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Sarmentum: Offering Digital Learning Solutions With Rapid Authoring Tools

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“The core expertise of Sarmentum in rapid content authoring helps us to provide best-in-class solutions using experts in rapid authoring tools.” 

(Naveen Bhatnagar & Sharad Saran,
Co-Founders, Sarmentum)

The demand for e-Learning platforms with quality content has increased multi-fold in the past few years. Meeting this demand of learners, Sarmentum is a reputed name in the ed-tech industry that provides quality content solutions. It is a Digital Learning Company that pioneers the digitization of content using Rapid Authoring Tools

Impacting the learning outcome of learners, Sarmentum is a platform that delivers world-class content which is inclusive, engaging and personalised. The digital platform creates content solutions engaging and relevant with various methods such as gamification, performance tools and simulation-based learning with an aim to help students in learning retention and understanding better. 


Sarmentum is the brainchild of two genius minds, Naveen Bhatnagar and Sharad Saran. Passionate about providing best-in-class digital learning solutions, Naveen and Sharad incepted Sarmentum in 2019. Sharad with his 20+ years of experience in the development of digital content using Rapid Authoring tools and video development ensures the quality deliverable of the digital solutions. 

Naveen Bhatnagar comes with more than 17 years of experience in business consultancy and possesses the requisite expertise in maintaining healthy relationships with clients. He helps them to find the right learning strategy that suits their business needs. 

The right mix of both these genius minds enables Sarmentum to stand among the leading digital learning platforms. Bringing expertise from their respective fields, Naveen and Sharad lead Sarmentum to become a digital learning platform that creates immersive learning experiences for learners globally. 

“Our technology experts work as a virtual team for the client to create engaging learning solutions and where required we play around with the tool to meet our client’s expectations,” says the Co-Founders, Naveen and Sharad. 


Intending to create an immersive and measurable learning digital platform, the journey of Sarmentum began in 2019. Starting with only 1 customer in its inception year, Sarmentum has now set its foot globally serving both national and international clients. 

The Co-Founders firmly believe that “the first step towards getting somewhere is to decide, where you are and where you want to be”. With a passion to establish a “Solution Oriented Organisation”, the aim was very clear for the team of Sarmentum from Day 1.  

“Getting full support from the family, we had that zeal to respect the entity of the organisation we serve and wanted to replicate the same in our business venture,” iterates Naveen. 

Opting for the transparent approach, Sarmentum ensures the complete visibility of the project since its establishment. Throughout the journey, the aim of the company is very clear; to build a trust factor in the clients and help them as a client virtual team rather than a vendor partner. Resolving the issues and challenges faced by the clients with expertise and professionalism helps Sarmentum to gain the trust and confidence of its clients. 

“We learnt to build business relations by being transparent, trustworthy and focused during our journey so far and will continue following the same,” mentions the Co-Founders of the company. 


Being a Solution oriented organisation, the team of Sarmentum has the core expertise and passion for new technologies that help the clients with their needs. To ensure client satisfaction, the extremely talented team of Sarmentum works round the clock to facilitate effective and customized learning solutions.

“We are indebted to our clients for continuous faith in us. We are adding new clients to our portfolio and at the same time delivering quality solutions to our existing clients,” Naveen asserts proudly.

Sarmentum builds the trust of the clients by solving the problem of their clients even if it reduces the project value for the company. Sarmentum always put the satisfaction of its clients first. This transparent approach of the company helps it to maintain a healthy relationship with its clients. 


The core expertise in rapid content authoring helps Sarmentum to provide exceptional digital learning solutions that cater to the business challenges of the clients. To ensure learners get what they want, Sarmentum performs learning effectiveness solutions. It checks the business performance with a Gap analysis to provide the best solution. 

Catering to the different needs of the clients, the expert team of Sarmentum offer solutions that are specially tailored for the client’s needs. Striving to reach the various sections of the users, the digital learning platform of Sarmentum also encouraged the localization of content in various languages

Putting emphasis on helping the learners in an easy-to-understand manner, Sharad asserts, One of the areas which helped in transforming learning is to move from the usual learning nuggets development approach to creating engaging, effective, and crisp learning programs.

Sarmentum not only just ensures hassle-free learning but also makes it accessible for everyone. Catering to the customers’ need for ‘information on the go’, Sarmentum also provides the facility of mobile learning. It enables the learners to access the digital solutions of the platform anywhere on their mobiles. “We also create learning videos for mobile devices to provide micro-learning,” adds Sharad.

In addition to this, Sarmentum offers LMS training as well as administrative management to host learning solutions that best suit the needs of the customers. 


The client-centric and solution-oriented approach of Sermentum helps it maintain a healthy relationship with its clients. Sarmentum has a reputation for creating world-class digital learning strategies that are not just only useful and functional but also cost-effective. The reputed clientele of Sarmentum includes reputed names in different industries including manufacturing, strategic consulting, healthcare, banking and e-learning companies.

From day 1, the highly professional team of Sarmentum works flexibly to gain the trust of the clients. “We are open to new ideas as well as sharing our thoughts with the client to create a world-class product,” says Naveen. Sarmentum is working with the goal of creating a low-maintenance, top-quality digital learning platform. 


A highly professional team has the incredible power to take the organisation to its infinite heights. The secret of Sarmentum’s excellent customer satisfaction is that they believe in their team and their expertise. The team of Sarmentum together takes all the decisions using the best of their knowledge. The highly professional team of Sarmentum develops exceptional learning courses for learners that are compatible with multiple devices. 

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” These lines by Steve Jobs perfectly describe the importance of a team and its expertise. Naveen and Sharad always maintain open communication with the team and always support them. 

“In the last 3 years, we have created a team that takes ownership of what they do and they have been instrumental in the growth of Sarmentum” affirms Naveen and Sharad. 


Sarmentum builds its business based on trust, faith and relationship with clients. The Founders of the company firmly believe these three principles will help any organisation grow substantially. Being a family, for Sarmentum, the awards and milestones of the company are based on meeting the expectations of everyone who is associated with them.

Along with helping its clients, Sarmentum also takes care of its team and supports them in every difficult situation. And because of this support and trust, the skilled and professional team of Sarmentum is able to deliver the best and most efficient digital learning services. 

“The support of our clients, a fantastic team of professionals and our valuable partners helped us to achieve a few accolades as a Digital Learning Solutions provider,” states Naveen proudly.


For Sarmentum, success is all about working towards meaningful goals and dreams. The company is working diligently to create a customer-centric organisation with the aim of collaborative growth of everyone who is associated with the company. 

Sarmentum is looking forward to expanding its global presence and increasing the R&D budget aiming to create a product which eases the day-to-day activity of the users. The goal is to become a diversified conglomerate with different interests in terms of Technology, Real Estate, Education and many more. The future of Sarmentum looks quite promising as the team has been working tirelessly to achieve a common goal.  

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