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“Knowledge and learning are the most precious treasures one can possess.”

Varsha Gupta and Ravjot Singh
Bettering Results)

This age of digitalisation calls for transformations in the way education is taught and consumed. Until the end of the last century, students & professionals were taught based on conventional classroom-based learning. With the rapidly changing job market, technology has made it possible for individuals to upskill and reskill themselves to stay competitive. Online courses and educational resources are readily available, making it easier for individuals to learn new skills and advance their careers.

Unfortunately, education is turning into a costly affair, far away from the reach of common people. Therefore, to address the problems of affordability, accessibility and awareness, Varsha Gupta and Ravjot Singh founded Bettering Results in 2021. 

“Very few platforms in India target students from various financial backgrounds. They instead focus on the more privileged group that can afford to spend thousands of rupees on them, thus hampering the ethos of distributing education evenly and effectively among all people. We have been fortunate to contribute to solving this issue by incepting Bettering Results,” mention the founders.

Intending to develop and deliver high-quality practical courses, mentorship programs, and masterclasses to law students and professionals across the globe, BR has come a long way. 

Brains Behind Bettering Results

Varsha Gupta hails from Ganj Dinara, a village in Madhya Pradesh. She started her career as an insolvency lawyer at a top law firm, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co. 

Ravjot Singh is an MBA graduate from Indraprastha University, New Delhi. Having worked with American Express and ICICI Bank, he has deep knowledge of business development. 

When Varsha realised that there was a lack of high-quality practical education in the legal industry for law students, lawyers, and CA CS amongst others, she along with Ravjot decided to infuse young minds with redirections for change. Hence, Bettering Results took birth in 2021.

BR is The Preferred Choice of Many

The legal industry lacks the availability of practical education, career guidance, expert knowledge, and the right mentorship but BR is moving heaven and earth to solve this issue by bringing forth sterling courses. 

  • Certificate Courses by BR on various aspects of laws allow learners to get practical knowledge and earn credentials in specific fields that help increase their chances of getting hired in reputed organisations, thus helping in career advancement.
  • BR gives Internship Opportunities to best-performing students. Learners get to intern with top-tier law firms and advocate in the country after successful course completion. 
  • Mentorship from Top Tier Law Firm Lawyers ensures plenty of career opportunities, information about various practice areas and much more. 
  • Online Masterclasses by sharp-witted lawyers from elite firms ensure improved learning for learners and non-learners.

The Differentiating Factors 

Bettering Results places itself differently from other e-learning players in the market. 

  • BR has a diverse pool of instructors possessing years of experience. They are Partners or Co-founders in A-listed law firms in the country such as Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Khaitan and Co, Trilegal, Nishith Desai Associates, JSA and more.

As BR focuses on the very core of practical education, the instructors and mentors are chosen with strict precision. “BR is equipped with highly skilled and experienced mentors and instructors with specialisations in law. Some of them carry with themselves expertise of working in top law firms, chambers, and consultancy firms across the globe,” says Ravjot. 

  • BR follows a client-centric approach and believes in taking continuous feedback from clients as there is always space for improvement.

Over time, BR has earned the indestructible trust of renowned firms like Thermax Limited, Hindalco Industries Limited, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Manipal Technologies Limited and various law schools such as NLSIU, Bangalore, VIPS, Delhi, and Amity Law School, to name a few.

BR Team feels proud to share that many students trained by them have secured internships at top law firms such as Wilmerhale, London, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., Khaitan & Co. Many have secured pre-placement offers from highly-acclaimed law firms or switched to better jobs after attending BR’s courses. 

  • BR also provides corporate training to in-house legal teams of leading companies across the world.

Over time, BR has curated customised corporate training on various practice areas of law including Mergers & Acquisitions, Contract Drafting & Negotiation, EPC Contracts & Bank Guarantees etc. BR has trained in-house legal counsels from various leading companies including Reserve Bank of India, Hindalco Industries Limited, Bharat Forge Ltd., L&T Defence, Thermax Limited, Cashfree Payments etc. 

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Building Client Relationships That Last

Here’s the Truth. Without maintaining client relationships, you can’t have a viable business. Between planning future strategies, leading the team, and juggling infinite tasks, Varsha and Ravjot always prioritise business relationships and client interactions as they think it is the golden key to success. 

They ensure inordinate customer satisfaction by:

  • Ensuring clear and transparent communication: Keeping learners informed about the progress, change in timelines and course duration.
  • Offering result-oriented courses: Meeting and exceeding the learner’s expectations as they engage directly with Partners from top-tier law firms in the country.  
  • Taking regular feedback: Willing to make changes to improve the learner experience.

“We believe in building strong relationships with our learners by fostering a sense of trust and loyalty,” says Ravjot who always stays on his toes to maximise customer satisfaction.  

Staying True To Its Name

As the name suggests, Bettering Results is working towards providing every learner with a superior quality of learning that helps them achieve satisfying results in their career.  

The company envisions building qualified lawyers and other professionals across the country who can work in any law firm or company in the world. 

“We conduct regular internal seminars and meetings to keep our team updated with the latest industry trends and developments. We bring in experts from diverse fields to update them about present-day legal insights which in turn help our learners get their queries and doubts cleared,” mentions Varsha while signing off. 

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