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Entourage Films: Lights. Camera. Action!

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“While Films are our bread and butter, it is the people who nourish our heart and soul.”

Garima Arora (Founder & Executive Producer, Entourage Films)

It all began with one late-night dinner conversation when Garima realised how much she enjoys bringing ideas to life. During that conversation, she also discovered her hunger for taking the next step, and so, Entourage Films was born!

Getting a  talented and dependable team was nothing short of a miracle. Entourage Films perfectly embodies the essence of camaraderie – we are a tight-knit group that moves forward together and always supports each other. This principle of unity forms the bedrock of our company’s core values,” the Founder says.

Every script and genre demands distinctive expertise, and Entourage Films takes the time to ensure that it assembles the ideal team for each project. From pitching the right directors for every script and forming the correct team to ensuring that everyone is fed ‘parathas’, Garima Arora does it all. She is truly the heart and soul of Entourage Films.

Creating Moments That Last

Entourage Films has a lot to offer- TV commercials, digital commercials, and print media. And that’s not it. “We are currently in the phase of developing long-format content, including web shows and feature films,” Garima crosses her fingers while mentioning. 

At the heart of Entourage Films beats a devotion to the art of filmmaking and storytelling. Each team member skillfully breathes life into narratives, fueling their passion for crafting extraordinary cinematic experiences.  

But why would a brand invest in Entourage Films? “When love, effort, and emotions are poured into a project by us, it undoubtedly becomes a worthwhile investment,” the Founder answers. 

Brand Collaborations to reckon with!

The firm’s work speaks for itself when one looks at the collaborations the firm has had with brands like Godrej, Taj Group of Hotels, TVS, Amazon, Britannia, and Netflix, among others. Some of its esteemed clients include AM/NS, H&M, Amex, Vogue, Airbnb, Swiggy, and ITC in just a short span of 6 years. The sheer magnitude of the production house’s accomplishments is awe-inspiring, leaving no doubt about its prowess and ability to surpass expectations.

Awards and Accolades

With its captivating storytelling and visionary direction, Entourage Films has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. In the illustrious year 2022, the company garnered an impressive collection of awards. 


1. SILVER for Film Craft, Audio 

AM/NS India Jharoka
Agency: Creativeland Asia

Director: Louis Sebastian Pane


1. Blue Elephant- Film Craft for Visual Effects/VFX

Netflix Playback 2022
Agency: Creativeland Asia

Director: Sharat Kataria

2. Blue Elephant- Film Craft for Online films> more than 60 seconds

Netflix Playback 2022

Agency: Creativeland Asia

Director: Sharat Kataria

The Expansion Plan

Garima while recollecting the COVID days says, “Entourage Films had to reassess a lot of its processes from how to secure scripts, to learning how to manage sets in a new environment.” She feels fortunate to have come out of such a challenging situation and now looks forward to embracing a promising opportunity of expanding into the Middle East. This strategic move will help the firm to explore new horizons in the film industry. 

Garima’s vision for Entourage Films is to become a powerhouse of creativity across all film formats, while actively promoting and empowering women in the industry. She places a strong emphasis on fostering female leadership. “It brings me great pride to share that approximately 70-80 per cent of our crew consists of women,” she mentions.

In the coming years, the production house envisions expanding into long-format content, producing web shows and feature films, and venturing into the vibrant landscape of the UAE. “And this will become possible only because of my passionate and hard-working team who is ever-ready to brainstorm and bring new ideas to the table,” Garima concludes.

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