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Placecom: Placement Platform of The Future

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“We have been able to make the campus placement process hassle-free for all stakeholders while improving placement both qualitatively and quantitatively at a fraction of a cost of running a traditional placement cell.”

Vishal Sood (CEO, Placecom)

When a young team of astute professionals from IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Alumni realised the hiring needs of the community, they started brainstorming. When all of them pulled the jumbled ideas from their minds and brought them out, the solution that came out was ‘Placecom’. To help corporates achieve their recruitment goals and make the process hassle-free, Placecom leverages AI and machine learning which in Vishal’s words, “helps in seamlessly integrating key functions, allowing all the stakeholders to achieve their peak potential.”

With the mantra of Connect, Engage, and Evolve, Placecom helmed by Vishal Sood, the CEO of the company, is transforming the recruitment ecosystem. He says, “We help all the key stakeholders in the recruitment ecosystem (HRs, Candidates, T&P Cells) to connect seamlessly and collectively achieve their personal and professional goals,” and it stands true in all senses. 

The Entrepreneur With Strategies

Vishal Sood started his career in derivatives trading in Singapore. He is an alumnus of a leading global management institution, IIM Ahmedabad. His excellence in management and innovation made him head the entire South Asian business for a technology company at the age of 26. He made the most out of it and built strong connections with successful entrepreneurs and C-suite executives. 

Sood came into the much-deserved spotlight when capitalising on his extensive industry experience, he founded AlmaBay, an innovative Ed-Tech company. To bring world-class placement opportunities, he incepted child company, Placecom which is doing wonders in the HR realm. 

“Any institute or company’s success depends largely on placements. We have helped campuses, startups, and listed companies in achieving their recruitment goals,” says Vishal forthrightly.

Apart from standing out in the entrepreneurial world, he is also a well-known TEDx speaker and motivational speaker with proven experience in helping executives and students apply learnings from management and Vedas to realise their full potential. 

A Place For Institutes, Students, And Recruiters


Placecom is a platform designed to help each stakeholder in the campus placement process to help them achieve their goals with minimum effect and maximum results.

  • For Recruiters

By providing consulting and a back-end virtual office team for the day-to-day management of the placement and alumni offices, Team Placecom adds to the managerial and secretarial bandwidth of the institutes. 

It helps recruiters by:

  1. Ensuring a hassle-free placement process with a multipronged strategy
  2. Providing separate logins for recruiters to post job profiles, find eligible candidates and share selected student data with admin seamlessly
  3. Providing recruiters with online training modules for analysing performance, viewing interview videos, and improving their communication skills
  4. Providing end-to-end communication between institutes and recruiters for efficient placements and hiring

“Since we understand that the right cultural fit is more important than skill sets, our unique hiring strategy helps companies find the right candidates, thereby reducing attrition,” reiterates Shelly Sood, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the company.

Shelly Sood, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Placecom
Shelly Sood, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Placecom

“Our Recruitment Advocacy program supports HRs to hire the best talent from more than 500 institutes including alumni databases for experienced candidates with just a few clicks,” adds Vishal. 

  • For Students

Team Placecom connects with brilliant minds across the industry to help students get hired by reputed companies to achieve their career objectives. “We manage updated & latest information of a batch and their eligibility by dual verification of student information, real-time snapshot of the entire batch, and job-based smart shortlisting engine,” adds Vishal. 

It helps students by:

  1. Providing an interactive LMS program that ensures professionally structured courses beneficial for upgrading students’ skillsets
  2. Improving placements opportunities by providing placement training content to each student with aptitude tests, performance analysis, interview videos, and online communication skills improvement module
  3. Analysing the performance of students domain-wise and year-wise in the placement process
  • For Institutes

Placecom helps institutes by bringing top-level placement opportunities to every college.

It helps institutes by:

  1. Bringing improvements in the recruitment process and outcomes through student performance reports in the placement preparation process
  2. Providing sub-admins with limited rights and giving rights to them to add content or events without the right to publish it publicly
  3. Assigning roles specifically like jobs only, the department only, and event only to sub-admins
  4. Maintaining a registry of companies and HRs visiting the campus and creating a database department-wise and course-wise

“Our goal at Placecom is to facilitate Evolution to the next level for all stakeholders by providing support and sharing resources and opportunities. On one hand, students gain guidance, mentorship, and opportunities from veteran alumni of the industry while on the other, the Institute evolves in terms of admissions, placements, global presence, branding, and more,” says Vishal and Shelly. 

Building Trust That Would Never Fade

Top institutes like NIT Delhi, GNDU Amritsar and state technical universities rely on Placecom to provide the best training and world-class opportunities for their students. The company acts as an extended arm of the placement department of clients’ institutes.

What Lies Ahead?

To date, Placecom has served over 300 companies, 1 million students and 500 institutes. Vishal believes that to create effective learning environments and encourage the creation of an effective education system, all the key stakeholders (institutes, students, alumni, teachers, and recruiters) should be connected. Therefore, his innovation ‘Placecom’ is doing it for all intents and purposes. It is connecting all stakeholders on one platform seamlessly and collectively to assist them achieve their personal and professional goals.

While emphasising the team’s importance, Sood says, “Wherever Placecom is standing today is because of the selfless work of the team of top professionals and their commitment to support the client and candidate requirements. Their problem-solving skills help clients evaluate a range of potential solutions and decide & implement the most effective solution which in turn helps students and educational institutes achieve career and placement goals.” 

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