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BigImpex: Offering An Ideal Corporate Gifting Experience

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“Customer satisfaction is passé, customer delight is what we aim for.”

Rishi & Gaurav Khatri
(Co-Founders, BigImpex)

With a mission to help businesses build and improve relationships with their employees, vendors and customers, BigImpex is standing tall in the realm of Corporate Gifting since 2003. 

Helmed by two strategic minds, Rishi Khatri and Gaurav Khatri, BigImpex moves mountains to bring what the client wants to the table. Soon to complete two decades into the burgeoning industry, BigImpex has become one of the largest promotional gift suppliers and product developers in India. 

While riding the roller coaster, BigImpex has successfully spread its wings across top corporates by developing ideas and supplying promotional gifts to industry leaders like Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Dr Reddy’s Ltd, HDFC Bank, Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Alkem Labs Ltd. and many more. 

Success Against All Odds

BigImpex’s story is a perfect example of “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” BigImpex is redefining the corporate gifting industry with these impressive numbers: 

  • 10,000+ Products
  • 300+ Corporate Customers 
  • 1000+ Corporate Orders Annually 
  • 100+ Experienced Employees

The Brains Behind BigImpex

What does it take to be successful? First and foremost, the hard work and then comes the passion. It was this passion which motivated a fresh graduate and a sales enthusiast to incept a corporate gifting business. And when Gaurav Khatri joined hands with Rishi Khatri, there was no looking back. 

Life is all about making bigger plans and Rishi Khatri’s utter determination to make  BigImpex a global leader adds power to this statement. 

Rishi is credited for strengthening the foundation of the company as his role in devising the corporate strategy, and diversifying through product lines can’t go unnoticed. He handles the research and development of new products and the overall sales of BigImpex. He unfeignedly loves building new clientele & fulfilling their needs. 

The Co-Founder, Gaurav Khatri handles the marketing and finance departments. His determination and unique approach towards handling clients’ requirements is out of the ordinary. A strong believer in teamwork, Gaurav believes ‘A team should be taught how to think and not what to think.’

Products And Offerings 

An acronym for BIG Imports and Gifts, BigImpex is the number one corporate gifts manufacturer, supplier, and importer in India. The company, over the years, has been the distributor for several big international brands.

  • HidrateSpark 

BigImpex HidrateSpark

BigImpex is the sole importer and distributor of the world’s smartest water bottle – HidrateSpark in India. HidrateSpark Water Bottle is invented to empower individuals to live healthier lives through hydration.

  • Astonish and Moss & Adams 

BigImpex is also the distributor for the UK’s No. 1 cleaning solutions brand, ‘Astonish’ and the personal care brand ‘Moss & Adams’. 

  • Glasslock

As a national distributor, BigImpex offers ‘Glasslock’, Korea’s top environment-friendly break-resistant food container brand. 

  • Self Gard

BigImpex’s other brand, ‘Self Gard’ manufactures high-quality protective face masks which include 3-ply, 4-ply and N95 grade face masks for men, women & children. 

  • Grob

BigImpex Grob

BigImpex incepted its own brand ‘Grob’in 2018 with an outright vision to help businesses build stronger relationships with customers. Under Grob, BigImpex offers a wide range of lifestyle products like health and fitness, travel essentials, home and office essentials and much more.

A Brand You Can Trust

BigImpex has been quite successful in making a big impact in the Corporate Gifting industry due to the following embedded characteristics: 

  • Great customer experience doesn’t just happen. It has to be planned and mindfully delivered. BigImpex keeps Customer Delight at the forefront.
  • To stay ahead of the competition & meet clients’ expectations, BigImpex keeps innovating its products.
  • BigImpex follows a competitive pricing strategy along with delivering exceptional services. 

“When a client ties with us, we make sure that what we offer is top-notch in every aspect. Trust is something that can’t be gained overnight. It increases with age and of course through the right strategies. Therefore, since day one, we have focused on maximising the client’s satisfaction and gaining their trust,” mentions Rishi. 

The Pillar Of The Company: BigImpex Team

BigImpex Team

BigImpex Team is a blend of people with different skills, different levels of experience, and abilities. Each team at BigImpex has a significant role to play, be it sales and marketing, logistics and operations or accounts and packaging.

