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Aarti Kalro: The Ardent Healer

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“ I feel if you follow your heart and your inner calling, you can find a way”. 

Aarti Kalro
(Founder, Arura)

“You also need to believe in yourself, especially if you are ahead of your time with certain ideas”, mentions Aarti Kalro who is the first person to conduct a live sale of crystals in India on Instagram. Amalgamating her different talents of art, writing, healing and counselling, she brings a positive change in the lives of people through her brand Arura.  

Her entrepreneurial journey was not a conscious choice. She started her journey in the fashion industry and worked 9 years in that field. Then she decided to expand and move into her own space. In the last 15 years, she has worked in diverse fields from retail, design, non-profits, and healing. In Aarti’s words, “It has been a journey of self-discovery and growth, one that will continue for a long time!”

Transforming Lives With Arura

Incorporated in 2014, Arura offers its expert services to bring a transformational change in the lives of people. From being a wellness brand that offered crystals and crystal-related products, Arura is now moving into the art and wellness space. “The intention is to spread joy through my creativity, yet staying true to being mindful of the planet,” mentions the Founder.

With an intention to empower the mind, body and soul, Arura offers products for living that are natural and enhance well-being. The brand will soon be offering a section on meditation and experiences to participate in.

Her Leadership Philosophies

With the firm belief that leadership is an ongoing learning experience, Aarti iterates, “If you are not willing to do it – don’t ask someone else to”. Even after so many years of being an entrepreneur, Aarti never stops learning. She constantly aims to learn from those who work with her and this has always brought positive results for her and Arura.

Working with her intuition has served her well in her entire professional journey. She is also preparing herself with a backup plan by learning the number game. “I think it is important to have a backup plan and be open to things turning out vastly different from what you expected,” says the healer.

Overcoming Hurdles

Taking inspiration from Sir Edison’s famous quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”, She always keeps a positive approach. It is her enthusiasm, positivity and determination that keep her going even in difficult situations. Quitting was never a choice for her. There were days when she felt demotivated but she never stepped back and learnt to face them and start over. Her father and friends supported her greatly during her entire journey. She believes, “If we keep an eye on our journey, we all can succeed.”

Moving Ahead

With a hope to be a force for something good, Aarti envisions creating a positive change in the environment and helping people around her by doing what she loves the most. “I would like my work to touch the lives of all, not just a select few. This motivates me,” asserts Aarti. She has also contributed and been featured in Mid Day, Time Out and Vogue.

Establishing her unique identity, she believes in herself and her capabilities and advises the same to fellow women entrepreneurs. “By all means, if you have the passion and the vision, go for it. We are lucky to have so many opportunities that support us. Women are doing great and bringing a positive impact. Never give up.”

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