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Xpecto is IIT Mandi’s annual Inter-College Tech-Fest, where students from various IITs, NITs, IIITs, and other top engineering universities will come all together to celebrate technology’s carnival. This exuberant fest, organized by the renowned SnTC (Technical Society of IIT Mandi), will be an enriching experience for all participants. With already thousands of registrations for the fest, there is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm noticed among the participants.

From the 14th to the 16th of May, 2022, Xpecto will be held online, with 15 technical and 3 fun events. The fest will also include many scientific workshops which will enhance the learning of participants in the field of science and technology. Students from across the country will compete in a variety of technical competitions, interactive talks, and workshops, with prizes worth more than 10 lakhs. The fest will include contests, and hackathons from various scientific and technical fields like programming, robotics, machine learning, astronomy, etc. 


Xpecto, the first-ever technical fest of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi was inaugurated on 13-05-2022 in the evening. 

The event was graced by the virtual presence of Dr. H.B. Srivastava, DG (Technology Management) DRDO as the Chief Guest. In his speech, Dr. Srivastava inspired young minds to use technology wisely and to implement the positives of technology for the nation’s betterment. Prof. Laxmidhar Behera, the Director of IIT Mandi was also present at the Inauguration Ceremony. He highlighted various aspects related to technology and how to develop a better tech culture not just in IIT Mandi, but also in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by a large number of students. Xpecto, one of the finest TechFest of the Himalayas, is all set to begin tomorrow. It is a three-day fest with a variety of technical events like hackathons, contests, workshops, keynote sessions, webinars, etc. by different clubs of IIT Mandi.

With a plethora of vibrant and uniquely designed events, the technical extravaganza is set to be a lively affair that will live up to the expectations of technophiles.

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Keynote Speakers: 

Xpecto ’22 is delighted to announce our keynote speaker, Mr. Atanu Roy Chowdhury! Mr. Chowdhury, an IIT Guwahati and Harvard alumnus, is the founder of Capsule Labs. Capsule Labs is an education company in the field of IoT and sensor technology. Currently, Mr. Chowdhury is also a teacher at Calcutta University.

Before Capsule Labs, Mr Chowdhury has worked at Altiux, Infosys, the Harvard Sensor Networking Lab, Ericsson and Blue Highway.

We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Chowdhury will be conducting a talk on his story as a founder and an open discussion on entrepreneurship!

Day 1: All about 14th May 2022

The first day of Xpecto was in association with Mudrex and Media Partner Amar Ujala. Xpecto’22 is the first-ever independent TechFest of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi.

The fest was started with the event ‘Archgami’ which tested the ability of participants to think creatively and mathematically as were required to draw or build a similar temporary living structure. It was followed by a keynote talk on ‘Towards Holistic Science and Technology’ by Prof. Laxmidhar Behera, the Director of IIT Mandi. Prof. Behera emphasized on consciousness and spirituality relating to science and technology. He also highlighted the significance of the Vedas and the science associated with the Vedas.

Xpecto IIT Mandi

‘DebZ’, an event that helped participants improve their analytical skills and pitching skills, witnessed great participation. Another event named ‘Somehow I Manage’, was designed for participants to learn to handle different activities using management skills. Its Round-1 was conducted today with two more rounds to go. Also, a few other events such as ‘Metro in Hills’, ‘Pitch Terra’, and ‘Wires and Wonders’ were launched today and will be concluded by 15th May 2022.

After these many technical events, a fun event named ‘Foldable Flight’ was organized in which participants were required to make paper planes and were judged on the basis of height covered and time elapsed by the paper plane.

Last but the most attention-grabbing event, ‘Dementia’, an Inter-College Programming Contest was conducted in which participants were given competitive and real-life programming problems to solve.

The day-1 was full of learning and innovating new things. There was huge participation which was enough to justify the standards set by the Technical Society of IIT Mandi.

Day 2: All about 15th May 2022

After the successful completion of Day-1, Day-2 of Xpecto, powered by Mudrex and Media Partner Amar Ujala, began with the same energy and enthusiasm.

The day started with the Humanoid & Drone Show which was extremely fascinating. The students of JNV Mandi were also present to witness the Humanoid and learn the functionality of the Drone.

‘Somehow I Manage’, an event whose objective was to develop management skills by handling different tasks and coming up with solutions to the problems. In ‘Pitch Terra’, the participants were required to provide biotechnical solutions to the environmental issues and present a business model for the same.

Some other interesting events like Zion-CTF, DebZ & Wires and Wonders, which started on Day 1, were concluded at the end of the day.

There were keynote sessions on ‘Cyber Security’ by Mr. Abhishek Mishra and ‘Electric Vehicles’ by Mr. Pratik Gupta. Our associate partner, Mudrex conducted a workshop on ‘Algorithm Trading’ to develop a sense of investment and trading amongst the young minds.

Metro in Hills, is one of the finest events organized by Team Xpecto. As we all know, Himachal Pradesh is situated in the lap of the Great Himalayas, one of the largest mountain ranges in the world. Due to its uneven terrain, transportation in Himachal Pradesh is very difficult. The main aim of Metro in Hills was to analyze how can Metro be brought to the hills to ease the transportation in mountainous states like Himachal Pradesh. The concept of this event was unique and attracted engineers across the country.

Day 2 of Xpecto’22, the first-ever independent TechFest of IIT Mandi, was full of exciting events and it was evident that participants thoroughly enjoyed it and learned different technical aspects.

Day 3: All about 16th May 2022

IIT Mandi Event Xpecto

The last day of Xpecto started with the Robotic Automation Process which was based on the topic of how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is important to companies and to individuals and how can we reduce human labour using Robots.

‘Galactic Eye’ is an event in which participants are required to make an observatory that includes multiple features to stargaze and learn astronomy.

Besides, these interesting events, there were several webinars and keynote sessions. One of the webinars was hosted by Mr. Rohit Goyal, co-founder Mudrex. He briefed the students about crypto-currency and the future of crypto-currency. It was a very informative session as students also got the knowledge of trading. Another webinar was conducted by Mr. Kiranjit Pathak in which he highlighted on Experiential Learning Program which was based on Trekking led by India Trek. There was also a keynote session by Mr. Atanu Roy Chowdhary on Entrepreneurship who shared his experiences with the participants.

IIT Mandi Xpecto

The Closing Ceremony marked the end of the three-day-long TechFest. Dr. Aloknath De, former CTO of Samsung R & D Institute, India graced the ceremony with his presence as the Chief Guest.

Xpecto’22, the first-ever independent TechFest of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Mandi) ended on a very high note, promoting tech culture in the state of Himachal Pradesh and promising technical developments for the future. Team Xpecto worked tirelessly to make this fest a grand success which was evident from the standards set by the Xpecto.

For more details, visit capsulelabs.in or xpecto.tech

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