iVIPANAN: A Pioneer of Digital Marketing Training and Services in South Gujarat

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Digital is cheaper media than many other traditional media but it is not free! Don’t take digital for granted. Nothing happens overnight. Digital Marketing is not a magic that starts giving your result in just a few days  – Bhautik Sheth (Founder, iVIPANAN)

The Global Hues received the opportunity to get in conversation with Bhautik Sheth, the founder of iVIPANAN Digital Marketing Services, a full-stack digital marketing company providing services like SEO, Social media marketing, content marketing, website development, Search engine marketing, logo designing, graphic designing, 2D animation video making, product photo, and video shoot, etc. As a training institute, they also offer a Master digital marketing course and other short-term classroom and online programs. Founded in 2014 in Surat, Gujarat, the company is helping many businesses to grow substantially by providing top-notch digital marketing services. 

Online marketing and internet utilization are increasing exponentially, the need of the hour is the execution of traditional as well as digital marketing strategies to reach a larger audience and thus potential customers. Therefore, iVIPANAN capitalized on the current market trends and started providing customized services to confirm the higher rate of marketing success.


Bhautik expressed that it was not easy in early 2010 to even think of starting a company of digital marketing in the Southern Part of Gujarat. He said that people were not aware of the importance of digital space and marketing. From the very beginning, the company focused on training and agency services. It was not surprising for him to learn very early that more people have started showing interest in learning digital marketing rather than spending money on it. Timing, perseverance, and hard work of team iVIPANAN paved off and made the company look like an overnight success. In their 7th year, they are a full-stack digital marketing result-oriented company with unmatched services. 

When asked about the USP of the company, Bhautik expressed “We work on very specific enterprise projects only because we are a highly quality conscious company. We work through our strengths and focus on such projects only. Our USP is our service itself. We give more service than we promise. Our client relationship is the talk of the town. We inspire our clients by our company culture. We do not work for our clients but we work with our clients and that gives the biggest reason for our clients to stay with us for a longer contract duration.”


The company’s customized services help in providing desired results for the clients. iVIPANAN has many local, national, and international clients. They are lucky to work with few selected clients like La Pino’z pizza, Sufalam technologies, Rupal hospital, Vama wellness center for women, Anita Diamonds, Zivar jewelry, Noble Public School, Karma International, Differenz Systems, The Creamery, Kaapro HR management, Artham Finserv, Harikrushna Village restaurant, Smit corporation, Green Shield industries, Pulmonic Respicare, and many others. They build and maintain the faith of their clients by providing them unmatched services. They never follow what is written in the contract, rather always try to provide more than what is written in it.


Talking about one of their most successful marketing campaigns, Bhautik mentioned that the announcement of nationwide lockdown in March 2020 came at night and the very next day before 10 AM they planned an organic campaign for their client- Noble Public School. Without any delay, at 11 AM, they narrated the campaign to the trustee of the school. The organic campaign got a green signal and turned into a successful one. They ran that campaign for a month to engage students, parents, and teachers. Many different schools then copied their campaign idea and imitated on their specific social media handles. Bhautik believes that their timely decision made the whole campaign noteworthy and effective. He further added that “Sensing what is going to happen in the future and keeping ourselves prepared for that made this campaign a great success.”


iVIPANAN has started their operation in Canada, they are also in talks to start in UAE. Bhautik expressed that the company is going to focus more on international markets rather than local ones. He does not like the business model that runs on project bidding on online bidding platforms. In the past, they have tried to start their operations in Australia and the USA too but it could not work out well, and hence, now they are all focusing on the Canada and UAE market. When asked where does the company see itself in the next 5 years, Bhautik said that “For the next 5 years we will be focusing on building a strong team and getting big brands on board from foreign markets.”


The company follows a ‘People First’ policy. iVIPANAN has become the first agency in 2020 to introduce paid period leave policy for females. They offer 12 paid period leave in a year and they also introduced 14 days paid leave for Covid-19 affected team members. As the company believes in building a strong team, they are very selective in hiring team members. The company draws inspiration from five core values: Trust, commitment, transparency, teamwork, and customer-centricity.


“I think success is bringing a smile on the face of people who are working with you. If people who give their 8-9 hours daily to our company, it is our responsibility to give them satisfaction and a smile on their face,”  stated Bhautik Sheth.


In 2018, Bhautik was invited to Chennai for the ‘Digital Marketing Leadership Summit’ where he was awarded the ‘Distinguished Digital Leader’ award. Other than that, they have never thought to buy any award, which is a very common practice in this industry. 

iVIPANAN is the pioneer of digital marketing training and services in the South Gujarat region. The founder of the company, Bhautik Sheth has trained more than 60,000 people for digital marketing through seminars, workshops, webinars, and guest lectures. iVIPANAN is the only company to sign 4 MoU with colleges/universities of Gujarat. iVIPANAN is setting an example for newly set up digital marketing companies by helping businesses grow potentially using digital marketing tools by keeping the business objectives in the middle.




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