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“Learning about your finances and investments is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it NOW.”

The web is an ocean of resources and content, while so many of us had time to reflect upon our lives and also our earnings and expenditure in the coronavirus lockdown, it also brought opportunities for us to know more about finances and investments and ways in which we can grow our income. While there are so many sources on the internet and a lot of misinformation as well, it can become highly confusing and overwhelming to believe in a particular source hence there are various magazines, digital and print that can help one do their own research and gain significant information about share market. Some magazines have completely changed the mindset of people and have resulted in obtaining not just better information but also the right information at the right time. Below we present a list of Top Business Magazines in India 2022 for the share market.

The Top financial magazines in India and Stock market magazines in India that provide an enriching experience to the readers have been mentioned below:


Outlook Money is a popular stock market magazine in India. It covers news and views on mutual funds, insurance, equity, real estate, and banking. It is a magazine that is well known for its quality information on personal finance. Outlook Money also has a column for queries related to personal finance. It is offered in Hindi and English. Outlook Money is one of the Top Financial Magazines in India that covers the topics of personal finance, mutual funds, investments, insurance, taxation, and other financial aspects. Outlook Money publishes widely about insurances and investments which is why it can also be called as Investor magazine of India. Outlook Money is India’s number one personal finance magazine that provides useful information and facts which can help you to invest well, borrow wisely and spend smartly.


The Global Hues is a bimonthly magazine for decision-makers and business leaders around the globe. The Global Hues has time and again proved to be the number one source for the latest & relevant information and it is one of the Top Business Magazines in India. The Global Hues is the best platform that gives you all the information you need about various successful companies and brands so that one can decide where to invest and when to do so. The company showcases the journey of well-known and affluent companies which gives the audience a clear view about their story and growth. It does not just help people to choose where they want to invest but it also states all the current facts and figures of different businesses, be it domestic or international.


Bloomberg Businessweek that was earlier called Businessweek, is an American weekly business magazine, published 50 times a year. Since the year 2009, the magazine has been owned by New York City-based Bloomberg L.P. The magazine debuted in New York City in September 1929 provides financial data and investment-related information. Bloomberg Businessweek is one of the Top financial magazines in India and  Stock market magazines in India. The magazine offers information on global economics, companies and industries, politics and policy, technology, markets and finance, innovation and design, and lifestyle. Bloomberg Businessweek operates globally and is one of the most trusted Magazines.


Fortune India Magazine brings current updates and news on all the businesses and corporations. It provides the latest stock market news and analysis on NSE, BSE, and other statistical data. It is also one of the most read and respected business magazines globally. The magazine is consistent in publishing ranked lists, including the Fortune 500, 40 under 40, and most powerful women. Fortune India Magazine is one of the most popular stock market magazines in India.


Forbes India Magazine is one of the Top Business Magazines in India 2021 that drives most influential business leaders to Forbes. Forbes India Magazine also provides insights and information and shares the successful journeys of the world’s most influential leaders. Forbes India Magazine covers topics like personal finance, lifestyle, technology, business, and the stock market. True to its pedigree, Forbes India has taken on the role of drama critic to Indian business. It was launched in 2009 and since then, the magazine has helped readers connect the dots, form patterns, and see beyond the obvious, giving them a perspective beyond what they see. Forbes India Magazine provides the latest stock updates and is undoubtedly one of the best Business Magazines in India for the share market. 


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