunction button.
  • Apple will also supply USB-C charging ports for both iPhone 15 and charging cases of Apple Air Pods. 
  • The Pro models of the phone have a capacity of 29 hours of video playback.
  • The internal frame of the iPhone 15 series is made from 100 per cent recycled Aluminium.
  • Apple iPhone 15 and 15 Plus have a memory of 6GB, and Pro models have 8GB.
  • iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro max support Wi-Fi-6E, which helps in superior wireless performance.

Production Of Apple Phones In India- Is It Good News For India?

An article released in the Indian Express on August 17, 2023, mentions Foxconn- Apple’s hardware manufacturing partner. It has started manufacturing the iPhone 15 in Tamil Nadu. It is technically not the first iPhone that was manufactured here. The iPhone SE and iPhone 14 series were also manufactured in India. 

As part of its move to reduce reliance on China, Apple has slowly moved its production to India. Now, at least 7 per cent of the production of the iPhone comes from India. If Apple decides to shift and start production in India, this will lead to a rise in several job opportunities and economic growth for the country.

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