CyRAACS Cybersecurity

CyRAACS: Emphasizing Cybersecurity by Offering World-class Consulting Services

Suresh Iyer & Murari Shanker- The Co-founders of CyRAACS (acronym for Cyber Risk Advisory and Consulting Services) shared their company’s growth and success story with The Global Hues.   A CERT-In empanelled company with expertise in cybersecurity, data privacy, and risk management. The company began its journey in 2017 when the cybersecurity consulting space only […]

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Emergence and Development of Biotech in India

“The emergence of a sector with the promise to cure diseases and to relieve suffering”   India’s leap towards promoting food security, social progress, and economic prosperity In recent times the biotechnology sector in India is considered promising, it has evolved because of certain urgencies and necessities. It emerged with the independence in 1947 and […]

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Technology Innovations during Covid-19: Utilising the digital space

Technology is driving innovation and creativity. Technology and how we utilize it is going to determine our ability to compete with the pandemic. As we all face challenges during this global pandemic, it is making us think about the kind of roles technology plays. It is not only helping us to be productive as we […]

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All you need to know about Apple | Facts about Apple |

A new business program for independent App developers The world’s most vigorous app marketplace, The App Store launched in 2008 by Apple incorporation, is currently offering 1.8 million apps and visited by half a billion people each week. Apple Inc. launched a new small business program for AppStore. A developer program that will help independent […]

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why is virtual reality trending?

Why are virtual reality and augmented reality trending?

Have you ever attended a remote meeting or class? You must have watched science fiction movies! How has it been different from the ordinary video conference? Pc: Educause Virtual reality meetings display the exact condition of every individual and provide an outlook of a corporate atmosphere. Imagine, playing a game with a backdrop of your […]

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did you know these interesting facts about AI technology

Did you know these interesting things about AI Technology?

Have you ever talked to your phone, television, or laptop? I think everyone has. Artificial intelligence is already deep-rooted in our lives. It is the greatest innovation in recent years of humankind. The much-needed boost to technology.  Artificial intelligence is a technology mimicking human abilities such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between […]

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blooming businesses during pandemic

Do you know about the Businesses that bloom during the Pandemic?

The covid-19 outbreak has validated that the pandemic and other rarely occurring catastrophes similar to it, can be extremely real and impact businesses. Learning from the past, we can say that it can happen in the future too.  However, we may not have the ability to prevent these viruses from emerging but we can prepare […]

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