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Founded in the year 1990, Divi’s Laboratories is among the top pharmaceutical companies that has recently reached the milestone of being one of the top 3 API manufacturers in the world. It is the leading manufacturer of APIs, intermediates, and registered starting materials offering high-quality products with the highest level of compliance and integrity to over 95 countries.

With an aim to bring world-class products to customers, Divi’s consists of 17000 highly trained professionals and 500 scientists. 

Dr. Murali K. Divi is the Founder and Managing Director of the company. He oversees and manages the overall technical and financial operations of Divi’s

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Divi’s manufactures general API, nutraceutical ingredients, and custom synthesis for big pharma. Since the inception of the company, various diverse teams of Divi’s have been involved in providing high-quality Generic APIs, Custom Manufacturing solutions to several Big Pharma. It has most recently started providing highly specialized Nutraceutical ingredients as well and has now become one of the selected nutraceutical ingredients manufacturers offering a complete range of carotenoids at a very competitive offering for food, feed, and dietary supplements worldwide. 

Its three main business segments are:

  • Generic APIs

Committed to emerging as a reliable supplier in APIs, it continuously improves the process and engineering efficiencies and implanting various green Chemistry principles. It currently manufactures 30 APIs commercially while 10 APIs are in various stages of the R&D/pilot scale development process. 

  • Custom Synthesis

The company is engaged in  Custom Synthesis (contract manufacturing services) of APIs and Intermediates for global innovator companies with an extensive portfolio of products across different key therapeutic areas.

  • Nutraceuticals

Divi’s has nutraceutical facility that produces active ingredients and finished forms of Carotenoids. The company currently supplies most of the carotenoids to all the major food, dietary supplement, and feed manufacturers around the globe. Some of the leading products are Beta Carotene, Lutein, Astaxanthin, Lycopene, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin A.


Divi’s has 3 R&D Centers, 500 scientists, 39 process patents, and 6 new generics. All highly trained and professional scientists at Divi’s are engaged in developing non-infringing processes attaining commercially viable prices throughout the lifecycle of any product, infiltrating continuous process improvements. It also has Process Development Centers that work on developing environment-friendly processes and allows easy and efficient scaleup.

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Divi’s currently operates two manufacturing sites near two states in India, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam. Both the units have more than fifty production buildings and sixty pharma suites with a total reaction capacity of more than 14000m³ that makes it one of the largest API manufacturing facilities in the world. It is also the commercial-scale manufacturer of non-potent & highly potent APIs to deliver from gram scale to 1000’s of tons under cGMP ( Current Good Manufacturing Practices).


As goodness is the only investment that never fails, Divi’s focuses on an integrated business model with social and environmental priorities and organizes various corporate social responsibility programs. Through its CSR activities:

  • 15000 children have been benefited from child empowerment programs
  • 215,000 people have been provided with safe drinking water
  • 135,000 saplings have been planted under various plantation drives
  • 80,000 people have been benefited from village development programs


Divi’s commits to monitor and take several safety measures, promote a healthy environment for all staff to create a highly productive environment for all. The company has taken up various activities under this initiative which include green belt development, water, energy, and waste management, and reduction in carbon footprint. 


The mission of the company is to become a responsible business that adds value in the area of Chemistry along with serving the immediate community and at large through its diverse social initiatives that would establish a strong foundation for a better tomorrow for all stakeholders. Divi’s Laboratories envisions to create value for all stakeholders by manufacturing high-quality Generic APIs, Custom-synthesis of APIs & Intermediates along with Nutraceutical Ingredients to the Global Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical industry through sustainable leadership in Chemistry. 


Divi’s Laboratories’ contribution to the pharmaceutical sector is admirable. It has received many awards because of its excellent work in the industry. Some of them are:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Award by Bureau Veritas Quality International in 2018
  • May Day Award for Best Management by Department of Labour, Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2013
  • Indian Business Leader Award ”First Generation Entrepreneur of the Year” by CNBC TV 18 in 2012
  • Best Green Belt Development Award by Government of Forests Nalgonda in 2011

Widely recognized for its manufacturing of APIs and other high-quality products, Divi’s has been contributing a lot to the pharmaceutical sector for the last 30 years.


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