Alumination 2023 A Resplendent Resurgence at IIT Bombay

Alumination 2023: A Resplendent Resurgence at IIT Bombay

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At the heart of India’s academic excellence, the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) stands tall as one of the finest engineering institutes in the country, boasting a rich legacy of 65 years and has continued to uphold its status as a nurturing ground for exceptional talent. What sets IIT Bombay apart is not just its commitment to academic excellence but the unwavering bond it fosters between its alumni, the institution and the students.

Student Alumni Relations Cell  is at the helm of bridging the gap between the students, the alumni and the institute. It’s a student body headed by the Dean ACR with more than a hundred students working towards making alumni interactions more feasible and easier by organizing various events, mentorship programmes and field-visits.

Alumination, their flagship event is a culmination of all their efforts. Alumination 2023: A Resplendent Resurgence, which was held late October on 21st and 22nd was a huge success and received positive feedback from the students, alumni and the professors attending it.

Day 1: October 21, 2023

On October 21st students got to visit the Nation Stock Exchange (NSE) which provided many valuable insights about finance and stock markets. The event officially began the following day with numerous workshops from diverse fields, ranging from consultancy to analytics, aimed at providing valuable insights into the non-core world. Various established alumni who are well versed in the fields joined us to share their experiences with rooms filled with inquisitive students. Parallely, there were mock interviews and group discussions going on, all aimed at preparing the final year students for the upcoming placement season.

Later in the same evening they had “Coming Full Circle” with Mr. Deepak Satwalekar and Mr. Rajeev Pandia, friends from the batch of 1971 and returned back to their alma matter after 52 years who had a interactive and engaging sessions with questions ranging from career related guidance to their experience at the institute. This was followed by “Trailblazers”, an interview with Mr Sneh Vaswani, CEO and Co-founder of and Ms. Ahana Gautam, the CEO and Co-founder of Open Secret who shared insights from their entrepreneurial journey inspiring students to step-out in the world of start-ups and helping them in their own journey.

They ended the day with “Beyond The Horizon ” with Mr. Vipul Goyal. It was an amazing session with more than 1400+ students, alumni and staff attending it. The event commenced with a few cultural performances by the students followed by a fireside chat with Mr. Vipul Goyal who had everyone laughing at his humorous and witty answers and amazing presence of mind. This event is a way to celebrate alumnus who have excelled in unconventional career fields and inspire students to follow their passion.

Day 2: October 22, 2023

The next day the students had “Alumni Odyssey” with Mr. Ravindra Gupta and Mr. Suhas Kajbaje which catered to the post graduate students, focusing on the problems faced by PG students, providing invaluable guidance for their career. In “Start it Up”, Mr. Akshay Saxena and Mr. Anupam Sidhant shared their experience and views on entrepreneurship and guided students in their entrepreneurial journey.

“Spotlight” with Mr. Ashwin Srivastava and Ms. Ashima Mittal shared their extraordinary journey and was a huge inspiration for the students. “Un-engineering” with Jodi-anoorabh and Mr. Sameer Saxena witnessed heartfelt and nostalgic moments. Mr. Sourabh Chanderiya (Jodi-Anoorabh) captivated the audience with his amazing personality and rocking dance numbers. Mr. Sammer Saxena joined us online and shared his journey in the world of filmmaking and storytelling. He also briefed us about his upcoming venture, Kaala Pani. The students got a chance to win a limited edition of Netflix goodies.

Apart from all these events, “Break The Ice” witnessed students join their Alumni Mentors for the first time; “Hostalgia”: a hostel specific event for alumni to relive their hostel life and interacted with the students presenting amazing anecdotes about life at IITB in the bygone era. They were also given an institute tour; They also had the final round of SARCathon which were some pan India contests ranging from pitching their start-up ideas to Website development. The winners of which were handed their prizes at the end by Jodi Anoorabh at the end of the event.

Alumination 2023: A resplendent resurgence

Alumination 2023: A resplendent resurgence was overall attended by more than 3000 students, alumni and professors and was a huge success. The students received positive feedback and also a few suggestions from both the students as well as alumni. Alumni had a great time at their alma mater after such a long time while the students benefited from their experience and insights. This amazing reunion of the past and future was nothing like the usual. Filled with emotions, nostalgia and inspiration the event is etched in the heart of everyone who attended.

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