Today, students are living in a virtual world of cognitive and competitive learning, internet consumption, and free access to uncurated knowledge has resulted in a different way of education than the traditional textbook method. 

There are various Ed-tech companies offering education through the use of technology. Some of them are listed below.

Ed-Tech companies

Founded in the year 1998 as a company, Aim Group has changed drastically due to current market and client preferences. They have been in the education, real estate, travel, and aviation industries for twenty years. Furthermore, AIM Group has two registered companies i.e. Aim Infrabuild Pvt Ltd and Aim world of Edutech Pvt Ltd. Aim World of Edutech is a pioneer in the field of education with businesses spread across primary schools, general counseling, and distance university education. 


What’s Your Chase is helping the 400M+ millennial generation pursue their interests and passions like Photography, Content Writing, Social Media, Design, Fashion, and many more. This is enabled through short video content, interactive courses, and a powerful community all on the platform. Chase has a very strong digital strategy across all their Social Media platforms and through all of their Campaign Messaging. They are leveraging the right influencer networks.


ConsciousLeap is a global self-empowerment, multimedia, and technology platform that enables a global community to achieve self-development through content, community, and products. ConsciousLeap offers self-development tools through a dynamic multimedia approach which includes art forms, literature, interactive workshops, videos, e-courses, and applications. The company has built an online platform for the education segment to deliver self-empowering holistic success skills programs that complement the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of student life. 


eAgetutor is one of the leading digital spoken English skill development training service providers with a goal to achieve enormous scale by breaking the stereotypes in the traditional format. eAgetutor provides explanatory training sessions with live teachers by using a pragmatic and holistic approach targeted at improving the employability and career progression skills of learners. eAge’s differentiated training pedagogy and language immersion techniques with the aid of a panel of experts enable users to think in English.


Ecampus is one of the first SaaS-based EdTech startups based in India launched in 2018 to address the significant strategic issues universities and colleges face, such as organizing, controlling data, and providing online learning solutions to students. Their web and mobile-based university management platform and LMS are tailored to meet the ever-changing demands of the education industry and they have entirely digitized the management and online learning process. 


Founded in 2006, Enggenious is a strategic business unit at SAN Techno Mentors. Enggenious wants to be that catalyst that works with L&D teams to create & continuously build upon that desirable learning culture. Enggenious offers eLearning, blended learning and other technology-enabled learning solutions that deliver learning that is beyond just books & theories. 


Kaizen Academy was constructed with love and a strong sense of purpose. Soft skills have always been considered as an add-on or a hobby. The focus on degrees over well-rounded development has been deep. When the institutes they work with, students that they train, educators that they coach feel the impact and enjoy the experiences they deliver, it gives Kaizen the energy to keep growing stronger and faster. Kaizen wants to create the most compelling 21st-century learning platform that empowers individuals with skills. 


Learnero is an E-learning platform with a vision to transform the world’s learning experiences of extracurricular activities. Learnero wishes to make every aspect of learning easy by building international connections, reducing commute hassles, and promoting quality skill learning. It is strongly driven by the pursuit of continuous learning and excellence. 


Scientia, is a Tech Organization, having had its presence in the technology arena for more than a decade. The organization is the outcome of a passionate group of technocrats who always wanted to do things differently. Some of the successfully launched multiple products are ParentEye, CorpERP, and Kemedy. Scientia has years of experience in the education domain which helped to identify the key pain areas within the educational institutions.


Saathi Global Education Network is a multi-service platform developed specifically to ease the process of International Collaboration for schools around the world, with the ultimate intention of building leaders of the future who can understand, accept, and respect each other. Officials can create detailed school profiles to search for other schools matching their requirements for collaboration. Normally, an international collaboration between schools takes weeks due to logistical challenges. However, with Saathi GEN, all these issues can be solved and collaboration can happen in seconds. 


