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Skyislimit Technologies: Helping Businesses Automate Sales Via Top-Notch Software and Digital Solutions

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“Unlike other applications, users get acquainted with Salesfokuz just after undergoing a single training which is of just 15 – 20 minutes.”

Dr. Manodh Mohan (Founder & CEO,
Skyislimit Technologies)

Trusted by 10,000+ customers and CRM experts for having bridged all their sales and communication differences expediently, Salesfokuz by Skyislimit Technologies is gaining popularity in the B2B community. Designed with an absolute motive to simplify sales activities within a business and help speed up lead conversion, this full suite of sales productivity undeniably contributes to increasing sales revenue. 

How It All Started?

Salesfokuz Team

In 2013, Dr. Manodh Mohan, the Founder and CEO of Skyislimit Technologies, entered into the world of entrepreneurship by starting a website development service along with his two friends. The company hired a Sales Executive to handle the sales department but tracking his sales productivity became the biggest challenge. Despite maintaining a record of all the reports, the management was unable to get track of client interactions. 

To every problem, there is a solution. Dr. Manodh knew what to do next. 2019 became a breakthrough year for Dr. Manodh when after 36 months of developing and testing, Salesfokuz was introduced in the market by Skyislimit Technologies to simplify sales processes.

We often say ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’. What developed to meet the requirement of the organisation, became a leading name in the B2B market. 

“Salesfokuz is now being used by leading financial institutions namely SBI DFHI, CSB Bank, Saraswat bank, DCB Bank, and various other leading organisations like Godrej, Manikchand Oxyrich and Asianet, to name a few,” proudly mentions Dr. Manodh. 

The Impressive Numbers

In just a few years of inception, Salesfokuz is waving its success flags in the market. The product is used by 130+ clients around the globe with 82% of them being recurring ones. 

Dr. Manodh Mohan with Mr. Suneel (Sonny) Menon
Dr. Manodh Mohan with Mr. Suneel (Sonny) Menon

Skyislimit Technologies added a big victory to its name by securing a foreign investment of $2 million as an angel investment from a US-based visionary Mr. Suneel (Sonny) Menon and his wife Ms. Shari Menon which is strategically being used to strengthen Research and Development (R&D), Support and Business Development, and creating more job opportunities.

Skyislimit’s banking clients have witnessed an 18% increase in their cross-selling opportunities and other clients have seen a 48% increase in lead retention.

Dr. Manodh Mohan: The Man With A Vision 

Vision without action is merely a dream. One has to work relentlessly towards making it a reality. Bearing testimony to this is Dr. Manodh Mohan, who despite facing a myriad of challenges gifted a top-notch customisable sales CRM application because of his nothing is impossible attitude.

The brain behind Skyislimit Technologies and Salesfokuz, Dr. Manodh comes with over 16 years of experience and a long track record of developing innovative products and processes based on market requirements.

Dr. Manodh strongly believes in ‘Learning is the key to success’. As he puts it, “I motivate my team to be curious learners which bestows one with immense knowledge and helps scale up any domain and that too effortlessly.”

Skyislimit Technologies: Ultimate Choice For SaaS Services


Skyislimit Technologies is a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who master the art of delivering comprehensive SaaS services with a vision to help organisations run more efficiently.

“As our focus always stays on providing best-in-class solutions and services, we always bring the brightest side of technology and the updated domain knowledge together,” iterates Dr. Manodh while recalling the inception days of Skyislimit. 

Started with only 3 teammates, Skyislimit Technologies is now a team of 90+ professionals serving thousands of users across the globe.

Salesfokuz: A Revolutionary Tool By Skyislimit Technologies

Salesfokuz is a comprehensive Sales Performance Management/Sales Representative Management tool with a combination of a web dashboard and mobile app that assists businesses with the management of leads, performance analysis of sales teams, sales activities, and various other parameters that contribute to increasing their sales revenue. 

“The application empowers businesses to effectively analyse real-time data, and make strategic business decisions based on real-time analytics,” adds Dr. Manodh. 

Every business belonging to different sectors faces different challenges. Understanding this diversity, Salesfokuz has been sub-categorized into 10+ sub-products which has enabled the company to serve many leading industries like BFSI, FMCG, Manufacturing, Real-Estate, Service Sector, Health care sector, Dealer management, Clinical management, Textile industry, and many more. 

Standing Out Since The Beginning

As easy as it may sound, surviving in the cut-throat business world is way more challenging. With the utter dedication of the team combined with Dr. Manodh’s vigour, Salesfokuz by Skyislimit Technologies stands out from the crowd. Here’s how:

  • Affordable to businesses of all sizes: For any business be it small, medium or large, the services of Salesfokuz can be used by all.

  • Highly customizable: Salesfokuz is made customizable since requirements and processes are different for different businesses.

  • Simple User Interface: It’s just like using any other social media platform.

  • Minimal step processing: From lead onboarding to sales updates, every activity can be done in minimal steps.

  • Quick training: Unlike other applications, a quick training of only 15-20 minutes is required to familiarise any user with this software. 

Fokuz: A Trusted Virtual Teammate

Developed with the objective to help users host a secure and structured meeting with improved communication, Fokuz by Skyislimit Technologies is a secure and flexible video conferencing solution with unparalleled usability features. It enables seamless communication by connecting multiple users worldwide in real time.

It not only lets you experience high-definition video and audio quality but also enables you to enjoy best-of-breed security. 

Feathers In The Cap 

Within such a short period of time, Skyislimit has bagged many awards because of its expertise in providing products of top-notch quality to users. Some of the achievements are:

  • Hind Rattan Award awarded by 41st International Convention of Non-Resident Indians 2022

  • 40 Under 40 India’s Most Influential Young Leaders 2021-22 awarded by AsiaOne’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2021–22 Asia, Americas, and Africa 2021–22

  • Game Changer of Kerala awarded by Mangalam Group in 2022

  • Times Visionary Leader awarded by Times Ascent in 2022

  • Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award awarded by International Achievers Awards Dubai 2021

  • Outstanding Achievement Award for Business Excellence awarded by All India Achievers Foundation in 2021

  • Indian Affairs Innovative & Dynamic Entrepreneur Of  The Year 2021 awarded by 12th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2021.

  • Indian Achievers’ Award 2020 awarded by the Indian Achievers Forum

  • Top 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers of 2019 awarded by CIO Review

  • Best CRM Brand of 2019 awarded by Ende Samrambham – Yes 2019 Biz Conclave & Awards  (2019)

  • Phoenix Award 2019 awarded by Kairali TV

The Expansion Plan

Considering the current success ratio that Skyislimit is bringing for its clients, the company expects great monetary benefits as it moves forward. 

“Our future plan is to implement AI-based recommendations for sales and automate as many sales activities as possible using Salesfokuz so that organisations can make their ‘leads to sales conversion’ process easy, quick, and flawless,” says Dr. Manodh while signing off. 


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