She: Glorifying Businesses | Nari Shakti

अतुलं तत्र तत्तेजः सर्वदेवशरीरजम् । एकस्थं तदभून्नारी व्याप्तलोकत्रयं त्विषा ॥ That incomparable radiance that was born from all Gods and pervaded the 3 worlds, came to one place and took the form of a Woman. Nari Shakti translates to “Women Power” in English. The phrase epitomises the strength, resilience, and indomitable spirit of women. It […]

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Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore: The Marketing Genius

“We don’t just talk about brands, we help you build one.” Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore (Co-Founder & COO, Marcadors Marketing Pvt Ltd) “We all have the power to make an impact when we infuse marketing with authenticity and heart,” says Shoileyi Bardhan Singh Rathore who has built Marcadors with her husband Aman, from the ground […]

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Preeti Das, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Preeti Das: The Next-Gen Tech Guru

“In today’s world, it’s important to continually develop new skills, especially in the technology world, while also maintaining a healthy pace.” Preeti Das (Founder & CEO, Inginetech Solutions) Preeti Das is a consummate professional who comes with a rich experience of nearly four decades in the business industry, largely technology. At the age of 22, […]

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Manju Mastakar, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Manju Mastakar: The Architect of Financial Success

“We are here to provide professional insights and strategic advice on all facets of the financial needs. Manju Mastakar (MD, Armstrong Capital & Financial Services) While most people get scared of numbers, Manju Mastakar has harboured a deep affection for them. While people of her age were busy selecting the ideal tourist destinations, Manju, at […]

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Astha Jain & Pawanjot Kaur, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Astha Jain and Pawanjot Kaur: The Ayurvedic Dynamos

“We aim to bridge the gap between the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and modern wellness practices.”  Astha Jain and Pawanjot Kaur (Co-Founders, Ayuvya) Astha Jain and Pawanjot Kaur, the creative minds behind Ayuvya Ayurveda, blend tradition with innovation like no other. By sourcing exceptional Ayurvedic products from families with generations-old legacies in this tradition, the […]

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Vineeta Singh, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Vineeta Singh: The Beauty Entrepreneur

“Let’s not obsess over competition, let’s obsess over our customer needs.”  Vineeta Singh (Co-Founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics) Vineeta Singh, the proud owner of  India’s fastest-growing beauty brand, needs no introduction. The Co-Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, Vineeta Singh has become a household name, especially after investing in different emerging businesses through Shark Tank […]

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Suman Chhethnani, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Suman Chhethnani: Empowering Global Trade

Modern Solutions for International Procurement Success “Focused on importers’ needs, we excel in sourcing products at scale from India, particularly emphasizing the home and lifestyle categories.” Suman Chhethnani (Founder and CEO, Azoonis International LLP) Azoonis, a leading sourcing company specialising in home décor and lifestyle products from India, in just five years of its inception, […]

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Sonali Chitale, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Sonali Chitale: The Design Luminary

“Every project we complete is a great milestone and accomplishment for us.” Sonali Chitale (Founder and Creative Head, Kaizen by Sonali Chitale) Sonali Chitale’s work is far from cookie-cutter as she ensures that there is no signature style to her work. Her creative eyes, attention to detail and artistic abilities reflect her sense of style, […]

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Dr. Santoshi Kurada, She Glorifying Businesses, Nari Shakti

Dr. Santoshi Kurada: The Healing Touch With Care

“We specialise in treating all kinds of chronic pain.” Dr. Santoshi Kurada (Co-Founder and Consultant Interventional Pain Specialist,  Alleviate) In this fast-paced world, we find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of competing priorities and ever-accelerating demands. Healthcare, which should be our foremost priority, takes a setback. Fortunately, amidst this storm, Dr. Santoshi Kurada, the Co-Founder […]

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