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Enhance & Excel: Enabling Organisations to Make People Development More Interesting

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“Enhance & Excel is different from its competitors because of its well-experienced technical faculty, client relations and after-sales services.”

Dr. Chitra Duvedi (Founder & CEO,
Enhance & Excel)

Dr. Chitra Duvedi’s long stint in the computing realm at Tata Consultancy Services helped her realise that every organisation is capable of achieving greater heights. Back in 2008, she felt that the talent development space was lagging the use of technology. To enable organisations to harness technology solutions for people development, Chitra incepted Enhance & Excel in 2008. What started as a company developing IT-based simulations for businesses, today offers diverse services to help organisations make people development more accessible, interesting and effective.

Providing Top-Notch Services

From developing e-learning content, offering content in SaS mode, learning management system and development of simulations, to offering leadership development programs in the form of blended inputs of e-learning, simulations as well as contact sessions, Enhance & Excel does it all. 

The company provides:

  • Simulation-based leadership development programs. The firm has created simulation software for strategy, operations, project management, sales force training, and more.
  • SCORM-compliant audio-visual content using various software and tools. It develops e-learns in technical, behavioural and safety training, and induction programs.
  • Ready-to-view e-learn modules developed for introductory management subjects. These are often used by companies to train their high-potential engineers who are transitioning to managerial positions. 
  • Learning Management System, based on .net platform called ‘ene-masterclass’. The LMS functions include user management, tracking of course completion, a test centre, certificate generation and admin functions for HR to monitor the progress. 

The Diverse Clientele

Many Tata Companies and renowned organisations like Thermax, Endurance Technologies, Premium Transmission, National Thermal Power Corporation, TMTC, Premium Technologies, and many more have used Dr. Duvedi’s simulation & e-learning-based blended leadership development training programs. 

“We have also created a customised simulation for consultants who in turn use it for corporate customers like TVS CS, Bajaj Finserv, and more,” mentions Chitra.

Enhance & Excel has also developed specialised programs in the fields of electrical, civil, and petrochemical for industry giants like Reliance Industries Ltd., TVS Credit Services, and Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (KPTL). In addition, the company has created modules that are internally relevant such as induction modules for Addverb Technologies, Code of Conduct, POSH, and PMS for various clients.

Enhance & Excel stands tall in the industry as its ready-to-view modules have been viewed by Mitsubishi, Endurance Technologies, Premium Transmission, NTPC and more. 

Challenges Along the Way 

There persists a lack of awareness among organisations regarding the potential of e-learning. Firms use old-school methods of learning, questioning the purpose of state-of-the-art technology. To address this challenge, Enhance & Excel works closely with the clients by following a collaborative approach. After the first few modules, the process gets streamlined.

Another hindrance in the way is the cost of creating content, especially handling the licensing cost of tools. “We try to optimise the costs by using better processes. While we are always on a hunt to find cheaper platforms for content development, we never compromise on quality and try to create equally exciting content,” iterates Chitra. 

What’s The Bigger Plan?

Enhance & Excel envisions enabling organisations to harness technology-based solutions for people development. As part of its mission, the company is also working hard to become an effective training provider for many small organisations to help them upgrade their employees’ skills.

“We always focus on keeping ourselves updated about the emerging trends and developments in the industry by attending national and international seminars, conferences, meets and exhibitions. In addition to this, we provide in-house training to our employees,” mentions Dr. Duvedi. 

Since its establishment, Enhance & Excel is outshining in providing top-notch services to clients ranging from mid-size to multinational companies in diverse industries.

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