DR. ANKITA SINGH Senior VP & Global Head of HR, Cignex


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“It’s not the magic mantra; it’s the Magical People that matter the most in life.”
Dr. Ankita Singh (Senior Vice President & Global Head of HR, Cignex)

With over 22 years of rich experience in managing & leading all functions of HR, Dr. Ankita Singh very well understands the importance of People within an organization. 

Having realized her inner calling in the field of management midway through her engineering, she dropped off from her degree & steered 100% of her attention into understanding the domain of management.

Having been a boarder all her life, she grasped a sense of self-supporting & self-governing behavior right from the beginning. She firmly believed in the importance of sharing, caring & being for one another from her boarding journey. ‘People are everything’ was the motto firmly imprinted in her mind & her life. 

She pursued her education & alongside, joined the corporate sector for practical exposure. She received a Gold Medal in BBA, MBA & completed her Ph.D. in Management. Dr. Ankita also holds the most prestigious certification of the “Sustainable Business Strategy” Course from the acclaimed Harvard Business Online School. Amongst other things, she is also a certified PPA (Thomas Profiling) Practitioner. 


With over two decades of progressive experience in managing and leading across various facets of human resources, Dr. Ankita has been a vital part of the success stories of various esteemed organizations. Her primary expertise lies in leadership development, Organizational Behavior, Culture building & Employee Engagement. 

She, in the past, was associated with other renowned organizations, including Sahara India, Convergys, Zensar, Hexaware, and Datamatics.

Presently, she is the active Senior Vice President & Global Head at Cignex. She’s also the Founder of the HR Association of India, a community of leading HR professionals contributing towards the enhancements of HR & enabling the betterment of society. 


As the HR head, she envisions transforming and empowering the HR and support functions, including Administration, Travel & Resource Management for the entire organization. 

She believes in diversity & tries to connect and engage with all employees, thus making her a leader in her field. She believes that she gets a unique perspective by connecting with individuals and respecting their uniqueness.

She firmly believes that “In today’s world, HR is responsible for ensuring that everybody is valued in the system and is future-ready to meet the need of the uncertain times.” 

For her endeavors as an HR leader, she has been awarded by Forbes India and Great Manager Institute as Top 100 People Manager in India for the last three consecutive years, 2019, 2020 & 2021. She has also been recognized as the CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officers) of the Year in 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020, Women Personality of the Year in 2018 & 2019, The most influential Corporate Personality 2019, The Indian HR Champion of the Year 2019, The Most Inspiring Personality of the Year 2019 & The Most Influential HR Leader of the Year 2019. 


Being a single mother & the only female executive member in the company, Dr. Ankita is a hustler & lives life with compassion. She finds herself fortunate to always have the proper support from her friends, family, colleagues, manager, and house helps & others throughout her life. She considers her mother to be her true inspiration & mentor as she was the one who listened & supported her through all her endeavors. 

Dr. Ankita is an explorer who loves traveling & refers to it as something that helps revitalize her mental health & happiness. She is also a responsible citizen and has actively participated in numerous social causes & NGOs on Children’s Education & Development. 

She advises youngsters to have faith in their capabilities and dream big. If anything is humanly achievable, every human can achieve the same. Staying hopeful, optimistic, and humane are the known magical ingredients of a great recipe called life.



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