Unleash Your Creativity By Fighting Your Creative Block

Unleash Your Creativity By Fighting Your Creative Block


Are you also a creative professional whose job role demands constant creative ideas and innovative skills? If yes, then you must agree that creative block is a real thing that every creative professional has to go through.

It becomes very frustrating for any professional to not come up with any creative ideas and just keep staring at the computer screen or diary mindlessly. But don’t think of it as your personal failure. Creative burnout is a real thing and happens with every person who indulges in creative thinking. But if you are a creative professional and your whole livelihood depends on your creativity then you can not afford to have a creative block otherwise it will start hampering your professional life.

The last thing you want to restrict your career growth with, is creative block. To keep the flow of creativity in your ideas, we have some easy ideas that have been used by many creative professionals. Follow these simple ideas next time to prevent the creative block. 

  • Put Your Ideas On Paper

Unleash Your Creativity By Fighting Your Creative Block - Put Your Ideas On Paper

There is no time for creativity to strike your mind. Most of the time the right idea strikes when you are not working. And the moment you start working you cannot come up with anything good to work on. Therefore, it is very important to write down your ideas on a piece of paper so that you can later work on them. 

If you don’t want to carry a pen or paper with you all the time then just put down the main points in the ‘Notes’application on your smartphone. Nowadays, every phone has this feature, so use the best possible resources you have. You will never get out of the ideas if you jot down your points somewhere and always have something to work on later. 

  • Move Your Body When Creative Block Strikes

If you feel that you are trying hard but still not getting any ideas then leave it for a few minutes. Stepping away from your work desk will let your brain breathe and relax. Many creative professionals think that whenever they face a situation of creative burnout they take a walk and it helps them greatly. 

It is also scientifically proven that walking can increase 60% of creative output in a person. It’s all about balance. Give your brain proper breaks in a timely manner. Breaks give your brain time to observe the surroundings and construct new ideas. Once you start giving yourself proper breaks, the chances of you getting into a creative slump reduce.

  • Take A Digital Detox

Take A Digital Detox

In this digital age, we spend hours on the screens either on the computers or on our phones. What we don’t understand is that our surrounding is the greatest source of inspiration for our creativity. A creative person observes his/her surrounding carefully and then flows them into his/her ideas creatively. 

Another excellent way to keep the flow of creative ideas is to take a break from technology and go talk with someone. Talking with people is a great way to generate some new perspectives and opinions in your thought process which ultimately helps you in thinking creatively.   

  • Take Up A Monotonous Task

Do you feel creative block but don’t have time to take a break to have a mindful conversation with your friends or go on a walk? Don’t worry we have a solution for this situation as well! It is a very clear thing that you cannot force creativity but since you are facing hurdles in coming up with new ideas don’t force yourself.

Meanwhile, you can complete those methodical tasks that require less brainpower. The monotonous task can reboot your mind greatly, keep you busy with some tasks and also check off a task from your list. 

  • Find Your Creative Source Of Inspiration

Find Your Creative Source Of Inspiration

Every creative artist has that one source of inspiration to keep their creativity intact. Be it a book, blog, video or work of any other artist, keep yourself updated with what’s happening around the world. And the best way to do so is to keep reading, watching or listening to other people. 

One cannot be too old to start learning new things. Take inspiration from other creative people and motivate yourself to learn more and become a better version of yourself. 

Final Words

Facing hurdles in your work due to creative block is completely normal. Remember you are not alone in this. It happens to everyone. And the creative block is just a part of the process. Creative Block doesn’t make you less of an artist, it makes you even stronger. Don’t let this process let you down, keep creating more and more.

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