Sarmentum is one of the leading Digital Learning companies, providing customized courses compatible across different devices. They cater to go-to useful, cost-effective content solutions. The ideology behind starting Sarmentum is to create a customer-centric organization where the focus is on providing solutions to the customer problems which in turn leads to business for Sarmentum. The company’s main services are developing learning content using Rapid Authoring tools like Articulate Storyline 360, Camtasia, Captivate, etc, and Video-Based Learning programs using Aftereffects, Vyond, etc. 


SIP Academy India runs world-class skill development programs since 2003, programs are designed to empower children with Creativity & Innovation, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Confidence making a significant impact on the mental potential of children. The company has its headquarters in Chennai and has a presence in 23 states, 300+ cities, 300+ Schools and has successfully trained more than 6,90,000 children in the country and, is well on the way to creating child prodigies with razor-sharp intellects.


Skillinabox is one of the first DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Kits in India through which you can “Learn to Create” new-age technologies and plug & play with them and get certified for your particular skill by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship after building them. Fancy switching on your light through your phone, try one of its DIY Kits and automate your room with the help of Google/Alexa.


About 7 years ago, the Founder of the company took a leap of faith jumping into the Data Science field after graduating from DCE. And when the concept of TechSlate – Experiential Learning Platform was born, it became a community where, One learns while experiencing real-life applications, One learns by getting exposure to industry professionals & leaders, One is not tied by a curriculum and can curate his/her journey, One can focus on learning than worrying about affordability, One gets an opportunity to explore all domains within one platform.


Tickle Right is a holistic brain development program for kids between the age group of 0 to 7 years. Tickle Right works on extracting the unadulterated potential of young children to inculcate a lifelong love for learning in the tiny tots. The company covers a massive number of topics in its program, but the prime focus has always been skill-building. Once kids pick up skills like photographic memory, musical appreciation, creative thinking, and audio-eidetic memory, these talents and skills can be employed anytime in the future in the best possible manner. 


TriByte is a Bangalore headquartered technology company providing an Interactive and Personalized eLearning Platform through its Learning Management System (LMS) targeted at Educational Institutes, Corporates and EdTech companies. The company has completed its 10th anniversary. TriByte and its products are deployed across 25 countries, available in multiple languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Arabic, Spanish, Bahasa, etc), and has over 2 million users on the platform who experience the learning on Windows, Android, IOS and Linux.

  •  WIZR U

Wizr U Solutions focuses on providing world-class education, career guidance, and education consulting services to every student at an affordable price. Wizr U Solutions believes in empowering students to pursue their dreams and encouraging them towards their goals by providing them guidance from the top experts in the field. It ensures proficiency in teaching concepts through highly interactive sessions, engaging content, and personal attention from talented educators. Regular strategy sessions and performance insights are provided by the company to help students to prepare smartly and focus in the right direction so that they can confidently achieve their goals.


With expertise in Data & AI, Cloud, DevOps, Business Agility, Security, Training & Learning, Software Development, Xebia is a pioneering IT consultancy that provides solutions and ways forward to its customers and helps businesses grow. The company provides digital transformation and learning. It is an interwoven training division, dealing with learning solutions in IT with only aim to provide support and spread knowledge. It has partnerships with some leading industries like Cloudera, Microsoft, AWS, Google, UiPath, Scaled Agile, Scrum. Org, Cloudera, Snowflake, Scaled Agile, and DASA. Xebia offers comprehensive training in Apache Hadoop, Spark, Leading SAFe. 

  •  XSEED 

With a mission to transform education globally, from rote to learning, from “telling” to teaching, Xseed is a global K-8 learning company headquartered in Singapore. Xseed believes that skills are built through repeated experiences of trying things on one’s own, failing, getting feedback, and then trying again to succeed. This can be best instilled in the formative years between 3 and 13 when the brain has the maximum flexibility to adapt and learn. At Xseed, skilled master teachers are the biggest asset classrooms and students have to ensure success in learning, helping them accomplish in their lifetime and beyond.

All the names have been arranged in an alphabetical order and it is not a ranking.