Top 10 Medical Device Companies Strengthening Healthcare

Top 10 Medical Device Companies Strengthening Healthcare


The Covid-19 pandemic has engulfed various nations. Its long-term outlook is still highly uncertain and threatening. This unprecedented health emergency has demonstrated that health facilities are essential. Health care systems are overwhelmed and the medical care of patients has become a challenge. During these difficult times, medical device manufacturers have risen up to embrace the opportunities to bring medical devices faster to the market. There are many medical device companies that are magnificently meeting the challenge from supplying PPE to healthcare workers, to delivering life-saving equipment to those in need.

So, we present a list of the top 10 medical device companies strengthening healthcare:


1. Caremont

Caremont is a Bangalore-based healthcare start-up of 15 employees, incorporated in 2019, by Ankit Kedia, the former Promoter Director at Manjushree Technopack Ltd. – South Asia’s largest packaging solutions provider for pharmaceutical and FDA-approved medical packaging. Caremont has embarked on a journey to provide customers with the very best in healthcare products and services. The main aim is to identify emerging technologies and make them available by way of distribution and manufacturing to consumers in India and worldwide. The company also looks forward to becoming a global force in the healthcare industry. It is tirelessly looking out for possibilities to make strategic partnerships with whosoever shares its aim and vision for innovation and technological advancements in medical devices, consumables, as well as equipment.


2. Criedo Healthcare

Headquartered in Cochin, Kerala, Criedo Healthcare was formed in 2018. It is a company of healthcare enthusiasts who realized the need to provide better and innovative healthcare solutions in Kerala. The company has partnered with many technology-driven corporations that enable it to fulfill the goal of enhancing patient care, minimizing pain, reducing patient stay, increasing operational efficiencies, and extending physician capabilities. With a purpose to bring a revolution in healthcare, the company has a goal to cater to everyone’s needs by providing healthcare at affordable prices. Criedo shares a vision of democratizing the healthcare system with cutting-edge innovation, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.


3. Kallows ECG Manufacturing

Founded in 2007, Kallows ECG Manufacturing is a medical device manufacturer and distributor that specializes in the cardiology segment and remote cardiology services. Kallows is an active manufacturer and distributor of ECG recorders. It also distributes Bluetooth pulse oximeters and blood pressure meters. Kallows entry-level product, Mobmon 12.0 offers the highest speed of access to a patient’s ECG for an immediate consultation. The company also sells wireless printers for use with mobmon products. As everyone is moving towards digitally-led services, the company provides a cloud-based solution for streaming ECGs. It can provide automatic restore of the medical records if anyone loses the mobile phone or PC.


4. Mitocon Biomed

Mitocon Biomed is another prominent name in the medical devices industry. Founded in 2015 by Jinang Dhami, Biomedical Research Engineer, Food & Drug Administration, the goal of the company is to provide healthcare services at affordable prices. Mitocon Biomed deals in the distribution and selling of various medical devices like body implants and aesthetic lasers. It also designs and manufactures face masks, pulse oximeters, etc. The company’s one of the key products, OxySat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is designed to get quick and accurate readings of oxygen level, pulse rate, and perfusion index rate. The company shares the motive of keeping quality as the key benchmark for any product.


5. Oxitronix Medical Equipment

Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, Oxitronix Medical Equipment Company was founded in 2017. It is a team of young, passionate, and dynamic professionals with a focus on providing innovative and quality healthcare products with the utmost promptness. The company provides various services like installation service, preventive check service, breakdown repairs, and training. Oxitronix repairs all sorts of breakdowns of any equipment such as Ophthalmology, ENT, Dermatology, Intensive Care Areas, Operation Theatre, and Emergency Rooms. The company shares a clear mission of serving all specialized and diverse needs of the medical community.


6. Quality Kidney Care

Diacare Solutions and its newest wing, Quality Kidney Care is one of the leading companies dealing in the trading of dialysis disposables & equipment in the country. It was started in 2015 by eminent professionals- Rakesh Mittal, Santosh Dwivedi, Jigar Shah, and Ajeet Mishra, with a vision to provide Dialysis Disposables Equipment & Services at affordable prices to the customers. They have successfully established their company as a distinguished organization on account of its premium quality products, timely services, and cost-effectiveness. Places that benefit from their products include – Government, Dialysis clinic chains, medical institutes, and corporate hospitals. The company associated itself with many international companies to procure goods directly from them under OEM contracts and long-term sales and marketing rights.


7. Sahajanand Medical Technologies

Established in 1988, Sahajanand Medical Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of cardiac products that are sold in over 75 countries. The company has received recognition from the Government of India for its exemplary contribution in the Cardiovascular healthcare field. It is the first company to have secured a CE Mark for the biodegradable polymer-based drug-eluting stents. SMT has posted revenue of Rs. 450 crore and Ebitda of Rs. 80 crore in FY20 and expects its revenue to rise to Rs. 650 crore and Ebitda of Rs. 110 crore in FY21. With a philosophy of “Pledged To Save Millions” SMT is creating a healthcare future promising for everyone.


8. Shaily Engineering Plastics Limited

Established in 1987 with just two molding machines, Shaily Engineering Plastics today includes more than 120 injection molding machines, with sophisticated high-speed automated and robotic production lines. The company also specializes in high and ultra-high-performance polymers and is the only licensed manufacturer of Torlon in India. It also designs and manufactures drug delivery solutions, ranging from plastic pumps and spray devices to intricate insulin injector pens, with strict adherence to maintaining quality. Some of its notable healthcare clients are Zydus, Dr. Reddy’s, Lupin, Aurobindo, Sun Pharma to name a few. The company continues to provide end-to-end solutions in plastics and delivers products of superior quality to all its customers.


9. Shira MedTech

Founded in 2016, Shira MedTech designs and manufactures products with a deep understanding of clinical processes and the involvement of medical professionals to make healthcare affordable for all. It is an innovative company that has developed products like 3-jaw micro clamps, titanium micro-instruments, and micro coupling devices. Its unique 3-jaw micro clamps are the world’s first eversion clamps. It makes microvascular anastomosis much easier by reducing inadvertent posterior wall sutures. Its Titanium Micro instruments are the Finest quality Titanium instruments best suited for delicate microvascular surgery. Shira MedTech’s Micro Coupling Devices are known for their innovative design and affordability.


10. Vision Rx Lab

Known as one of the largest ophthalmic Rx lens manufacturers in Asia, Vision Rx Lab was founded in 1959 with specialties in Rx lenses, Rx sunglasses, Rx swimming goggles, and stock lenses. It has tie-ups with world-renowned lens companies like Seiko, Rodenstock, Serengeti, Transitions, Younger Optics, Optima, Vision Ease, and Corning, among others. Headquartered in Kolkata, the company has 19 manufacturing labs, including digital labs, 23 service centers that are spread across India. It exports lenses to 53 countries in Africa, Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. It aims to deliver innovative lens products and world-class optometric solutions. 


*All the names have been arranged in an alphabetical order, and it is not a ranking.