She Glorifying Businesses - Muskaan Arora

Muskaan Arora: A New Age Storyteller

“Today, I stand at the helm of digital-first natives who are constantly redefining brand communications to help businesses build stronger identities.” Muskaan Arora (Founder & CEO, 11 Ouest) Young entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas are spearheading a significant change in the business landscape. This success is driven by their unrelenting dedication and commitment to make […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Aruna Budhiraja

Aruna Budhiraja: The Creativepreneur

“We are here to provide gifts that are not only elegant and desirable but also functional and memorable.” Aruna Budhiraja (Founder, Kreative Konsultants) “Creativity is the foundation on which innovation relies.” This line summarises the entrepreneurial journey of Aruna Budhiraja. Since her childhood days, Aruna has had an extremely creative bent of mind, always visualising […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Nandita Kanwar

Nandita Kanwar: A Magnificent Marketing Professional

“Leadership is all about influence and not authority.” Nandita Kanwar (Director Growth & Strategy, Hydromo & Founder, eConcero) Nandita has been on a roller coaster ride as both, an employee and an entrepreneur, and she claims that this has been exhilarating, electrifying, rich with lessons & joyful – just like the ride itself! A Marketing […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Nikunj Sharma

Nikunj Sharma: The Opulent Designer

“We put ourselves in the client’s shoes to understand them better in terms of requirements and budget.” Nikunj Sharma (Founder and Principal Designer, Nikunj Sharma Design Studio) What makes a designer different from other designers? “Versatility and Adaptability”, answers Nikunj Sharma, a renowned name in the interior design industry. Infusing creativity and glamour in each […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Dr Prameela

Dr Prameela Sreemangalam: The Ultimate Healer

“I want to establish a huge healing centre where people at large can be served under one roof.”   Dr Prameela Sreemangalam (Founder, Mind Scan) “Scanning thoughts and Simplifying Life,” is the mantra of Dr Prameela Sreemangalam who runs a Centre of Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution.  After completing her schooling at Auxilium Convent, Dr […]

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