The team at BigImpex fosters a spirit of loyalty, camaraderie and synergy that shapes the company’s culture in the right direction.

BigImpex is equipped with a strong professional staff including experienced & highly skilled sourcing managers, efficient sales managers, professional in-house product designers and strong administration backup staff for the successful execution of clients’ needs.

“BigImpex constitutes a team of 100+ employees. Each and every employee is passionate towards their job, therefore, strives to provide their customer with the best products and top-notch services,” mentions Rishi.  

Hassle-Free Delivery Of Products 

A gift is an expression of gratitude, value, and appreciation. Hence, there are a lot of emotions involved. Here comes the role of the highly competitive and experienced team of floor managers, packing in charge and QC managers at BigImpex.

The logistics Team at BigImpex uses high-quality freight-friendly packaging to ensure that the gift reaches the client’s doorstep without any wear and tear. Furthermore, pre-planning and streamlining the products by the team, as per their delivery schedule avoids any chaos while delivering bulk orders. The team also keeps the client in the loop by giving timely updates regarding the delivery of products.  

“We have a plush office of 8,000 sq. feet area in Bandra. Additionally, our production setup and packing warehouse is spread over an area of 30,000 sq. feet in Vasai, Thane where the checking, printing and repacking of more than 100 different orders are done every month,” mention the Partners. 

Confronting Unusual Challenges

A business in its journey often experiences a lot of turbulence. BigImpex faced them too and the most difficult was the execution of big orders. A lot of time and resources were getting jammed in execution. So, to solve this issue from the roots, BigImpex started creating systems & processes to streamline the same.

When many brainstorming sessions concluded the need for more employees, the company took no time to hire fresh talent and train them, so that the operations could run independently. 

In 2012, BigImpex implemented and customised one-of-its-kind operations software to further streamline the processes and simplify the complexities. 

“We are thrilled to share that the development of this software has helped us a lot in streamlining the processes and thus has worked as one of the core strengths for BigImpex,” mentions Gaurav. 

BigImpex’s Milestones 

Year after year, BigImpex has achieved quite a few milestones. Some of them are: 

2014: BigImpex joined hands with Disney India to become one of its first B2B licensees in India. 

2016: Launched UK’s No. 1 cleaning solutions brand ‘Astonish’ for Indian households

2017: Launched ‘The BigImpex’ App to let people choose the best promotional gifts from the comfort of their homes

2018: Introduced its own brand “GROB” with a motto of ‘Smart Living’ 

2019: Ventured into the D2C model and launched its E-commerce portal ‘Grob’ and also listed products on other market places.

2020: Acted fast on the growing demands of safety products, BigImpex also established a PPE factory within 30 days of the pandemic. Furthermore, the company also launched several hygiene products under the brand ‘SELF GARD’. In the same year, BigImpex became the pioneer in the home disinfection category.

2022: To expand its reach to major pharmaceutical giants, BigImpex launched a medical division. 

It also became the sole distributor for the world’s smartest water bottle ‘HidrateSpark’ in India. 

Mission And Vision Statements 

Since the company’s establishment, BigImpex aims to provide innovative gifting solutions and services to its clients. BigImpex envisions becoming a dominant brand in the field of promotional gifting, catering to every sector of India and the world.

A brand that creates a memorable experience for its customers wins over anything. As Gaurav puts it, “BigImpex’s sole mantra is to help our clients deliver happiness via gifts sent with utmost love and gratitude. 

Rishi further adds, “This vision has helped us develop a client base consisting of top pharmaceutical, banking and IT companies in the country. We are the gifting partners to major companies like DRL, Sun Pharma, Cipla, HDFC life, Ample, Amagi, Abbot, and many more.”

BigImpex’s Expansion Plan 

BigImpex is planning to tie up with several high-end brands to offer the best corporate gifting solutions. 

BigImpex BlendNGo

“We have recently launched the world’s smartest water bottle ‘HidrateSpark’ and a unique portable shaker and blender ‘BlendnGo’ which is extremely handy and convenient to use,” adds Gaurav while commenting on the expansion plans of BigImpex.

BigImpex is always on the hunt for unique products in the market with an aim to deliver something new and innovative in the market. Many such products are lined up and will be launched in the coming years to cater to the market demands.

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