ConsciousLeap: Triggering self-awareness of subconscious behavioural tendencies for self-development 

ConsciousLeap: Triggering self-awareness of subconscious behavioural tendencies for self-development 

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Sanjay Desai- The Founder and CEO of ConsciousLeap connected with The Global Hues over an interview to share about his company’s journey. 

ConsciousLeap is a global self-empowerment, multimedia, and technology platform that enables a global community to achieve self-development. through content, community, and products. ConsciousLeap offers self-development tools through a dynamic multimedia approach which includes art forms, literature, interactive workshops, videos, e-courses, and applications.

For the education segment, the company has built an online platform to deliver self-empowering holistic success skills programs that complement the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of student life.  Sanjay wrote a fiction book, Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands, as a self-help ready-reckoner to inspire people on their journeys of creating the life of their dreams. The book discusses the journey of a young and ambitious Jasmine Arya as she grapples with the realities of life on her quest to make a mark in the glamourous world of fashion.

Transforming the outlook of education 

ConsciousLeap brings in a new dimension of life skills to Education. Today, students are living in a virtual world of cognitive and competitive learning, fickle social media consumption, and free access to uncurated knowledge which has resulted in a much-weakened connection to their self-belief and self-empowerment. Through a unique line of products, ConsciousLeap aims to bridge this gap – which is becoming increasingly pervasive.

Scaling the start-up idea to execution

ConsciousLeap has been building uniquely designed products that render experiential learning based on a one-of-a-kind framework called ‘Make You Happen’. “Conceiving that framework which encompasses all aspects of a holistic success journey has been our greatest strength,” said Sanjay. The programs are a structured introspective experience facilitated through The Make You Happen Workshop Series, e-microcourses, videos on demand, content, and a fiction novel – Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands. The next challenge is to layer these products over conventional edutech and educational programs.

Differentiating Factors

ConsciousLeap, through their offerings, empower students to build sustainable resources that weave both successes in life goals and well-being, together. Additionally, the company’s products can top up other ed-tech products with added value through their well-being-integrated ‘success skills’ and coaching programs. “This makes us unparalleled in providing holistic enrichment to any kind of generic and specialized ed-tech platforms,” Sanjay explained.  

The Clientele

“We are fortunate to have found appeal with very forward-thinking educators and institutions in West & North India, which gave us a very good start. Our clients love what we do, and we have been receiving a 4.5 rating from our clients,” said Sanjay.  

ConsciousLeap gets great receptivity from teachers and academic leaders because their self-empowering programs address the ubiquitous need for a non-intrusive, non-confrontational approach in the personalized guidance provided to students. The company has also found that students, in this current millennial age, are much more accepting of direction in a form that is relatable to them.   

Impact of new education policy 

Prime Minister Modi urged the youth to develop the qualities of self-confidence and introspection while announcing the New Education Policy. “The aim of the new National Education Policy is that the youth of the country gets to know itself,” Modi said at the centennial celebrations of the University of Lucknow. ConsciousLeap’s offerings are well aligned to this visionary policy and enable educational institutions to synchronize with the new policy.  Therefore the policy strongly supports the need for the company’s holistic ‘Success Skills Launchpad’ self-empowerment programs to become an incremental layer to the academic orientation of the conventional education system. 

Impact of Covid-19   

In Sanjay’s belief, the lifestyle transformation brought in during the pandemic era will keep accelerating further because of the convenience, accessibility, and economies of technology. With the onset of the AI-Age, education will need to address life skills or human skills, over and above technical and cognitive skills. The scenario post covid-19 isn’t expected to bring any dampening changes in the rising digitalization. 

Company and Team Ethos 

ConsciousLeap is an extremely purpose-driven company. Identification with the purpose is one of the preconditions at ConsciousLeap, to sustain a harmonious journey to manifest the vision. “We have set out to help people live a conscious and empowered life. Accordingly, we stress on transparency and co-creation as an ethos in the company,” stated Sanjay.

Visions and Future Prospects

ConsciousLeap seeks to unlock human potential by triggering the spark that makes an individual self-aware of his subconscious behavioral tendencies. Unconscious behaviour is the source of most hurdles in life. “Our mission is to encourage individuals to mutate the intangibility of consciousness into tangible value through a self-learning experience,” said Sanjay. Other than the ‘Make You Happen’ framework, the company is building online content and products to deliver value globally to the student community and the millennial segment, in their first phase, and take pride in being the first-of-its-kind platform in this pursuit. 

Awards and Milestones

  • ConsciousLeap is a well-established content platform on social media with over 300k followers. 
  • Currently transitioning to transform into a product platform startup.  
  • Touched the lives of 16000 + Millennials and is partnered with corporations and schools across India.

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