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Vineeta Singh: The Beauty Entrepreneur

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Let’s not obsess over competition, let’s obsess over our customer needs.” 

Vineeta Singh
(Co-Founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics)

Vineeta Singh, the proud owner of  India’s fastest-growing beauty brand, needs no introduction. The Co-Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, Vineeta Singh has become a household name, especially after investing in different emerging businesses through Shark Tank India. Despite facing back-to-back rejections and business failures, Vineeta has fearlessly risen against the odds to establish herself in the business industry.

She is an alumnus of Delhi Public School, IIT Madras and Ahmedabad. After completing her Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras, she pursued her Business Studies at IIM Ahmedabad. It was during her MBA that she decided to venture into entrepreneurship. She did a summer job at Deutsche Bank, gained experience in the banking and financial industry and became the Director for Quetzal Verify Private Limited for five years.

Before incepting SUGAR Cosmetics, Vineeta and her husband Kaushik Mukherjee started Fab Bag, a subscription-based customisable beauty kit which provides customers with beauty and cosmetics products from global brands every month at their doorstep, carefully curated by experts based on the questionnaire filled out by customers while signing up for the kit.

A famous saying goes, “Failure is success in progress,” this quote exemplifies how Vineeta Singh failed to launch two different firms before launching SUGAR Cosmetics. Following the research, she realised the need for transfer-proof and long-lasting makeup for Indian women, leading to the inception of SUGAR Cosmetics. SUGAR became the fastest-growing cosmetics brand in five years in an industry ruled by giants such as Lakme, L’Oreal and MAC. She founded this company with her husband, Kaushik Mukherjee.

About SUGAR Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics by Sugar Cosmetics

SUGAR Cosmetics, a cult favourite amongst Gen Z and millennials, is one of the fastest-growing premium beauty brands in India. With its clutter-breaking persona, signature low-poly packaging and chart-topping products, SUGAR is the makeup of choice for bold, independent women who refuse to be stereotyped into roles. Crafted in state-of-the-art facilities across Germany, Italy, India, USA, and Korea, the brand ships its bestselling products in the Lips, Eyes, Face, Nails & Skin categories worldwide.

With a cruelty-free range high on style and higher on performance, the brand is obsessed with crafting products that are a perfect match for every Indian skin tone across seasons and around the calendar. Backed by the trust of marquee investors and the love of millions of makeup enthusiasts, SUGAR Cosmetics is rapidly scaling its physical presence with 45,000+ retail touchpoints across 550+ cities and is on a mission of reaching the doorstep of every makeup user in the country.

Running A Bootstrapped Business Comes With Many Hurdles

Establishing a company and turning it into a successful business is not easy at all, especially in a market cluttered with big, small, and giant makeup and beauty products companies. Vineeta and her husband bootstrapped the business and worked hard to build the brand. They encountered challenges from the get-go, such as raising capital, finding reliable suppliers, and building a team. In 2017, India Quotient and Singapore-based RB Investments raised a helping hand and became the first investors in the company.

Furthermore, Vineeta had to face gender biases. Once, an investor only invested in the company once her husband joined the company full-time. Talking about the gender bias she says, “There are still times that some venture capitalists would shake my husband’s hand, but not mine. They would also not make eye contact or ask me any questions, but I make it a point to shake their hands vigorously, make eye contact, and ask them questions.”

Being a businesswoman has its advantages and disadvantages. Working long hours and spending less time with your family, especially children, can take a toll on you. However, getting support from the family and their presence can make all the difference. Vineeta considers her two children her biggest strength, and being able to impress them gives her a sense of satisfaction.

From Pitching To Sharks To Becoming A Shark

Vineeta Singh and her husband had given a pitch for their venture and were able to grab a deal from all the sharks, and now the tables have turned as she has become a shark on the show. She has funded many startups like CosIQ, Skippi Ice Pops, Josh Talks, JhaJi Store, Booz, NOCD, and BluePine Foods, to list a few.

Vineeta Singh is a mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, athlete, shark, and mentor. Whether it is doing a 21km marathon while she was six months pregnant or her first triathlon while carrying her 11-month baby, she believes in finishing whatever she starts and doesn’t let her fears bog her down. She says, “No matter what obstacles you face, as a businesswoman, you must find a way to overcome those hurdles and reach your goals.”

Advice To Women Entrepreneurs

Vineeta Singh The Beauty Entrepreneur

Vineeta advises working women to prioritise self-care. Women play multiple roles, from handling the household to children and work. They handle their roles and responsibilities efficiently. She encourages women to never give up on their dreams and believe in themselves and their abilities; as it helps them achieve great things. 

Vineeta’s entrepreneurial journey encompasses four H- Hunger, Humility, Hustle, and Humour. While explaining the 4 H’s, she says, “With hunger in your idea, hustle in your action, humility in your words and humour to build it all – you can achieve what you set your mind to.”

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