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108 GB RAM: One-Stop Solution for Digital Security Services

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We, at 108 GB RAM, are developing our own SaaS product in Cyber security training and education to enhance the efficiency of Global cybersecurity. 

Govind Kulkarni (Director,
108GB RAM Global IT Services Pvt Ltd)

As technology transforms the dynamic business landscape, it is also reinforcing erratic cyber threats to businesses. And to make the situation more complex, the constantly changing AI and automation make it extremely difficult for companies to proactively defend against cyber threats. To solve the industry-defining challenges of cyber threats, 108 GB RAM Global IT Services Pvt Ltd offers the best cloud security and IT solutions and helps businesses build a safer, more secure and connected world. 

With the aim to deliver the best IT solutions, 108 GB RAM was incepted in 2021. Within just one year of its inception, the company has been able to build a strong client base of more than 60 customers around the globe. The company with its phenomenal services and expertise has marked its firm presence in different countries of the world.

“We have a strong customer base in Australia/New Zealand, India, the Middle East, Europe, the US and far west in California, so we are truly global,” says the Director of the company, Govind Kulkarni.


Incorporated during the tough times of the Covid Pandemic, 108 GB RAM has had customers from day one. It started getting customers even before the company got registered. 108 GB RAM began the journey with a few thousand Rupees, and now, with the help of its expertise and top-notch cyber security services, the company has reached the phenomenal stage of nearing ₹ 1Cr business in just a year. 

Even during the time of Covid when businesses were struggling to survive, the business of 108 GB RAM was flourishing in full swing. Today the company has a team of 12 expert professionals who enrich the services of the company with their stellar expertise. Witnessing the significant growth of the company, 108 GB RAM is planning to further expand its team in the next year. 


With a clear vision to make the business landscape a secure place, Govind Kulkarni laid the foundation of 108 GB RAM. Holding the position of Director in the company, the strategic brain, Govind ensures that 108 GB RAM has the right mix of customers and revenues that lead the company to its infinite heights.

Along with creating the strategic growth plans of the company, Govind Kulkarni also focuses on daily operations in a timely manner to ensure the company’s smooth operations. 

“The fundamentals are very clear, serve one customer well and satisfy all the needs by understanding their fundamental objectives, and this approach helps us greatly by onboarding lots of clients by referrals,” mentions the brainchild of the company.


The core strength of 108 GB RAM is its capability to deliver the best-in-class cybersecurity services to various organisations; be it small-scale businesses or big organisations. In the words of Govind, “We have got multiple customers through references and that gives us more satisfaction. For us, the customer is everything and we are giving a positive experience irrespective of the amount of business.”

Based on its capability and expertise, 108 GB RAM becomes the preferred choice in various IT services ranging from cloud security, GRC, VAPT, SIEM and many others.  The qualified team of the company with its integrated expertise creates a vibrant digital ecosystem to deliver faster, better and enduring outcomes. 


The highly qualified and experienced team of 108 GB RAM works with utmost dedication and offers world-class cyber security solutions with a key focus on cloud security, data privacy and governance, risk & compliance. The company provides its services in various IT solutions including:

  • ISO 27001 implementation
  • Data Privacy implementation for GDPR and other country-specific 
  • SOC 2 implementation
  • ITIL4 and COBIT 2019 implementation
  • Vulnerability and Penetration testing

Along with these services, 108 GB RAM also delivers exceptional services in HIPAA/HITRUST implementation, PCI-DSS implementation, FFIEC implementation, FedRamp/Tx-Ramp implementation, NIST implementation, Security Operation Center, Security Information and Event Management, IT security independent auditing and ITIL4 and COBIT 2019 implementation.

108 GB RAM is also working round the clock to develop its own SaaS product in Cyber Security training and education. It is one of its kind training platform and there is no similar product currently available in India. 


One thing that plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy client relationship is understanding the needs and requirements of the client. Bringing testimony to this statement, 108 GB RAM understands the capabilities of the client and then offers the right solution. The huge clientele of the company includes both small and medium organisations that deal in either AI or in SaaS products. And thus, every customer of 108 GB RAM is unique.

Govind says, “We engage in customer satisfaction surveys in constant efforts to improve our services. At regular intervals, we do discussions with customers to check what improvements are needed.”


With a vision to build a more efficient and reliable cybersecurity paradigm, 108 GB RAM is emerging as a trusted name in the cybersecurity industry. Focusing on holistic growth, the company has set the target to make $5 million by 2027.  

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